Civil Discourse Today, Hard to Imagine this is Not A Dream.

It is beyond obvious to all, that our political system is now for all appearances,  beyond repair. This has been years in the making and I do honestly believe, it was a planned event by perhaps one or both political parties to divide and destroy the fabric of our once great society.

And who has gained from this diabolical plan?  Of course these same politicians.  They are doing quite nicely thanks very much.  Enriching themselves on a daily basis while putting on a show for their respective constituents worthy of a WWE cage match.  But in the cloak room, they know it is a show for our benefit.  But we do not benefit, in fact, we are verging on self destruction, with citizens at each others throat and in the faces of those whom hold a different belief or philosophy. Friends turning in to enemies. Over politics?  Ridiculous.

The Game goes to work on Lesnar's injured leg.

Look at the violence, the protesters, the, Lord help them “snowflakes”. Seriously, it is time to toughen up some my friends.  We did not evolve in to a super nation by whining and taking offense at every little perceived slight or word.  Get over it!  Have a laugh! Whatever it takes to move on and stop all of this nauseating complaining we hear most all of each day.  I find it most tiresome and quite the bother.  I am sure we have better ways to occupy our time besides looking for a reasons to be offended by what most logical and/or rational minds would consider minutiae.


Truly a sad state of affairs.  The daily banter bordering on deranged and  banalities added with doses of conspiracy chat by the so called experts and the vile and venomous dialogue voiced by the television pundits, requires a brick through the tube. Nothing less. Who are these people?  Blind ideologues, paid hacks?  Likely both, yet I find most of them incomprehensible and of course their verbiage is full of speculation and projection. They simply do not make sense, excepting perhaps to a like minded provocateur on the panel as they applaud each other for their respective genius for pointing out to us benighted ones, what we are to ignorant to glean.  Truth be told, they do not have an iota of common sense these self proclaimed paragons from mensa.

So we have a new President which a portion of the populace despises. So what?  I  have no love for several prior President’s, many who were incompetent  as are the majority of all Congresspersons  ever serving or better yet being served. Inept is probably a fine word choice for most in Congress, yet buffoon seems to fit the bill for many as well. It is evident they are a class of self serving monarchs reigning over their little fiefdoms. The sad fact is, they must still kiss the ring of the party leaders, whom they are truly beholden to, not we, their true constituents as intended.  Watching Congress can truly clog one’s mind. But such is life.

Best to go about your business, tend to the family and have a little fun. We are better than those in D.C. Don’t allow these people to subsume you. We are all to valuable to be their pawns, however, we seem to be playing in to their hands so facilely.  How can I tell?  Easy, look at the division’s we face in the U.S. today. Do any of you see a path for reconciliation? That is a high task indeed. It is certainly not visible on the horizon, but one can hope. Godspeed to the idea.

True leaders unite, losers divide. Do we have any leaders anymore?


Merry Christmas one and all.

Wishing one and all, a very special day filled with joy and love.  After all, is this not what our creator had in mind for us?  The times are certainly trying at this point, but we look to the future with hopes for a better tomorrow.

“Peace, health and prosperity, this above all is my wish for you my brethren”.  As this is the word  our creator speaks to us, I choose to share these gracious words with you as well. God bless one and all, and my final prayer, “Anyone but Hillary please”.


Just teasing as I could not help myself. I/we can survive any of these charlatans for another four, as it no longer matters being they are all cut from the same cloth. It is and always will be we the people, let us not forget.

All the best from the Spartans.




The Spartans will be returning soon.

Thank you to all my avid readers for the amazing response that we continue opining on events here and abroad.

After a brief time away, the Spartans will be back to fight another day. See you soon and as always, best regards.

By the way, as we have a new party soon to head both houses of Congress, let us all hope they can set an agenda which will be beneficial to us all.  Once again we thank you and wish you all the best.


Happy Easter or Happy Evolution? Perhaps Both?

It is the notorious time of year when we are being told to hide our bunny rabbits. Oh the fear, the scandal. I suppose as a believer in creation, I should say hide your inaccurate instruments that go back in time 15 billion years. Just guessing no doubt to fulfill a wish I must surmise. Who is going to ask for proof? Shear speculation? Get the point?

Why not both? Perhaps our creator had evolution in mind for us humans? We are after all taller than two thousand years ago and by a wide margin. My Spartan ancestors were huge warriors yet they averaged 5’8″ tall some 2500 years ago. As too emerging from pond scum, and what I have learned by studying Biology 101, I am certain we did not evolve from nothing. Death never yields life. Look it up. We did not come from a slimy soup. It is scientifically an impossibility. Someone or something, had to turn our juice on.

No lesser brain powers than Sir Issac Newton and countless other scientist’s over the ages have simply stated “the universe has too many coincidences which align to give us life on this planet”, that the odds are infinitesimal that it came from no less than a brilliant creator. Alter some universal laws by minute amounts and we all die instantly. My friends, I will take their word for it as they are far smarter than I. Having said that, the persecution of Christians continues unabated around the globe. It seems to be open season. As to the home front here, just the usual silliness about bunny rabbits offending someone with ultra thin skin. Or the standard pablum, “don’t thrust your beliefs on us”. Well I would not even consider such a thing. How about you try not to thrust your non belief on me? I say we have a deal. I have not heard word one from any religious leaders of converting this nation in to a theocracy, which is not Constitutional anyway.

But what is there to fear? After all, Jesus preached love one another. Well I suppose we can’t have that. Talk about reactionary. No wonder he scares so many. I must therefore conclude they prefer hate. As a matter of fact, based on the attacks leveled at me as not buying in to Darwinism, I am certain hate is foremost on the minds of said attackers. The debate ends shortly with blather about how stupid I may be. Well as mentioned before I have studied the sciences as well as the good book. In my opinion they co-exist very nicely. I do not see one or the other. So don’t shove your hate down my throat and I will not infringe on your right to believe in the tooth fairy. After all, the Bible clearly references the existence of dinosaurs. They just went under different names, but I  can’t recall any animal with a tail the size of a 50 Ft. oak tree. You think?

And of course the debate on the old vs new testaments rage. Noted atheist Christoper Hitchens always mentioned the evil and jealous higher power of the old, before the new covenant came in to being . RIP Christopher, I enjoyed you all the same. The new testament changed the history forever more. This is the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf. I say thank you. You can say what you want. I also think it makes so much more sense than the Darwinian theory. Think about it and let me know.

It is not a good thing for Darwinist to claim acolytes along the lines of Hitler, Hagel and Stalin or Mao, if by choice or not. Yet they have no choice as they were all avowed atheists.  Die hard supporters of evolution and the most brutally thuggish murderers man has ever known. Before you say it, I am aware of religion over the centuries and certain atrocities. But to this I say Jesus and religion are not one in the same. But I have no doubt the atheists win the war of murder. And typically these thugs had one thing in common, a love of the State and State power. Love vs Power. I will take the words of Jesus any day.

The Big Bang was from my opinion an intelligent designer sneezing. Yes I believe God had the sniffles that day. You can certainly disagree on religion, as do I in many cases, but the science is favoring God these days. After all, what possible harm can come to you from practicing from the advice and words of Jesus? As Blaise Pascal, the brilliant mathematician and philosopher stated in the now famous, “Pascals Wager” in the 17th century, “we spend so much time debating God vs. No god, what have you got to lose?” Of course I paraphrased his brilliant words. Happy Easter.

The Dreaded April 15th Deadline Approaches!

It is that time of year again my friends. The time we all seem to feel, put’s us in a position of claiming we would rather have a root canal. Time consuming, invasion of our privacy and the most convoluted approach one can dream up for feeding the beast. What roils me most, is that it usually approximates the blessed Easter season. A damper on a beautiful time indeed. The feds seem to have more confidential information about me than my Priest and perhaps my lovely wife.

I have yet to meet someone who enjoys this. The estimates are that to comply with the existing tax system requires approximately as much time and productivity as to the manufacture of every moving vehicle in the United States annually. In simpler terms, the man hours consumed by more than one state the size of Ohio working for one full year. How is that for productivity? An abject failure. Ross Perot at least had one thing right. Send in a postcard with your gross wages. Then send in a check for 10% of these wages. Five minutes tops. Then we can get back to building airplanes and Easter egg hunts. I am in.

And the costs of compliance approximate $400 billion annually. I am sure we can all find better usage of these funds. Who is at fault? Well without a doubt it is our Congress of the last 100 years. When they realized they can dispense favors to certain groups in exchange for cash, the race was on. We pay the price for their avarice annually. Remember, when taxes began implementation 100 years ago, the top rate was 2% and only charged to the wealthy. How times have changed. I after all, am by no means wealthy. Yet I pay more tax each year then General Electric. A centi billion dollar generator of wealth. Go figure. I suppose it helps when the CEO Jeff Immelt, works for President Obama on his jobs programs. Hey Mr. President, I am free and willing to take Jeff’s position on the committee. I bet I can be more successful than he. It was worth a try. As you must know Sir, Mr. Immelt has exported some 70,000 jobs overseas as CEO of GE.But that is another matter.

I could almost accept the bill due, if it did not require so much time to comply and push paper hidden in a shoe box. As well as expense as it is costly to complete the forms properly so as to stay out of jail. Where is the ACLU when we need them. Privacy rights? Is that not your cause celeb? Now I remember. They also receive funds from the beast. Never mind.

The old economic axiom goes and I paraphrase, “If you want less of something, tax it more. If you want more of something, tax it less”. Russia is a prime example of this axiom as is most of Europe. Europe taxes the hell out of its people. Yet the people do not cough it up as they should. Witness Greece, the country of my forefathers. Almost half the nation does not bother to comply with the beast. Perhaps one of many reasons they are in the current state of financial turmoil. Back to the Bear. They learned early in their quest for freedom that confiscatory taxes lead to non compliance and a giant hole in revenues. Around 1995, they decided to go the way of Hong Kong and Singapore, two wildly successful low tax countries who continue to thrive and attract financial liquidity. They implemented a flat 15% tax. Lo and behold, compliance as well as revenue shot through the roof. Here, we turn people in to criminals. Either through evasion or political bribery. The system must change and if we had the political stones to do so, this economic engine would boom.

But that is not what this is about. It is all about political power and cronyism. We all pay far too high a price. The rich and the middle class bear the brunt. And I detest class warfare. I am for equality in the eyes of the law for all. But corporate classes, they live in a different realm. They are the biggest teet suckers and most rewarded. Witness offshore funds which some estimates take them to $5 trillion potentially and shielded from taxation. How the f.. do they get away with it? You and I can’t follow their path. Oh, that is right. I don’t have millions to donate to a campaign. Simple answer. Many rich corporations can park money overseas and evade tax. We can’t.

There is no one on the planet who understands the 90,000 odd pages of the tax code. Why do we need so many pages? We don’t. Obviously many are hurt and fewer actually benefit from this monstrosity. I have been hearing of reform for 40 years. Yet each year the complexity increases. No balls in D.C.! Just plenty of blame to go around and scapegoats made and  a fat cat Congress worthy of not much more than extorting money. Useless tools they be.
In the end, it doesn’t really matter. It will never change unfortunately and pity that. The politicians will not allow it so. Heaven forbid, they yield power to those whom they work for ie.. US. The real bosses who seem to be in an eternal slumber. I pray for the next generation as should you all.

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Here’s To The New Form Of Liberalism. Not!

I recall a time not so long ago, when we could discuss issues and topics of the day and have a genuine difference of opinion with most people still shaking hands and being comfortable with one another. You were not viewed as an enemy combatant if you said red and I said blue.

How times have changed. Witness the thrashing of former Godfather of Investigative Journalism, Bob Woodward. He of Watergate fame and a style of journalism long since passed. Also an investigative style not seen for quite some time, which has fomented into what one can call “advocacy journalism”. Another way of looking at it is the editorial page has gone to the front page. We are void of true journalism today if I am to be asked. I believe if you asked most people, they would reply that journalist are to report the news. Not inject an opinion or form of spin to achieve a goal of fulfilling a personal agenda.

In fact, speech was viewed so importantly by our Founder’s, that it is the preeminent amendment we have. There was a time when a so called “liberal”, was thought to be one of tolerance and acceptance of thoughts and ideas both believed and not. Tolerance? Good luck with that one. The media, academia and pop culture are now so skewed to one side, that the ship is about to tip over.

Back to Mr. Woodward. He is being punished and the vile commentary headed in his direction is indeed appalling. And why? Admittedly, he skewered a sacred cow. That being the current administration. His commentary about poor policy choices by the President, have literally had him banished for life. “Liar, damn liar and we hope he dies”. These are just a few of the no doubt nasty remarks you may have heard to date. And these are from journalists in the same club as Mr. Woodward. Warning to journalism majors, don’t step out of line or have an original thought. Your career will go down in flames quickly.

Free speech? Attacked by fellow journalist’s? How banal. But here it is folks and this is where we are. Fascism is in! At least in the aforementioned pop culture and especially academe. Does it surprise anyone that our highest institution of thought, Harvard University has an editorial warning any of the conservative mindset to avoid matriculating to it’s hallowed grounds. How disgusting. Or the now well known professor who has banned any news in class, if it was retrieved via Fox News. What the hell is this? Sounds fascistic to me.

And of course the threats from the White House staff heading towards Mr. Woodward. Most are being walked back as the press has not been good on the administration. But their are many more. Recall Sheryl Attkison of CBS News. She was called every name in the book and also threatened over a less than slobbering piece on the administration over the Fast and Furious debacle. Many others are beginning to come forth with a preponderance of them being women. It appears this administration deems it acceptable to call a women the dreaded “C” word. It must be common parlance in the big house. Yet I hear no outrage from the NOW group over this. Surprise surprise.

You go along to get along. Or you will be banished and have your career placed in jeopardy. Sounds like a tougher version of the Nixon enemies list. Or as I prefer to call it, intimidation of the highest order. We should all be outraged. And for the yellow bellies defending the administration I say shame on you all.
Being blinded by ideology seems to be some form of mental disorder. People will throw away all principles on it’s behalf. As too the professional journalists, seeing Woodward and Attkison attacked in such a fashion should wake you up. Unless your agenda is other than to provide news. Busted!

Fascism may be a hard word, but I am gratified for the free speech this nation affords.I am sickened by the thugs and closed minded ideologues who seek to ban this. That is unless you see the world through the same lens as they. No lesser a person than a President Clinton insider, Lanny Davis is suffering from the same arrows. Poor guy said the wrong thing and was himself threatened vigorously.

Too all you second rate bullies and PC thought policemen, I say a big SHUT UP and GROW UP. Take some time off and try to find your tolerance quotient.

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Sequester This! And Please Stop The Childish Whining!

One would not be wrong to observe the goings on by our leaders and consider one was watching a junior high school debate. In fact I personally think we are insulting fine young junior high students by comparison. They can do better. This annual charade is getting loathsome as we passed tiresome two years ago. What a bunch of pinheads claiming to represent our well being. I would laugh if it were not such a serious issue.

Yes these pre programmed and so called “leaders” are anything but. Leaders tend to lead. Our “leaders” tend to whine. Phonies one and all if you ask me. And believe me I am going soft today as children are present. Oh yes, we must not forget the children as they will indeed inherit $20 Trillion + in debt to pay off for our greedy little selfishness. If people will only look at what we are doing to our kids, perhaps they might have a change of heart. Then again I am most forgiving and likely wrong. Human greed is a powerful vice. “Thou shall not gore my ox”. Get it from someone else. What a disgrace our “leaders” have brought us to this point.

Food for thought. This years budget is to be $3.8 trillion. This breaks down to over $12,000.00 per man, woman and child in this fine country. Are you kidding me? That is one hell of a lot of money. Why don’t they just send us all a check in that amount. Just think what that would do for your family. Are you beginning to fathom the monstrous sums we are dealing with?

Cashaggeddon. This is truly unsustainable my friends. The truly sad part of this is our “leaders” are borrowing .40 cents of each dollar spent. Try running your household or business in this fashion. I am sure it would not work out satisfactorily for you. In fact calling this insanity is redundant in the extreme. Yet the people cry “don’t take my benes”. Whose fault is it? I blame the politicians who have hooked us all on the public teet as a pusher would hook me on magic mushrooms. At the end of the day it is not sustainable and I cry out, “bring on sequester“. But not the sequester we are hearing about. After all, they are “hacking” perhaps $50 billion from the budget. Ouch!. I think not as we still will be a trillion or so in the red.

So we are witness to political maneuvering and hyperbole designed to get you to think as they do in D.C. which is a cesspool of inanity and sheer stupidity. Not to mention cowardice of the first order. These dupes are worthy of Oscar nominations for the show they put on. Albeit a bomb of a flick.

Who gets hurt and who wins? All of us and none of us. It can be best summed up as a tragedy of Greek legend. Don’t get me wrong, we are still a great and prosperous nation. I believe this is all about carving us up and dividing us in to factions and at each others throats. Only the politicians win in that game. The ramifications of minimal spending cuts is projected to cause calamities the likes of which only Satan would be proud. That is if you believe what they are selling us. I don’t buy it for a moment.

As always, my take is throw all the vermin out. I find nary a pair of stones in that whole town. But of this you can be sure, the politicians wealth will not diminish one iota as we all hold out our beggars cup. Or should I say at some point in the future our children will be holding that empty cup. In the mean time, enjoy your perks while they are still available.

If I were on the budget committee, you would see some real cuts. Not the peanuts these snakes are spouting endlessly about and will have no impact whatsoever. Real cuts might hurt short term, but yield riches long term. Stand up for what is right. As JFK said, “ask not….

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