Hello world! King Leonidas reporting to you on the Budget

I must say my friends, I have never witnessed such banal inanities as the past few weeks from our ” leaders ” in D.C..  And of course the worst part from my perspective is it came from the likes of people whom I would not allow to polish my shoes, let alone manage a federal Budget.  Have we all gone insane in the USA to allow this deceit/fraud to perpetuate in perpetuity? Evidently we have.  I for one believe in democracy and liberty as my/our forefather’s dating back to ancient Sparta envisioned for us all.  What a glorious world it could have been and can be again.   It is inherent in every human being to be free.  Regardless of who issues your paycheck, please remember this if not for yourselves, then for your progeny.  More soon.


19 responses to “Hello world! King Leonidas reporting to you on the Budget

    • It is a crime what is going on in DC. Both parties are beyond belief thinking that we are buying all this and their is no end to this. Our credit rating is down and we want to add to our borrowing. As the Greeks would say: “Ehome Halya” Both parties have lead us down this path and they believe only inflation will take us out of it….

  1. I agree with your statement. As to the future time will
    tell. We have no business being in this position.
    The 2012 will be a decisive factor in our future.
    Thanks for your clear analysis.

    • As always Jim, I appreciate and respect your views. You are correct that we deserve much better. Time will indeed tell, but the deep fractures that exist must be resolved at some point as you know. Best to you.

  2. Unbelievable what is happening in our country! The rich are getting richer, the middle class is bearing the brunt of it all and getting poor, we’re becoming a two class country. What is happening in the midwest states under the dictatorship rule of the Republican Governors’ via the Koch Brothers is unconstitutional. Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, etc. busting unions, firing public workers, firing local government, taking from the middle class and giving to the rich, these facist, right wing, out of their mind Republican Governors’ and Congressmen are taking our country back to the turn of the century. All they care about is their own deep pockets, After serving one term their health care and retirement benefits are set for life so they don’t care about taking it away from the rest of us. All they do is attack Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, Social Security, and are coming out with the stupidest laws I have ever heard. We need to get our jobs back to our own country. Whenever I call a customer service dept. and get someone in India, Phillipines, Central America, or Jamaica I insist on speaking to someone in the U.S. and I think we should all do this and get our call center jobs back to the U.S. Can you imagine how many jobs that would create? We need to get manufacturing back. I try very hard to buy only U.S. made products when possible. Cry baby Baynor is a joke! Paul Ryan is a joke! Let’s get down to what’s really important and bring back our jobs! I only wish Obama had stood up to these idiot Republicans from the very beginning, not waited until he started campaigning again. The Republicans have been fighting him every step of the way, Obama needs to get tough and not be pushed around by them.

    • To quote a cliche ” I feel your pain “. I also feel the underlying point is missed in your note and that being that both sides are in a fight for their interests. What is lost is as you say ” the common interests of the people of this country ” A true leader would recognize this, therefore I must conclude we have no leader at all at this point.

  3. P.S. As far as the budget goes, cut down our biggest expense “Defense” and start taxing the corporations and the wealthy!

    • Well Stasia I can’t agree on the Corporate Tax unfortunately. The reason for this being the case in my opinion is, it is passed on to the consumer which is ultimately you and me. This is not good as best as I can tell. All our goods and services become more expensive as a result. I personally prefer a low fixed corporate rate like Hong Kong and Singapore have and they shine like no other countries I know of. They are a true life story of what works and what doesn’t.

      • Well, it’s already being passed on to us anyway even with all their corp tax breaks. Their pockets are getting deeper, ours are getting smaller.

      • Just think how our cost’s would increase without those breaks. The dirty secret is the rich and the corporations don’t make enough to cover even a handful of months of our Gov’t spending. Just an example, tax the top 5% earners at 100% and you can run Uncle Sam for about 2 months. All of corporate America showed net profit last year in the range of $400 billion. That is only one month for the Gov. Therein lies the secret. They are lieing to us all. It is by design to have us feuding with each other and it is working to their benefit and not the people.

  4. Agree with you on that one. The big problem is “GREED”. Everyone is too greedy from the corporate ceo’s to the politicians in their pockets, down to the everyday man who bought a home he couldn’t afford. Greed, dishonesty, and no moral ethics whatsoever. But, like I said, our biggest expense is “Defense”. Ridiculous the amount spent on defense, cutting defense will help alot.

    • Here is a thought for all. We have a $1.8 TTTrillion deficit this year and the last 2 years each also. What if the $700 billion spent for all defense was zero? Scary to contemplate. We would still have the trillion’s in deficit. I say the bottom line is far to much spending across the board. We have a $3.8 Trillion budget this year. For perspective the first $1 trillion budget was Bush 1 in 1990. I wish our incomes rose 4fold in 20 years.

  5. Sorry, but not scary. The percentage we spend on defense is extraordinary as compared to every other country in the world and other areas in our own country, check out some graphs and numbers. Decreasing spending on defense won’t clear up the deficit just like that, nothing will, but it will get us on the right track. There’s no comparison to the amount spent on medicare, medicaid, education, social security, etc. and the amount spent on defense. It’s ridiculous and unnecessary.

    • I grant as most would the defense budget is bloated. But for perspective, it is really just 12% of all spending in the U.S.. It also affords us the relative peace to maintain a free society that allows for prosperity unlike any other part of the world. I consider it a fair trade all things considered. But my prior point was that even if it were completely eliminated, we would still be in the heavy stew.

    • You are off by $700 billion or so. I will send the US Gov budget directly to you for confirmation. It actually states approx $800 for total military spending including civilian. Watch for it and Happy Easter.

  6. It is well known that if a country wants to remain strong and stable we have to put majority of people to work. The implication is that creation of wealth through employment will also create a distribution of the same wealth to the majority of the employed.
    The distribution of wealth to this majority creates a favorable money supply created by the federal reserve and favorable money velocity. The majority of this employed population creates a healthy tax inflow for the government to create social programs for the well being of the overall society.
    The problem occurs when the corporate heads create an outflux of jobs to other countries for short term profits due to reduced wages and liabilities resulting in a short term profitability but a longer term degradation of the workforce. The corporate CEO’s cause these conditions for a shorter term increase in the value of profits and earnings and hence their stock prices resulting in huge performance bonuses for themselves and a few select at the top management.
    The resulting long term effects are extremely deleterious to the well being of the country and to the population themselves since they tend to create a high level of unemployment thereby creating a deficiency of tax reciepts and budget deficits.
    Long term budget deficits create a weakening of the currency creating a higher probability of inflation and hence puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the social programs that are designed for the well being of society, namely Social Security and Medicare.
    Hence the solution to prevent budget deficit would be to have certain policies that would amount to taxing corporations that export jobs (since jobs lost would also create loss of tax reciepts and increase burden on the unemployment income) and have tax benefits for corporations that tend to create jobs locally and hence contribute to tax reciepts.
    The US should have protectionist policies as to keeping our jobs rather than exporting our jobs for short term corporate profits.
    Most countries have some protectionist policies in place to preserve jobs in their own countries.
    If the US had those policies in place of taxing the rogue corporations and rewarding the corporations that create jobs for us here, we would not face these budget deficits and increased taxes.
    Also, the improper distribution of wealth amongst the population results in two tiered society where one is extremely wealthy and the other majority is undergoing poverty.
    This creates the weakening of the country due to social instability caused by high unemployment and dissatisfaction of the general populace.
    The government hence has to adopt and bring in some form of regulation that creates incentives for corporations to keep jobs within and penalize the corporations that export our jobs for the short term greed of higher profits and earnings.

    • Well you have spoken aplenty. The easy answer would be to dismantle the convoluted tax code to begin with. If not for that, we likely would not have the ” corporate shenanigans ” take place. After all their job is to enrich their shareholders within the system available. As I mentioned earlier, strip down to a 10 % flat rate across the board and we would likely not witness this job flight or captital flight for that matter. Is it any surprise big companies have approx. $2 Trillion parked offshore. In all honesthy let us all confess we would do the same thing as opposed to facing the highest Corporate tax rate on the planet. That is where it must begin in my opinion. As to Wealth distribution, I can only answer with , there is no such thing. No one distributes wealth. It is created or earned by an individual or entity. The ” Wealthy “: change every decade with all cycle changes. One decade up , one down. this is why people flock to this nation as everyone has a chance at the dream.

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