All this Vitriol and hatred will get us nowhere.

Good day my friends.   I am sure you are all tired by now of the rhetoric we hear on a daily basis from Politicians of all stripes and of course the countless talking heads and pundits visible daily on all media.  I too listen intently and by so doing , I realize that most of the verbiage is sheer platitudes and in my opinion, not very thoughtful commentary.  This I find most unfortunate as I see my fellow citizens in many cases swallowing verbatim what they have been spoon fed.  Actually it is somewhat frightening as the country continues in the dumbing down process.  As a major advocate of critical thinking, it brings tears to my eye’s ( for those who know me well , not likely real tears )  at a lack of same.  I prefer to see the best in all and pity the unfortunate who can only follow, whatever the reason might be. Blind party loyalties are also a sad infection on the body politic that must be cured for us to progress as we can.   It is also troublesome to me to see the President or any Politician  for that matter ( Mr. Reagan excluded ) give a speech and have the sycophants blindly cheering, regardless of the pitiful, unremarkable, and undereducated statements put forth.  We must demand a better political class.  I for one am sickened by the current status and prefer we turn away from Washington and get to the business of this still great nation.


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