Thoughts on the lack of objectivity pertaining to our Media etc..

In light of the recents events surrounding the covert operation which ended the life of OBL, I have been witnessing much in the news that absolutely leaves me befuddled and bordering on distressed.   First of all, the major media no longer even feign at a pretense of objectivity as best as I can tell.  If I were less informed, I would have no choice but to conclude they work for the DNC.  The utter hypocrisy let alone the outright cheerleading is more than I can consume and still  maintain a modicum of sanity.  Do they not hear themselves or better still, have they forgotten what they said/reported when a President of a party with which they disagree was in command.  They apparently had a major problem under Bush with some tough questioning of the enemy.  Today we know this same tough questioning led to this ” capture/operation if you will ” ,  but evidently that is simply OK or better for them, simply to be forgotten so the cheering of the chosen one may proceed.  Secondly, our President and Attorney General decided to treat these types not as enemy combatants, but the same as US citizens with constitutional rights and given a day in court.  The ACLU and the Media demanded this and Obama and Holder concurred and demurred.   Well forgive me but what has changed that says these killers/combatants are no longer entitled to these rights and we have a green light to invade a sovereign nation and take them out?  Of course I will lose no sleep as to this result but the fawning by the press is more than I can stomach.  What utter and blind hypocrisy.  Or is it just blind ideology?  Likely both.   This new compliant media can best be described by me as an arm of the DNC.  I see no other alternative.  Thirdly, our media always requests, nay demands an apology if a competing voice makes a statement which upsets them or their chosen Pol.  I have heard only silence regarding the Left leaning Mike Malloy ( Radio Talker ) who in effect asked ” when will Seal Team 6 visit President Bush, who is reponsible for more death than OBL”. A death wish to a former President.  How charming for one so tolerant as he claims to be.   Has the earth’s Axis tilted or have I?  Obviously the vitriol will not go away anytime soon and the Nation is much the poorer for it.  As to the Media, shame on yourselves for the consumate Dereliction of  Duty you exhibit daily.  God Bless our Great Seal teams now and forever more.  We owe them a major debt.


4 responses to “Thoughts on the lack of objectivity pertaining to our Media etc..

  1. I totally disagree with you, but I’m not going to even try to tell you my point of view as I am on my way out, and it won’t do any good anyway. Peace Bro.

    • Have fun wherever you are headed, but I am curious on the disagreement. Afterall, it was all factual which I stated and witness with my own eyes. You may differ in opinion, but I saw these things for myself. Difficult to dispute one would think No?

  2. Hi Leo,
    Great comments and very well written. Here’s a question. The Obama administration loves to spread the photos of Abu Grabib all over the world, but when it coms to photos of Osama’s corpse, everything is a big secret. It almost seems that they are quick to expose images that bring us shame but converseley hide images that bring us pride. Islamic fundementalists already hate us. Are they going to hate us less because we keep these photos to ourselves? Wouldn’t it make more sense from a national security standpoint to share the photos as a deterrent. Between Saddam, Quadaffi, and now Osama, the message seems clear to our enemies. What do you think?

    • Brilliant observations and so full of common sense. If only The New York Times had half an IQ between all that ” brain/star power “, they might notice the obvious as have you and many others. We must conclude and rightly so, they have an agenda covered up ever so slightly by nuanced bias. What fools they are. They are beyond transparent to an honest intellectual assesment if one is so inclined to make same. They thrive on disseminating selective info to un/ill informed citizens who accept what they preach at face value. I for one accept nothing from anyone at face value. In this day and age I believe it to be a prudent practice. Best to all in your lovely community.

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