Stimulus, who amongst you has been stimulated?

My friends I apologize for the recent absence.  I admit to being underwhelmed by the ” Stimulus Package ” and the ensuing results.   I have been seeking answers to the captioned question and will offer my findings.   Of course this will be after licking the wounds from my decimated industry ” Mortgage Lending ” which is on life support as we speak, but no need to rehash the obvious.    Recall Feb 2009 when our leaders cleared the path for some $900 billion and called it a ” Stimulus Package ”  Also recall the ensuing two and one half years and the cumulative additional deficit spending totaling $4.4 Trillion.   My God that is  $ 5.5 TRILLION of extra  ” STIMULUS ”  Please excuse my evident sarcasm, but I just can’t help myself today.   The more important question is what did our fine Nation receive for borrowing all this money?   I am serious as I cannot find an answer.  Our progeny will hate us for generations for being so selfish for one.  How dare we do that to them. It is the children who will pay for this.    Back to the question, what did we get.  Adjusted for inflation we have negative growth and are losing jobs.   Not much of a return one would think.   It did buy us a veritable logjam of regulations that are freezing business as well as consumers.  The plus side to this is consumers have stockpiled some $6 Trillion in liquid assets per the Federal Reserve and we know corporate America is sitting on in excess of $ 2 Trillion as well as the roughly $2.5 Tillion we gave our friendly Bankers.  With this kind of firepower one would expect a growth rate in the 7-8% range yet it is not happening.   I will leave you on a positive note:  Call your Legislators and tell them to get out of the way.  Once they do, we can unleash these vast resources and see the brighter day.  Best wishes to all, as well as my Greek bretheren who are tasting what we will likely/hopefully evade.


2 responses to “Stimulus, who amongst you has been stimulated?

    • Thanks for the concurrence Jim. It is really hard to dispute these indesputable facts, but it was nothing more than Crony Capitalism at its worst. We all suffer as a result.

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