Budget Battle again, or just a Sausage Factory? Not a pretty sight.

As sure as the Summer months warm us up, so to does the lunacy which is Washington D.C. which is  about to  begin a dance leading to a feverish pitch.  I for one would rather not be witness to this continuing charade, but as a good citizen I deem it an obligation.  A few thoughts herewith.  The same dance as always with plenty of blame going back and forth.  Nary a decent soul let alone a true leader willing to step in the circle and defend all the people.  Not one witness to the calamitous policies engineered by either party willing to fall on the proverbial sword for the good of the Nation. In what Universe or household, can your spending activities increase 4-fold in less than 20 years while your income rises at the pace of inflation.  ( in the case of these same 20 years, it would be less than a 1-fold increase in wages at best. )  Herein lies the massive problem in which the  ” Brainiacs and their shills ” have brought us to a head.  Now to be fair, there are solutions and good ones at that.  Unfortunately those in power have demonstrated by their lack of common sense that these solutions will likely not take place.  As the old saying goes, ” they are an insult to the drunken sailor”.  I am willing to bet that each and everyone of you knows the answer.  We collect $2.5 Trillion a year and spend $3.7 Trillion a year.   We borrow the difference.   Not a solution in my book but the clamor from our “Esteemed Congress ” is to raise the Debt ceiling.  ie borrow more money.  What a morally bankrupt city they live in.  Have they no shame at all?   Do they not even consider their progeny?  Most narcissist’s would not.  I leave you to draw the conclusion. Better to not offend their Contributors and Special Interests as that would not do.  The expense of the many to benefit the few.  How perverse. By the way, if you enjoy these writings, you can view more at Donumvitasolutions.com.  Good day.


2 responses to “Budget Battle again, or just a Sausage Factory? Not a pretty sight.

  1. you are right. not much common sense, but wait isn’t there a book called “common sense?” Maybe Washington should dust off that book and re-read that amongst themselves and get there head out of you know what. We might as well learn the Chinese language because they might cash in there chips and own us one of these days. It’s Horrendous that we American’s let this happen…I didn’t vote for this guy…In retrospec I want a honest, ballsy, in your face Republican that taking actions is going above getting your hands dirty. Our economy sucks…period.

    -Spartan Student 85

    • Unfortunately my friend the type of person you/I seek, is not currently available in D.C. As I have said before, we have no leader of any type. We have Carnival Barkers available to the highest bidder without a shred of decency or integrity and the proof is our current state. Be patient my friend as I believe we will find the leader you seek and this great Nation will thrive anew.

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