Be Ever Vigilant, on Independence Day…

What a true blessing the 4th of July is for us all.  One of my fears  given the fast pace of life, the daily struggle, the new toys and most of all the comfort and convenience in which we are now accustomed to, lead many to forget how Providential that day is.  Our Founders gave life, limb and fortune on a gamble centered on FREEDOM.This is something I shall never forget and unfortunately, I get a feeling of revulsion( perhaps to harsh a word, perhaps not ) when I try to compare our present day leaders with those from the past.  Forgive a moment of cynicsm, but I get an eerie feeling that many of my fellow citizens do not recognize the sacrifice or worse still,  how incredibly benevolent/fortuitous  our 235 years have been for the Planet as a whole.  Yes I know we are not perfect and our leaders have blundered from time to time.  But name me one country, who upon winning a major war, went back with manpower and funding to assist in the rebuilding of the losing State.  It has not happened until The USA existed.  But this is not the point I am after today.   I feel more than blessed just being born in this great place.  I had the opportunity many years ago to travel behind what was once known as ” The Iron Curtain”  My god, I was glad to get out alive as I was under constant surveillance and machine guns where everywhere.  Quite a scary ordeal.  Worse yet were my feelings for these poor citizens which could not leave.  I guess my point is we just don’t know how damn good we have it.   Yet we want more.  I see our priorities out of kilter. I see hubris, arrogance and a major sense of entitlement however unearned it might be.   I see people virtually oblivious to the happenings around them and a happy political class only willingly wanting to oblige them, as the sheep veer off towards oblivion.  This Freedom is to be cherished as it is beyond precious, beyond rubies.  Lest we forget and sit back and watch the beaurocrats run roughshod over us all and of course the inane consequences they lead us to.  Never forget the words of a wise founder, Benjamin Franklin, ” those who give a little freedom for security, will find they will get neither”  How prescient was this man?   He could not have been more right .  I know there is still ample time, but we must say enough and keep remembering who the true leaders of this Nation are.  We the people…


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