Steve Jobs vs. President Obama…. An Albeit Humble, Attempted Comparison..

Good day my friends.  As to the former well obviously he is a visionary.  As to the latter well obviously he is not. For these purposes, I have discounted any political affiliation and party labels,  so as to achieve the bottom line comparison I am attempting without any form of bias and base my admittedly  unscientific  results on all  I have witnessed  firsthand. First to Mr. Jobs.  He does not say much, but boy can he deliver a product that the world wants and must have.  Secondly to President Obama.  He says much which at first blush sounds agreeable to most  but upon reflection, do not appear to be realistic and border on meaningless.  Results are what truly matter and Mr. Jobs now has the 2nd largest market cap firm on the planet at approx. $400 Billion.   He consistently surprises as well as delivers.  He is obviously a man of actions as opposed to words alone.  Most formidable and admirable. As to President Obama, he seems a decent man but his actions don’t square with his words.  Truth be told, the numbers don’t lie. With all respect to the President, I believe he is unsure of what it is which makes an economy hum and no doubt those who advise him are equally grabbing at the theoretical.   Harken back to February ’09 if you will.  We were told if the stimulus package where to pass, jobs abundantly would be created as VP Biden specifically stated that “1500 shovel ready projects” were part of the plan.  As the President himself stated recently with a half grin, ” they were not really shovel ready ”  The bitter irony was his jobs Czar, Jeff Imelt was laughing.  He of GE fame who has exported some 120,000 jobs offshore himsef in the past decade.  Whereas GE once had approx. 300,000 U.S. employees, they now count approx 135,000. I doubt Mr. Jobs would hire Mr. Imelt as the performance of GE stock under his reign is off about 60%    I could go on endlessy with comparisons but I believe the best solution is to put Mr. Jobs in charge of the budget mess with his talented crew.  I would pay them a $100 Billion bonus for the right plan if enacted and I would venture a guess that it would be accomplished prudently and quickly.  Let all the politicians take a prolonged vacation, and this would be one hell of a start.  Best.


20 responses to “Steve Jobs vs. President Obama…. An Albeit Humble, Attempted Comparison..

  1. The difference in performance boils down to- Steve Jobs does what he does since there are no members in his committee that oppose him whereas Obama has about 434 retards (since 1 seat is vacant) that oppose him totally disabling his efforts whether right or wrong.
    Mr. Jobs has the luxury of decision control and a vested interest in the company doing well or the stock gets clobbered.
    Mr. Obama has no control of the decisions made from lobbyist controlled congress ( who don’t get penalized for inefficiency or their lack of perception of reality or for that matter to care for the people of this country- since they have their political finance committees well funded)
    It is not a fair comparison.
    Even Steve Jobs would not be able to make any decisions given the retarded state of this congress.

    • Could one not make the case that the comparison might be fair? If you grant the following.. It is true leadership that is missing in DC. Many CEO’s do not have total control of their respective companies. I guess my point is if Jeff Imelt has done damage to GE and he to is a CEO and he is a job czar appointed by the President, why not give Jobs a chance. He has a better track record.

      • A secondary point can also be made that for any leader to have his idea or way is to win over the hearts and minds of those beneath him. Thus his vision can be achieved. I suppose on this front it can be more difficult to win over the 100 million or so people that Jobs sells to every year when compared with the Congress which is smaller in number but as we know tend to march in lockstep. Only a true leader can change their thought process and we know there are few to be found. So we are comparing apples and oranges, but the theory should hold some water.

  2. Excuse my ignorance but aren’t all the Apple products also mde in China? How many does he employ in the USA vs. China? Also consider the mentality of these people running to buy these products whether needed or not and whether they can afford it or not. Just like they bought homes they couldn’t afford, used their homes as an ATM machine leading to todays crisis. This so called herd mentality is basically stupid and they are the ones voting in the idiots to represent them . There is no way even a good leader can talk sense into these people. I also feel not a good comparison by any standards.

  3. Google apple products made in china and you can read a whole lot about the horrible conditions in the China factory, the suicide rate due to stress of workers, the low pay, the poor working conditions similar to a prison. and then look at the price of his products, you can imagine how much is going in his pocket and what he cares about. Steve Jobs could not fix our budget crisis , he’s one of the rich getting richer and he would keep it that way, and all the stupid little people will continue to stand in line for days at a time to buy his stupid little products while he smiles all the way to the bank.

    • I believe a real leader can set a visionary tone. I also believe people are free to purchase whatever they like regardless of what I /you think is irrelevant or unimportant. As for Apple, 40,000 US employees and growing. As for doing business in China, well you are correct that the people keep voting in nonothing idiots who force business offshore. Believe me money flows where it is best treated. Any american co. would much rather do their business here if proper business conditions were inplace. A true leadercould do this and have the support of the people. Instead we get lies, class warfare all designed to get us fighting each other thus distracting what the cellphone salesman in Congress are actually doing. That is the problems Genesis.

  4. A true leader can do it nnd have the support of the people if the people had half a brain. Honestly, you can’t compare Obama to past presidents let alone corporate heads , being our first half black president he faces obstacles that no previous president ever has. Maybe the mindset of the corporations needs to change to the days when we manufactured in the USA . They need to go back to back to the days when the top made 10 times more then the employee rather then whatever the astronomical amount is up to now. Go back to the day of decent earnings for a decent days work, get used to paying the proper taxes for doing business in their own country, help their country and countrymen.

    • Actually I believe it is a dfficult job for any human regardless of appearance. These obstacles you mentioned are what? No different from anyone else if you ask me. He is the boss. He is the bottom line. He made the mistake which you rail most against and that is offshore jobs. He hired the CEO of GE to be the job czar. This same person, fired 160,000 US citizens and sent the jobs overseas. What an elitist hypocrite this Jeff Imelt fellow is. Now he lectures us on job creation. Baloney, he is full of it. Yet these are the policies we continue to encourage. No wonder jobs flee. What if your company had the choice to stay here and pay 35% rate or go to Ireland and pay 12%. I know what I would do, but more important I know what my Board of Directors would demand. It is the perverse policies in place that cause our problem. He does not know what to do as he has never been in business as most of DC has not. That is the biggest problem. It is simple solution, but they don’t get it. Treat money right and it will reciprocate.

  5. Oh come on you must be somewhat aware of the obstacles and prejudice he faces on a daily basis by cry baby Boehner and the rest of his gang!

    • Nothing so hard as having to deal with Ms. Pelosi I am sure. Now that is one major botox inducing obstacle in my book. Remember he is still the boss and sets the tone, Boehner be damned.

    • Well that is correct. I prefer the term” self serving egomaniacs” myself. They are in Congress because they can’t for the most part secure decent employment. I for one would not hire any of the bunch. On second thought I do Like Mark Rubio. The one stand up guy in the group, as best I can tell.

  6. Anyway this is not about Pelosi, it’s about Steve Jobs comparison to President Obama. By the way, Steve Jobs also has a manufacturing facility in Ireland, as well as China, and 3rd party vendors in Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Korea, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, and Netherlands. This info from his company filing with the SEC commission. I’m sure his U.S. employees are mostly retail and Indian engineers. Like I said to get things going again the mindset of the CEO’s and Board of Directors needs to change and bring the jobs back to our country, I don’t care what you say about taking the jobs where the lower taxes are, the greed has to stop, we need tax revenue to get our economy growing again.

    • The tax portion is only a piece of the overseas puzzle. It is also for strategic reasons as they do sell product around the world so it no doubt makes distribution far more efficient. That aside I don’t see how tax revenue can stimulate an economy. It is actually the reverse. A stimulated economy yields more tax revenue. History shows this time and again. I think we were doing fine in the ’90s when the Gov spent around 1.4 tril per year. We are now approaching 4 tril a year and the economy has slowed. Indeed an inverse correlation don’t you think?

  7. I think history shows economy grew when Regan and Clinton raised taxes. We need the revenue. We need to get people working so they can pay there taxes. Well, the private sector continues to outsource so no new jobs there even though the Republicans say the tax cuts are needed for these guys because they are the ones creating jobs, problem is they are not. The only jobs left for us are city, state, and federal government jobs and the Republican Governors of Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, etc. are getting rid of those jobs too and busting the unions, and these are states that do not have budget crisis, no matter what these Governors say. Think of it on a personal level. I don’t know your retirement situation but think 10 years down the road when I’m pretty sure you and your wife will be needing your social security income, think of your mother, your in-laws, etc. Why do the Republicans want to balance our budget and decrease our spending by taking away the income earned and needed by the elderly. If you were counting on that income at this point in time how would you feel? There are so many other places to cut then medicare and social security. The top 1-2 percent of the richest who are set for life, what’s wrong with them paying slightly more in taxes to help out? We need to have some heart and morals, and humanitarian efforts. Most of the rich don’t mind paying more taxes. These dumbass freshmen Republican and Tea Party Congressmen and women are refusing to budge, and they think nothing will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised. I don’t have words for their stupidity! Again this is off the track of Steve Jobs vs. President Obama.

    • In short, the top 1-2% do not have the kind of money to handle the debt. Not even close. You can take all they have and it would run the Gov for about 2 months. Then who would you go after?

    • Great article this week you may wish to read authored by John McCormack re: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill. It is working. The extremely positive results (quantified in detail) alone in various state school districts is impressive. Also a good informational tututorial on the actual mechanics of the much needed selective union collective bargaining reform. I have worked on both sides of union matters and this was not an attempt at any form of “union busting.” A good example of what happens when elected officials work to solve problems vs. merely publicly criticizing draft solutions proposed by others, pontificating or sadly in the case of Wisconsin, fleeing. Upon reading the article, most instructive/impressive was the focus to get the job done and re-election be darned–as Gov. Walker and other state elected officials will be facing costly/distractive recall elections (apparently another good way to spend OP’sM) well in advance of their scheduled re-elections. The legislative status quo regardless of party needs to change and I for one, am glad to see it happening one day at a time. Am glad to see the public conversation turning to tackling some of our serious long term problems. Also, good to see some members of this generation running for office after having successful private sector careers, in bring some of that experience to their communities/states/congress vs. the career politician (what are their skills exactly?). One solution: lobbies should be outlawed period…make it a felony. Thanks for a great dialogue site!

      • Very astute Linda and I know you are properly versed on these topics. Thanks for the input and the suggestion which I will seek out and bestt always.

  8. That 4 trillion a year you are talking about is not going into our economy or our people. Most of it goes to various industry subsidies ie. oil, aid to foreign countries ie. pakistan, wars ie. afghanistan, iraq. Cut defense, foreign aid, subsidies and you can give 12 percent tax rates for doing business in the USA. Cut out the progressive tax schedule, bring in a flat tax rate, Canada is doing just fine. Privatize social security, if the private bank screws with our money the way the Republicans borrowed from social security and never paid it back we can go after them. If we stay on a progressive tax schedule I’ll take whatever the top 1-2 percent tax increase will add to our revenue.

    • Where to begin? Ok first of it was LBJ that figured out how to plunder the Social Sec. money and spend it. Every Congress since ’64 has done so, so blaming Repubs is just not fair. Second 95% of the 4 trill is spent in this country but as the Gov does, it spends it highly inefficiently and the estimates go as high as $800 bil in waste, fraud and abuse. Now that would help us all. Remember SS, Medicare, Military and the debt eat up just shy of 3 tril per year. The point is if the gov only spent 1 tril a year, we would be rocking and rolling. Don’t worry about everyone else. If they screw the rich, it does not help you nor I. Congress will just piss away the money to enrich themselves. Remember, they never do anything for the common good. Neither party.

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