The Verdict Is In, Betrayed by The Mainstream Media Agenda…Or Fooled?

I must admit this point my friends,  I am at a complete loss for what passes as Reportage in these current times.  I understand we all have our leanings and biases, but at this point,  this is bordering on the preposterous with a healthy dose of obsurdity.  Believe me I mean no disrespect to our journalism community but attempting to either view, read or listen to any form of ” Mainstream Media ” reporting has now surpassed the pain in which I can endure.  For better or worse there is not even a pretense at objectivity let alone true clarity  to which  any thoughtful observer can divine a healthy conclusion.  The attitude and shear condescension that I feel being directed towards us citizens, well needless to say it goes beyond infuriating my sensibilities and I am sure many of you have similar thoughts.  I shy away from using terms such as propaganda as I honestly believe that is not the intent of the reporting.  I could however be somewhat naive. I do believe a reporters agenda now supercedes their primary task which is reporting events as they occur.   I herewith steer you to observe any episode of news on, let us say MSNBC who is/was owned by GE, whose CEO also works for our President in the post of job czar  and whose company reaps billions from various government contracts and credits. Not so easy as it sounds this, but just sit back and wait and wait until they interview what they might call an opponent of the administration.  Instant venom and fireworks ensue.  Something to behold.  Then wait for a friend of the administration and you will in effect see a birthday party on display with hugs and kisses for all. Would you expect anything different from an organization so closely tied with a political party? One who receives so many benefits?  Does Crony Capitalsim ring a bell? You might ponder what is the point of this silly little exercise and I would reply that it is of the utmost import. It is basically this belief that only an informed citizenry can reach and make proper decisions for themselves and families and country.  If allowed to be deceived or kept in the dark,  then unscrupulous types can and will run roughshod over our existense. They will take courses of action detrimental to us all, yet  beneficial to themselves and need I point out their respective reelections. A free press was thought so all important by our Founders that it was written and protected extensively, witness the First Amendment of the Constitution.  It’s ultimate purpose was to serve the good of the people and to protect all from potential abuse and tyranny by  our leaders.  It is a serious matter, one not to be shoved aside in my opinion as a crank objection. My suggestion to all in an effort to avoid deceit and confusion is to utilize your minds and absorb all the knowledge one can in the hopes of not being duped by anyone, ever. Draw your own conclusions and always be on alert.  Remember the grain of salt dosage.


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