Taxing the Wealthy? Smart or Disingenuous? You Make the Call…

Well troops I am once again hearing the  refrain of  ” balanced approached”,  in this ongoing struggle for budget balancing.  This phrase is not a code.  It simply means let us go after the wealthy and the rich. I say disingenuous as my prior notes to you  have indicated the sums our government  needs dwarf anything the ” rich ” can provide.  Yes you can confiscate the whole of their wealth and fund Uncle Sam for about 5 months.  Then what?   Believe me I am far from that category currently  being worked over   and can only dream of achieving their  status someday.  But I must tell you I find the class warfare verbiage most repugnant if not downright un-american.  To me equal in the eyes is equal in the eyes. Period.  To say it is divisive is to say the truth.  Brother against brother.  Eerily reminiscent of the Civil war, but not as tragic.  I must admit I just don’t get it. What is it with successful people that makes us want to punish them.  Personally I hold these people in esteem.  Yes I know many are obnoxious and full of hubris, and of course the majority are good and decent people but so long as they broke no law and delivered a good or service in which their fellow citizens freely chose to exchange currency for product, then I say hurrah. After all is that not what the American dream is about?  I will discount for the moment the widely available statistic that the top 5% of earners pay approx 60% of all revenue and the bottom 50% pay zero and I shake my head in disbelief.  For full disclosure I believe we are all equal in the eyes of the law and should all pay the same rate.  Not only is this reasonable but the most logical approach in my opinion. As I mentioned I have nothing against my rich neighbor or uncle as I witness daily the efforts they expend.  Herewith a simple example to ponder…  my rich uncle has an extra $10 million.  Now being a bright and tech savvy fellow, he invests his money in the technology of tomorrow and wisely so. These firms he chose to seed  are working on new medicines and new chips and batteries for us all .They also need plenty of staff to usher their products through from development  to market launch.   He also anticipates a fine return naturally. This is only a fair reward for his risk.  Suppose I agree on the class warfare issue and demand he turn his funds over to the government.  Do you honestly believe they will spend or invest it more efficiently?   Maybe they will purchase some $1500 hammers?  Or more of the $2000 toilets they are famous for?  Or maybe they will hire an investigator to find the 5000 odd aircraft they own, and spend $10 billion a year on, yet no government agency can find . I think any reasonable mind would conclude,  let my uncle have his way as his returns will better all of humanity not to mention create jobs.  After all it is new technology that has always led to better days historically speaking. Perhaps  we can throw more billions down the ethanol rat hole or spend them on green jobs whatever that might be.  Just don’t ask Spain as they found out the hard way by ” investing ” $50 billion in green jobs and over regulating their economy to that end on some dream of green.  What they received was countless thousands of business’s have left the country ballooning their unemployment rates into the 20’s and of course a corresponding decrease in revenue.  To be blunt, they are broke. Needless to say they have abolished this flight of fantasy for now.   Maybe our leaders should wise up and show us some wisdom.  Admit to the error of their ways and let my uncle as well as the rest of us do what we do best when we are unshackled and let the wheels turn. I know this is a lot to ask as they are wedded to the special interests they are beholden to, but one can,  to steal a phrase, Hope for Change.  As always, I see the answer in true and inspired leadership.  Unfortunately I see no such person on the horizon. I know the Scottish cloned Dolly the sheep.  Did they by chance have the foresight to clone Ronald Reagan? Forgive me but one can dream.   Enough demagoguery and let us see some real leadership as promised. Washington D.C. are there any leaders left? Prove it as we are not buying. My friends  let your voices be heard as this is the best we can do and a better day is coming I am sure of this as sure as I am in the spirit of this great nation.


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