Earthquake Japan vs. Earthquake USA…Mix in 1 Storm and Blend

I must admit that in watching the events of the recent and relatively minor East Coast earthquake that it  left me feeling a little blue.  I will explain the point momentarily.  I suppose growing up in San Francisco has somewhat coarsened me to earthquakes to a degree and without question I find them almost routine.  I guess 50+ years on the fault line is to blame for this as I have felt the shaking countless times and witnessed the sometimes sad results which are always tragic.  So please  do not conclude I am downplaying in any way as to the potential severity of an earthquake .  Just a few passing thoughts.

If you can patiently listen to one somewhat amusing anecdote, you might no from where I come.   Many years ago a dear friend and I were on a visit to my child hood home on a hill overlooking San Francisco.  We had been out for drinks the prior evening and were sleeping like babies in the comfort of twin beds.  At 6 am the ground and the house shook violently.  The beds were now touching.  My non native S.F. friend was in panic mode.  He said what do we do.  I rolled over and told him, we go back to sleep my friend as this is a common occurrence.   Easy for me , hard for him. Fortunately one broken plate suffered its demise.

Now back to current times. And again I do not intend to make light of any disaster.

I just have the misfortune of putting it into context with a recently devastating quake which triggered a Tsunami in its wake in the northeastern sector of Japan.

It was the manner in which these events were handled which is my internal conflict.  At last count Japan is in Nuclear meltdown and at least 40,000 missing and dead.  Contaminated food abounds and by all accounts and reports not a one have I heard suggesting looting or violence.  I saw man helping man. Obviously honorable people.

Conversely on this side of the pond, we had a far more moderate if you will 5.8 richter scale event and all proceeded to go home for the day.  Outside of a plate or two, the reported damage was none. You make the call.

My concern here is in how events are now handled and my bigger concern is in how apparently soft our citizens are becoming.  It may be blow back from too many “New Deals” and “Great Societies” and remnants left by these such as coddling our every wish and dream and the perennial call by the very same utopian lovers seeking a perfect existence for all but with out any grasp on reality whatsoever and no worries for anyone  as the nanny state will cure all your ills.  We are not children are we?.

Perhaps I am being to hard on my people.  Maybe it is a simple case of Media Frenzy wherein they scare the you know what out of people.  I know it is done for ratings, but protect your pacemaker from these types.

Witness the Irene Hurricane.  24/7 coverage.  Are you kidding me? All I know is yes there is reported damage and injury, but what I saw pass as reportage was shameful at best. I would bet no one was well served by these self serving self loving narcissist’s, however I hope some good came to someone.

Again I may be wrong, but in the aftermath I am hearing a lot of sheepish talk as the hurricane  was just a really bad storm. The National Hurricane Center is saying ” hey you can’t believe everything we say, we just predict”  Merchants are angry, evacuees are angry.  We managed to create a panic.  Again do not get me wrong, preparation is extremely important and I heard the Governor of each threatened State almost one week ago preparing their respective constituents.  I think emergency agencies were all ready as where the people.

The losers where the media.  I could just see it in their eyes and voice, ” oh please make this a bad one, we need ratings”.  I find the whole event rather sordid and mostly repugnant, but it is just one mans opinion.

False promises of a perfect world engineered by big brother and sold by the mass media.  I am not buying folks and neither should you.  Their track record is abysmal and leaves much to be desired. How nice if  it worked, unfortunately history shows time and again to beware.

Do you think the media have played a role in our weakening perceived or real? Turn them off! And never forget our valiant first responders on 9/11.  I know they have a sacred home in my heart. We would all be wise to follow in their footsteps and I assure you we would all be most proud. They seek  no glory, they seek no ratings, they do the job!


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