Happy Labor Day or Happy Civil War?

My fondest wishes that you all enjoyed a spectacular Labor Day Holiday. We are indeed a hard working nation.  By any measurable standard, there is no nation remotely close to our productivity and for this I applaud you all. We are indeed industrious, entrepreneurial  and have a fine spirit and tradition.

Now herein lies what I view as a form of division amongst the ranks. Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa was quoted as using very combative phrases targeted at ” Tea Party and Republicans “.For some reason he has jumped to the conclusion that simply wanting a budget in balance is in turn a declaration of war on labor. Call me naive but I can not connect those dots.

The last I checked these so called Tea Party individuals where gainfully employed for the most part as I find most Republicans.  So at the end of the day, we are all laborers so who is it he wants to fight and why?  It makes no sense to me in any rational sense. The ” sons of bitches ” he refers to apparently are all of us.  I am very confused.

My obvious sarcasm notwithstanding, it is clear to me who the enemy is and who the friendlies are based  on his words. He is clearly implying that all of us who work are not judged equally. Only those who have  joined a union merit his defense.  He claimed he wanted to ” take America back “.  Doesn’t sound very patriotic to me to plan an internal conflict against the same people you claim to represent.  It is therefore obvious that his army are only those he represents and the rest of us don’t count. Hypocritical if you ask me but lets get on with the cannibalization this fellow seeks I suppose.

I am waiting to hear the cry from those who claim to want to bring civil discourse back to our issues.  I can only speculate, but my guess is I will be waiting a long time and hear nary a peep. In fact several “leaders” have begun to dignify his let us say, less than terse comments even as I address you.

Worse still was this call to arms was a prelude to an address by our President.  Most undignified in my eyes.

I don’t know about you but I have simply had it with this petulant, childish chest thumping.  We really have descended this deep into the sewer.  How sad for us all.  A great nation deserves better than this. Where is the dashing leader on his white horse to bring us back from the brink?  Who can turn this around and so we may once again see a more civil society.

It is all of us my friends.  Never forget it begins and ends with us. They work for us and they must listen to us.  I hear these same words that I write  daily from many people and most nearly sigh for a nostalgic and better time and kinship.

It is incumbent upon us to let our voices be heard.  It is equally important to not be fooled by charismatic types who only serve their own interests.  We must beat back the influential lobbyist who purchase your Congresspersons.  We must break through to both party leadership groups who are hell bent on my way or the highway attitudes.  We must break the media and their obsession with horserace and their love of conflict. The fight is on.  The blame game proceeds apace.  The back and forth and blah blah blah me to death already.

All of this must stop and be set right. It is my wish for you all.  If anyone has a white horse I would love to borrow it and give it my best shot.  Barring that, let us keep up the good fight for freedom and liberty for all, not  just some well connected and smug elitist. Let us try to remember we are ” one nation under God”. Not fiefdoms for the few.  Happy Labor Day to you all.


2 responses to “Happy Labor Day or Happy Civil War?

  1. Leo,
    I appreciate your strong stance… I agree, the time is upon us all! The question is? What will we accomplish with OUR time?

    To Our Right to Pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness!

    Decide. Commit. Prosper.
    Marc Jr.

    • At the rate we are going not much will be achieved. If we can stop this silly demagogic blather long enough so as to truly enlighten the masses, then my friend the sky is the limit.

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