9/11, We Shall Always Remember The Fallen…Always!

Rest in peace brothers and sisters as your time on this surface was brought to an abrupt and unexpected conclusion long before was expected.  That this loss came without any meaning or purpose renders it even more unfathomable than the mind can tolerate.  I could not be more proud of your courage as displayed for all to witness on this despicable day and with such ungodly cowardice by those who would inflict injury on the innocent. We can only take comfort in knowing that you are most assuredly in paradise.

As all set forth on the normal tasks of a typical day in American life, thunder and chaos reigned on a world class city. Most of you turning on your computers or sipping the first brew of the day. Planning your daily agenda without any thought of the events about to occur. Maybe as most of us do on a sunny day you looked out the window daydreaming of a day on the beach or perhaps spending time with your families. So we then think and look forward to this thought at the end of the work day with anticipation.

What you saw out the window can only be described by one not there as horrifying. We will not replay these events as they are no doubt emblazoned in our minds forever more. We will never forget that day and more importantly we will never forget the bravery on display by all of you and more. Our hearts ache for your families and survivors and will always be thus.  I can not even begin to comprehend what they have had to endure these many years.  We will continue to pray for you all and your loved ones.

And as to all those who responded with aid and comfort, well I border on the speechless and unquestionably humbled. Absolutely incredible human behavior. Valor the likes  of which you might find in a combat zone.  Yet New York was now a combat zone. Remarkable loss and remarkable response by a great people.  What more can one say.

The beautiful memorial just unveiled will be a constant reminder to us however I am certain not a one of us will likely ever forget that day  and we wish God’s blessings on you all.


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