Caution! Obama’s New Economic Guru And Jobs Plan…..Hide The Kids $$$…..

Curious is it not that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has issued orders to her subordinates in Congress to refrain from the use of the word ” stimulus”.  Care to venture a guess as to why? I would surmise that the answer is quite simple.  They haven’t a clue as to what they are doing and never did and simply do not care. They have spent countless Trillions on stimulus and yet to no avail.  So what’s a good Pol to do? Change the terminology.  Brilliant in that it will work on some and stupid in as it surely is that. I am personally insulted at the shear condescension. Shame on you hucksters.

We are now back for more..  blah blah blah …not sure as to the term to use so we shall say the all encompassing ” Jobs Bill “. And the President has a shiny brand new head of economic policy adviser in his office.  I would say speculation is running rampant as to what policies he might promote and I would be pulling your leg. But if history is any guide and from my experience it always is, then he will advise more of the same medicine. Bottom line, Jobs Bills don’t work. They never have.  People free from constraints do. People need visibility and with rule upon rule compounding daily, there is no visibility.  It really is that simple to be honest.

I know my sarcasm is running over here this day, but please,  don’t these people ever learn?  The “so called ” smartest people ever by the media?  I just can’t help myself so please be patient with me. It is more a result of  the frustration I/we feel that brings out these unseemly sentiments.

So we recruit another theoretical type from academe, again one without any business experience and seemingly the same qualifications  as his three predecessors and then what?  We pray for a different result? I need not remind you of this classic definition and what it foretells.

If only they chose to give me a buzz.  I have an abundance of market ideas with far greater chance of success than the rehashed 100 year old ideological wish list that has proven over and over again ad nauseam and all over the world to be nothing more than shear fantasy.  As stated before, if it worked so well then Europe and Russia would be the dominant powers of the world. I need not remind you of their respective conditions today.

In short, wealth transfers simply do not work as they are non productive.  I will attempt to explain in terms a Senator or President might understand. Sorry more sarcasm.  I do believe they know the difference, but the allure of buying votes and privilege with your hard earned money is more addictive than my cigarettes.  Just in case here goes.

Today I made $100.  I sweated for 10 hours and worked very hard. Senator Boxer thinks/feels she is entitled to give you my $100 for some altruistic reason.  Fair enough for the moment I would stipulate.  What happens next is the problem. By the time the skimming has occurred on all the various levels of power, there is likely $30 left to give you. In other words a 70% haircut.  Ouch for me and the recipient of my hard earned dollars.

Suppose the hard earned money where left to me in a reasonable fashion ie.. I get to keep $85.  On Friday I might choose to invest in a small local firm that needs the investment and I am eager for the ground floor opportunity.  Lo and behold, the next Microsoft has been created.  Countless thousands of jobs created, yours truly is now comfortable and additional wealth continues to be created.

Under the former scenario, $30 gets transferred and spent without the opportunity of creating wealth.  Perhaps a little gas or some groceries.  Not a wise use of  the funds coerced from me by threat of force in my opinion. Ultimately I and the recipient have lost a little something. The point is it is we the workers who create wealth.  Not the inverse. Government’s do not create wealth. They take it and spend it and mostly unwisely. We all know this. Countless trillions vanish and who is the better for it?  No one I know. Maybe an evil banker or two who have the temerity  to charge $1 or so to use an ATM. Pure evil! Forget the trillions already wasted and to be paid by an unborn generation as the intentions were honorable, if ineffective and wasteful.

But I again submit our politicians know this oh so well.  It would just mess up their day if we did not desperately need them to ” do something ” for us.  It really is a shame as this behemoth of a road block has prevented what could have been. The lost wealth from this charade is mind boggling.  So what to do?

It seems obvious we must clean political house across the board. Top to bottom.  More importantly the entrenched bureaucracy must be dismantled.  It is they who tend to run wild with roadblocks, rules and regulations once legislation is passed.  Most of the time it results in unintended consequences.  Take for example the several paragraphs in the federal Register describing how to dispose of your lip balm in the different states.  Am I kidding?  Not a chance unfortunately. I think the only solution at this point to steal a phrase is to ” starve the beast”

To steal one more phrase ” If you love me, help me pass this bill”. What hubris. Sorry my friends for I could not resist.  It was too easy.


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