Obama ” We’ve Lost Our Ambition And Imagination”. Oh Please Mr. President.

I suppose I should give the President some latitude for good intentions but we all know where that road leads. For fear of sounding somewhat redundant having used the phrase “malaise” in prior columns, I can think of no better word to describe the general feeling in this great nation and the sullen attitude I see visible in our President.

I use this term as a reminder of what was witnessed in the latter ’70’s under the leadership of a most similar President. Mr. Carter was the one to choose this word to describe the wet blanket feeling hanging over the nation. He even had the temerity to scold us as if we were children who had misbehaved. Not what a real leader would do to instill confidence in the populace let alone engender a feeling of confidence in their leader.

President Obama in effect made the same speech the other day. He clearly stated “we’ve lost our ambition and imagination” I say bunk! He has so disillusioned this nation that we are in fact suffering from this malaise President Carter began.

What is it with these pointy headed elites? They might be smart but they are certainly not wise. They just can not admit to their respective mistakes in policy and do to the ideological blinders they wear, are shy to approach a problem with solutions that work historically speaking.

Hope and change? I am sorry true believers. For those who are old enough to remember the ’70’s era, this is almost an exact replica. Nothing new here. Same old liberal playbook checklist items. Wise men learn from historical events. Those with hubris feel the prior leaders where less smart than they are and simply failed in policy implementation.

As mentioned before a real leader can adapt to change and so engage. Also a true leader can instill the confidence amongst the business and civic community to press on and expand. We are stuck in the mire and see no way out at this point.

We will if we can install a new breed of leadership throughout the country whose sole interests lie with the people. That day is coming my friends. Stay faithful as we shall all see the resurgence I foresee. Happy Halloween.

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Is The Mainstream Media Objective? Lets See….

In light of the recent events surrounding the covert operation which ended the life of Osama Bin Laden as well as Colonel Gadhafi, I have been witnessing much in the news that absolutely leaves me befuddled and bordering on distressed and certainly confused.

First of all, the major media no longer even feign at a pretense of objectivity as best as I can tell. If I were less informed, I would have no choice but to conclude they work for the Democratic National committee. The utter hypocrisy let alone the outright cheer leading is more than I can consume and still maintain a modicum of sanity. Do they not hear themselves or better still, have they forgotten what they said/reported when a President of a party with which they disagree was in command?

They apparently had a major problem under Bush with some tough questioning of the enemy. Today we know this same tough questioning led to this ” capture/operation if you will “, but evidently that is simply OK or better for them, simply to be forgotten so the cheering of the chosen one may proceed. Secondly, our President and Attorney General decided to treat these types not as enemy combatants, but the same as US citizens with constitutional rights and given a day in court. The ACLU and the Media demanded this and Obama and Holder concurred and demurred. Well forgive me but what has changed that says these killers/combatants are no longer entitled to these rights and we have a green light to invade a sovereign nation and take them out? Torture bad, Killing Ok? Nobel Peace Prize anyone? See any hypocrisy from the media? I sure do.

Of course I will lose no sleep as to this result but the fawning by the press is more than I can stomach. What utter and blind hypocrisy. Or is it just blind ideology? Likely both. This new compliant media can best be described by me as an arm of the DNC. I see no other alternative.

Thirdly, our media always requests, nay demands an apology if a competing voice makes a statement which upsets them or their chosen Pol. I have heard only silence regarding the Left leaning Mike Malloy ( Radio Talker ) who in effect asked ” when will Seal Team 6 visit President Bush, who is responsible for more death than OBL”. A death wish to a former President. How charming for one so tolerant as he claims to be. Has the earth’s Axis tilted or have I? Obviously the vitriol will not go away anytime soon and the Nation is much the poorer for it. As to the Media, shame on yourselves for the consummate Dereliction of Duty you exhibit daily. Either report or go join the Peace Corps. God Bless our Great Seal teams and drones now and forever more. We owe them a major debt.

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Is Ann Coulter Right? Is It A Mob?

I have seen many protests my friends, considering having been reared in San Francisco in the 60’s, among other events I observed. I can’t recall a protest lasting as long as the current event, witness NYC. Most recently watching “Tea Party” events come nearest to mind. By all accounts peaceful and a clear call for smaller government then home the same night. Fair enough.

To NYC today. We are now in month two and the most coherent reasoning I have heard is “we are against capitalism, it is unfair” Fair enough. Let us recall the words of a wiser man from a wiser era, Sir Winston Churchill, when he was quoted thusly “Capitalism is the worst system, excepting for all the others”. I believe he was on to something. I also know that history has proven we do not have a better system. Where capitalism is truly utilized absent political/government meddling ie.. Singapore among others, well it is a thing of beauty. Where Marxism/Socialism rules the day, well you have problems. The trick is finding the proper balance. Therein lies our problem. We don’t have the balance.

Back to NYC. They chant “forgive our student loans”. Ok then should you not protest at your college for being so damned expensive that you needed a loan? And wherefrom does the blatant antisemitism come in and what does it have to do with capitalism except for being shear and ugly behavior. How about scaring the children of the Bankers whose homes where marched on? Even gangsters keep kids out of harms way. Why not these “protestors” as Nancy Pelosi asked God’s blessings on them. Why scare children? They cheered Rep. Rangel and last I checked he voted for the Bank bailout. Hypocrisy or naivete? I say both. How about Russell Simmons in his half mil Maybach? More than welcome. Now I am truly confused. I suppose it is OK to be rich but just for some people or the enlightened.

And what is with the guy praising the French revolution and all its butchery? This same loon trashed the peaceful work of Ghandi. I think the earth is on a different axis at this point or I am incapable of absorbing this new form of illogic.

And what is with all the arrests and attacking of police? How about the rampant sex and drug use? I heard news reports that dealers are flocking to the area and having a hay day. Sounds more like a repeat of the 60’s counter culture to me. This is Woodstock but with lousy bongo playing. How passe’.

And of course we have seen the reports that many of these people are being paid to protest and the cause be damned. I also submit many are nothing more than unfortunate useful idiots that have no idea why they are there. All too sad.

Believe me I deplore Bank bailouts more than any. My career was ruined as a result of their activities. But the problem is they where forced into these activities by none other than the same government in which these protesters now seek help. That is not the solution believe me.

Is Ann Coulter right? I have to say based on what I am witnessing she is damn right. Sorry folks. I call em as I see em. The truly sad fact is media reportage. It looks like they are somewhat nostalgic for the 60’s and definitely on the side of the protestors. They must view them as angels, I only see the mob.

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Inflation Or Deflation. Which Will Carry The Day. Update.

Well my friends which is it and which one will be victorious? In the course of my business day this debate rages and almost boils over to and including heated arguments as signs do point to either scenario possibly unfolding. I will attempt to postulate and form a salient conclusion for you so as to keep us prepared.

In a perfect world, a small dose of inflation ie. 1.5% +- would be optimum. To the uninitiated on this subject, a stop at the gas station cries out inflation quite loudly and painfully. To those who purchased a home between 2004- 2007 the opposite is the case and the pain is also substantial. Two competing forces leaving us all the worse for the wear.

Many pundits decry the Federal Reserve Bank and Congress for the borrow/print/spending binge of the last three years. A case can be made that it was both necessary and yet unnecessary. I believe the latter to be the case as I have yet to see any visible evidence of any real success, excluding the reliquifying of the Banking system . But the Banks now sit on an estimated two trillion dollars on deposit with the Fed and are cautious to lend to say the least. There are numerous reasons for this and we will comment at a later time.

So the point is these funds are out of circulation and in my opinion so long as they remain there, inflation of the magnitude I am hearing (Hyper) seems unreasonable for now at least. We are also faced with a real unemployment rate in the area of 18% and of course so long as this remains, Wage Inflation, a key component in the inflation spiral is beyond tame and currently of no concern.

Consider, attempt a request of a pay raise from your employer based on the current fuel price. You get the point I believe. These two factors also have an impact on the Weaker Dollar indicator leading to inflation. The bottom line here is many factors must align for this theory to turn to reality. Yes I agree we have increased prices currently on many items and with the growing middle class in many former/still third world countries, this is to be expected. The markets will ultimately balance these factors out with more supply to meet demand. These countries still have a long way to go and we have the time to prepare to accommodate them.

I personally tend to fear the Deflation much more as it is a Monster to get under control. Witness Japan for the past 20 years. Their bubble has been deflating for that long and they have applied far more ” stimulus ” than Uncle Sam and they have only been able to manage meager growth. Believe me it is a Bear. Many countries in Europe are in the same boat at this time and have very serious problems to unwind. I believe as this progresses, we will see a far weaker Euro and a much stronger dollar. This is good against the inflation fight but will not resolve the deflation that the World is feeling. True, private market demand is the best medicine to heal us all now.

We too must factor in the massive deleveraging by consumers and governments into the equation. This can be especially deflationary as the liquidation of assets ensue at perhaps fire sale pricing.

In summation if you will allow me, herewith an albeit rudimentary and short projection for the investment world. My view is the China/European bubble will continue to deflate and with this I surmise a flight to the greenback and US Stocks and Bonds will see a mighty resurgence. There are numerous caveats which I might employ as there are many land mines to pass along the way, but this is how I see it as of this moment.


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What Happened To A Call For Civility? Anyone Listening?

Good day my friends. I am sure you are all tired by now of the rhetoric we hear on a daily basis from politicians of all stripes and of course the countless talking heads and pundits visible daily on all media. I too listen intently and by so doing , I realize that most of the verbiage is sheer platitudes and in my opinion, not very thoughtful commentary. I also detect an exceptionally heavy dose of intellectual dishonesty.
This I find most unfortunate as I see my fellow citizens in many cases swallowing verbatim what they have been spoon fed. As I peruse the various cable networks its as if I am listening to automatons. The talking points seem to be issued and the clueless spout same in to the evening hours ad nauseum. Personally I am insulted by this trash. Actually it is somewhat frightening as the country continues in the dumbing down process. As a major advocate of critical thinking, it brings tears to my eye’s ( for those who know me well , not likely real tears ) at a lack of thought process by these ” true believers “. Please take nothing at face value. Ever. Especially from a paid mouth piece. Or pol.
I prefer to see the best in all and pity the unfortunate who can only follow, whatever the reason for this might be might be. Blind party loyalties are also a sad infection on the body politic that must be cured for us to progress as we can. It is also troublesome to me to see the President or any politician for that matter ( Mr. Reagan excluded if you ask me ) give a speech and have the sycophants blindly cheering, regardless of the pitiful, unremarkable, and undereducated statements put forth. And in most cases with no documentation to substantiate what they have just read to the crowd. Beyond condescending.
We must demand a better political class. I for one am sickened by the current status and prefer we turn away from Washington and get to the business of this still great nation.
With all the division and outright hatred, it is not a stretch to say we need a miracle worker. The venom is indeed from the swamp and overflows.
My suggestion for all is to first trust no politician. I think this is a reasonable start. Let us try and see where we get. Best.

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Its Simple. We Need Real Leadership. Any Questions?

On some day’s I get the feeling as well as the impression that we are reeling somewhat like a rudderless ship. As I ponder the scene both politically and economically, it leads to a conclusion and offers up as the most viable option I arrive at.

I understand the financial issues across the pond carry some heavy burdens and the world suffers as a result of that is now known as the contagion. But this feeling is something stronger and I submit if you will excuse the term that we are currently experiencing what is known as ” Malaise “. An awful term but understandable as we behold it daily. So how did we get here?

I submit that we have a consumer and business sector that is frozen in time and hesitant to part with their dollar. Why? As one from the business world I can attest to the fact that the regulatory climate currently in place is a major headwind and the last course of action a policy maker should choose. In fact it is time for the opposite to help us emerge from this funk. Inherent in this burden are costs and manpower that takeaway from actual production and as we have seen historically, this is without question a dampening effect on us all.
I understand the need for these types of rules but there is such a thing as going overboard and no doubt that is today’s feel.

I also sense a strong and distinct lack of trust and confidence in our leadership and that includes both sides of the aisle. We are indeed rudderless my friends. We are indeed in search of bold and fresh leaders. Where are they?

Based on the events in D.C. these past few years with the child like grade school behavior it is no doubt to me as the most qualified leaders want nothing whatsoever to do with politics. It is indeed an ugly blood sport.

We can take heart in the hope that the will of the people as opposed to the special interests will once again be met. Who will bring this about is a question I see no answer to as of yet but I am faithful.  A visionary and courageous leader is what the doctor has ordered and that person and day will surely follow.  Good day to all.                                       Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/its-simple-we-need-real-leadership/’>It’s Simple. We Need Real Leadership. Any Questions?</a> on Technorati.