Its Simple. We Need Real Leadership. Any Questions?

On some day’s I get the feeling as well as the impression that we are reeling somewhat like a rudderless ship. As I ponder the scene both politically and economically, it leads to a conclusion and offers up as the most viable option I arrive at.

I understand the financial issues across the pond carry some heavy burdens and the world suffers as a result of that is now known as the contagion. But this feeling is something stronger and I submit if you will excuse the term that we are currently experiencing what is known as ” Malaise “. An awful term but understandable as we behold it daily. So how did we get here?

I submit that we have a consumer and business sector that is frozen in time and hesitant to part with their dollar. Why? As one from the business world I can attest to the fact that the regulatory climate currently in place is a major headwind and the last course of action a policy maker should choose. In fact it is time for the opposite to help us emerge from this funk. Inherent in this burden are costs and manpower that takeaway from actual production and as we have seen historically, this is without question a dampening effect on us all.
I understand the need for these types of rules but there is such a thing as going overboard and no doubt that is today’s feel.

I also sense a strong and distinct lack of trust and confidence in our leadership and that includes both sides of the aisle. We are indeed rudderless my friends. We are indeed in search of bold and fresh leaders. Where are they?

Based on the events in D.C. these past few years with the child like grade school behavior it is no doubt to me as the most qualified leaders want nothing whatsoever to do with politics. It is indeed an ugly blood sport.

We can take heart in the hope that the will of the people as opposed to the special interests will once again be met. Who will bring this about is a question I see no answer to as of yet but I am faithful.  A visionary and courageous leader is what the doctor has ordered and that person and day will surely follow.  Good day to all.                                       Article first published as <a href=’’>It’s Simple. We Need Real Leadership. Any Questions?</a> on Technorati.


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