Is Ann Coulter Right? Is It A Mob?

I have seen many protests my friends, considering having been reared in San Francisco in the 60’s, among other events I observed. I can’t recall a protest lasting as long as the current event, witness NYC. Most recently watching “Tea Party” events come nearest to mind. By all accounts peaceful and a clear call for smaller government then home the same night. Fair enough.

To NYC today. We are now in month two and the most coherent reasoning I have heard is “we are against capitalism, it is unfair” Fair enough. Let us recall the words of a wiser man from a wiser era, Sir Winston Churchill, when he was quoted thusly “Capitalism is the worst system, excepting for all the others”. I believe he was on to something. I also know that history has proven we do not have a better system. Where capitalism is truly utilized absent political/government meddling ie.. Singapore among others, well it is a thing of beauty. Where Marxism/Socialism rules the day, well you have problems. The trick is finding the proper balance. Therein lies our problem. We don’t have the balance.

Back to NYC. They chant “forgive our student loans”. Ok then should you not protest at your college for being so damned expensive that you needed a loan? And wherefrom does the blatant antisemitism come in and what does it have to do with capitalism except for being shear and ugly behavior. How about scaring the children of the Bankers whose homes where marched on? Even gangsters keep kids out of harms way. Why not these “protestors” as Nancy Pelosi asked God’s blessings on them. Why scare children? They cheered Rep. Rangel and last I checked he voted for the Bank bailout. Hypocrisy or naivete? I say both. How about Russell Simmons in his half mil Maybach? More than welcome. Now I am truly confused. I suppose it is OK to be rich but just for some people or the enlightened.

And what is with the guy praising the French revolution and all its butchery? This same loon trashed the peaceful work of Ghandi. I think the earth is on a different axis at this point or I am incapable of absorbing this new form of illogic.

And what is with all the arrests and attacking of police? How about the rampant sex and drug use? I heard news reports that dealers are flocking to the area and having a hay day. Sounds more like a repeat of the 60’s counter culture to me. This is Woodstock but with lousy bongo playing. How passe’.

And of course we have seen the reports that many of these people are being paid to protest and the cause be damned. I also submit many are nothing more than unfortunate useful idiots that have no idea why they are there. All too sad.

Believe me I deplore Bank bailouts more than any. My career was ruined as a result of their activities. But the problem is they where forced into these activities by none other than the same government in which these protesters now seek help. That is not the solution believe me.

Is Ann Coulter right? I have to say based on what I am witnessing she is damn right. Sorry folks. I call em as I see em. The truly sad fact is media reportage. It looks like they are somewhat nostalgic for the 60’s and definitely on the side of the protestors. They must view them as angels, I only see the mob.

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