Obama ” We’ve Lost Our Ambition And Imagination”. Oh Please Mr. President.

I suppose I should give the President some latitude for good intentions but we all know where that road leads. For fear of sounding somewhat redundant having used the phrase “malaise” in prior columns, I can think of no better word to describe the general feeling in this great nation and the sullen attitude I see visible in our President.

I use this term as a reminder of what was witnessed in the latter ’70’s under the leadership of a most similar President. Mr. Carter was the one to choose this word to describe the wet blanket feeling hanging over the nation. He even had the temerity to scold us as if we were children who had misbehaved. Not what a real leader would do to instill confidence in the populace let alone engender a feeling of confidence in their leader.

President Obama in effect made the same speech the other day. He clearly stated “we’ve lost our ambition and imagination” I say bunk! He has so disillusioned this nation that we are in fact suffering from this malaise President Carter began.

What is it with these pointy headed elites? They might be smart but they are certainly not wise. They just can not admit to their respective mistakes in policy and do to the ideological blinders they wear, are shy to approach a problem with solutions that work historically speaking.

Hope and change? I am sorry true believers. For those who are old enough to remember the ’70’s era, this is almost an exact replica. Nothing new here. Same old liberal playbook checklist items. Wise men learn from historical events. Those with hubris feel the prior leaders where less smart than they are and simply failed in policy implementation.

As mentioned before a real leader can adapt to change and so engage. Also a true leader can instill the confidence amongst the business and civic community to press on and expand. We are stuck in the mire and see no way out at this point.

We will if we can install a new breed of leadership throughout the country whose sole interests lie with the people. That day is coming my friends. Stay faithful as we shall all see the resurgence I foresee. Happy Halloween.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/obama-weve-lost-our-ambition-and/’>Obama “We’ve Lost Our Ambition And Imagination”. Oh Please Mr. President.</a> on Technorati.


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