2000 Years Of Stagnation. 200 Years Of Innovation. Why?

Jesus first walked this planet some 2000 years ago in sandals. The next 1900 years saw only modest improvements in life and innovation. What happened or to what can we attribute the amazing innovation across the spectrum in just the most recent 200 year period? Think about it. It is nothing short of amazing.

One has to wonder how we have become so successful. Liberal vs. Conservative. Left vs. right. Socialist vs. Capitalist. Democrat vs. Republican. It seems we are in a constant argument amongst ourselves and yet we still achieve. Which side is right? Who is to say? One can look to history as a guide but yet many do not learn from history. Barney Frank has had enough as he announced his exit. Have we not all had enough yet? Some cry for wealth distribution and others say get out of my way. I side with the latter as it seems self evident that freedom is the major component in man made achievement. This is how we thrive. Let us have a look while we remember the builders of the Parthenon and their greatness as opposed to where their descendants stand today.


True our ancestors built and created some of the most phenomenal structures (ie.Parthenon, Pyramids etc..) and made some truly awesome discoveries in science and medicine. Yet throughout two millenia, advancements where few and far between. Witness the quality of life over these many years and you can see a noticeable change occurred within the last 200 years. Dare I offer a supposition that with the creation of the United States of America and its accompanying freedoms, people free to pursue their respective dreams and no sovereign or dictator controlling the means of production, that this could have led to the door opening? The pursuit of happiness? The ability to create wealth while helping mankind? I believe it to be so.

In fact even today you will find many parts of the world that if you will, still live in the dark ages. Yet in my lifetime alone I see approximately 70% of the products and services available to me did not exist when I was born let alone my ancestors. Please excuse me as I try to take it all in. AMAZING!

We are indeed blessed are we not? Yes we have our issues but I am looking at the macro picture and it is impressive. I see also the many dislocations within the realm of innovation. No need for a buggy whip anymore. Of course he who sold the whips was obviously annoyed and harmed by the advent of the automobile. But countless millions have blossomed from same. It is/was as economic Prof. Schumpeter termed it “creative destruction”. It is good and it is bad depending on your position.

It is not a coincidence that our population has risen some 10-fold in the last century. People vote with their livelihood and their wallets. They team to our shores every year in order to find a better life. Where would you choose to live?

That fact that most of the planet operates within a Socialistic system and fleeing from such countries makes much sense. These nations fall under the weight of this system. The burden on the producers becomes to great. People must be free to choose their own path. Yes there are winners and losers in a capitalist system. But it is not a static model. Today’s loser is tomorrows winner and vice versa. We are inherently a fair nation as I will continue to submit.

We need to stop the divisive behavior amongst our people to capture the gains for all. It is not a zero sum game and a dose of true education as opposed too the constant demagoguery we hear daily is the surest path. An open mind can do no harm. Let the healing begin and decide for yourselves. Intellectual honesty is a must. Please ignore the charlatans as they will continue to imperil us. We don’t need them.

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Happy Thanksgiving From The Spartans.

Best wishes to you all from the Spartan family.  May the seasons blessing follow you all throughout the year.  May divine providence follow all the people of the world forever more and help resolve the crucial issues the world seems to gloss over or fail to recognize.  Good things are coming for us all.

$15 Trillion Down. And Congress Dithers. DC We Have A Problem..

Well once again and just four months after the last ugly battle to raise the debt ceiling, it would appear the children in Congress are having trouble dividing up their marbles. I can’t speak for anyone else but if I were so empowered, I would send them all home and for good. What an utter disgrace and embarrassment to a once proud country. Presumably they are our leaders. And yet again not a one of them has the courage to have done so.

So where do we go from here? First off the mission was to remove an albeit measly $1.2 TRILLION from the next 10 years of budgets. Remember that if spending where to remain static over this time frame,(an impossibility with Congress) the sum total of government spending would be $40 TRILLION. So they are tasked with cutting less than 1% of spending. Are they kidding us? 1%? In my sleep I can do this. No I submit this is pathetic and shameful as well. Who are these weasels, er people. Both sides are now viewed as repugnant by all but the most entrenched lobby and die hard ideologues.

I for one would like a chat with any of these “distinguished members”. Perhaps it would not be viewed as a chat. Excuse my crassness but I consider them all to be nothing more than just plain “members”. Again apologies for that one but I have no choice. The country and world hang in the balance and this is what passes for leadership by the lone Superpower? Again forgive me but I would trust not a one of these 535 distinguished and arrogant fools with shining my shoes. I would fear they would be stolen.

You no doubt sense my disgust yet I hope you all take these words in the spirit our founders might have delivered them. The pols have fractured us in to tiny groups of special interests and promising goodies that we can’t afford, yet charge it to the next generation. Yes George Washington would be displeased to say the least. The bulk of this nation is now the recipient of some goodies issued by our benevolent leaders,yet paid by someone else. Who wins? The insider trading proof congressperson.

Your congress and administration are looting the treasury, meaning us taxpayers and getting stinking rich as a result and at our expense. They then deflect the blame to the other party. I for one have had it with these carnival barkers with tailor made suits and blow dried hair. Don’t buy a word from any of these reptilian types. Stand up to them all and demand what we deserve. True leadership. Not blatant cowardice. Not immoral snake oil sellers. Demand better and don’t buy the hype. From either side. They truly do not care about your plight. Have we not learned this yet. Maybe we do deserve these frauds. After all we keep voting them in.

Stay alert, voice your concerns and please enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday for despite what I have mentioned, this is truly a blessed nation.

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“Americans Have Gotten A Little Lazy The Past Two Decades”

So stated President Obama this past weekend. Is he right? Let us compare and contrast, and you be the judge. I find the statement rather annoying and schoolmarmish myself. I also expect more from our leader than a scolding such as this. Truth be told, very embarrassing. We are not your children and need not be treated as such.

Compare this statement with his recent remark of the US lacking ambition and imagination. How absurd. How deluded. Better still, how pathetic. I am beginning to feel sorry for our leader at this point as he does not demonstrate leadership nor appear to know how.

Recall the eternal optimism of President Reagan. “Shining city on a hill”. “Strong entrepreneurial spirit and optimistic people”. There was a leader.

Is it just possible that the Obama policies are so destructive no matter how well intentioned and that as a result we are in a stagnant phase. And he has the temerity to blame the good citizens of this country. It is time Mr. President I submit to look in mirror. You might just find the answers you seek.

Consider the past two decades he claims we have become lazy. True our quasi socialistic country has fallen into the trap that has infected our brethren in Europe. It is a natural bi product of the socialist system as it infects the body politic with goodies not earned yet always expected. But this is a small portion of our economy.

Let us see that we have created the most powerful military and weaponry the world has known. Impressive to say the least. How about the internet or your Ipad and Iphone. Hard to even fathom 20 years ago. 3D TV anyone? Do I even need to mention that the US has the most productive and efficient workforce the world has ever known? Perhaps the President has slept through this most innovative time in history. I can not think of any reason for his lapse in observance of such ingenuity.

He also mentioned new airports in China and Singapore. If he bothered to check he might have noticed that these two nations have a total of approximately 500 airports between them. We have 5000.

He stated that our laziness is the reason foreign firms do not come here to open operations. I submit Mr. President it is your policies and attempted takeover of industry as well as crony capitalism as never seen before.

As I stated sir, please look in the mirror and free us up to do what history proves we do best. The caveat being when given the opportunity. Stop blocking progress. Let Boeing open their plant. Let Keystone create the 100,000’s of jobs and help our oil situation. The solutions are visible to anyone willing to remove the ideological blinders. Good day and respects sir.

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Who Really Caused The Mortgage Mess? Mayor Bloomberg Knows. So Do I.

Well an interesting turn of events has occurred. New York Mayor Bloomberg has spoken the truth as to the cause of the mortgage market meltdown and is now being rebuffed by many a former sycophant and pundit who offered him more than support in the form of political cover. As this truth telling impacted the legitimacy of the “Occupy Group” well it became time to trash Mr. Mayor.

My take on the Mayor is he is a wealthy opportunist but nobody’s fool. Maybe opportunist is not a fair assessment but let us have a look. A lifelong Democrat who opted to switch party affiliation in order to run for Mayor. I guess his $20 odd billion was beginning to bore the man and he needed more attention or just wanted to push New Yorkers around. (Especially you dastardly smokers) After two terms had expired he bribed, err excuse me he got an exemption to run for a third term. The man built a fine business but I leave it to your respective judgment to determine his motives.

So what did Mr. Mayor say? Well apparently he is at his wits end over these boy/girl scouts camping out in a N.Y. park hurting commerce and exhausting police resources among other offenses. They do play a mean bongo when not toking a bong however. In other words a mess. So the Mayor pointed out that it was not Wall street who created the mortgage mess which created the balance of the meltdown. As an industry veteran of 29 years I concur wholeheartedly with the mayor.

The reality is it all started at FNMA and FREDDIE in the latter 90’s and was dictated by political leaders such as President Clinton and Barney Frank. They were just buying votes with someone else’s easy money and perhaps good intentions. They altered the lending policies which had served us well to that point. This is in fact the genesis. Pressure was routinely applied to make these substandard loans. Kind of like what the S&L’s did in the 80’s. Same result. Of course once Wall Street realized there was fee income to be made, they joined the party and the old Guru of Guru’s, Dr. Greenspan encouraged the music to play on to keep the game going so as to not implode on his watch. I heard him advise many a lender to get more creative in its loan programs. With my own ears!

So the Mayor had the temerity to disclose this and suggest the protesters head to Washington and sleep, I mean protest there. That makes sense to me. That is where the blame lies. Make no mistake and if you choose not to believe as your ideology will not allow it, then it is just being dishonest intellectually.

So now the usual right wing bashers are on the attack of a left winger. You either drink their kool aid or you suffer their wrath. Disgusting. What happened to tolerance on the left. From my perspective they have zero tolerance for an apostate. Veer 1% away from orthodoxy and you are of no use to them. How quaint.

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