“Americans Have Gotten A Little Lazy The Past Two Decades”

So stated President Obama this past weekend. Is he right? Let us compare and contrast, and you be the judge. I find the statement rather annoying and schoolmarmish myself. I also expect more from our leader than a scolding such as this. Truth be told, very embarrassing. We are not your children and need not be treated as such.

Compare this statement with his recent remark of the US lacking ambition and imagination. How absurd. How deluded. Better still, how pathetic. I am beginning to feel sorry for our leader at this point as he does not demonstrate leadership nor appear to know how.

Recall the eternal optimism of President Reagan. “Shining city on a hill”. “Strong entrepreneurial spirit and optimistic people”. There was a leader.

Is it just possible that the Obama policies are so destructive no matter how well intentioned and that as a result we are in a stagnant phase. And he has the temerity to blame the good citizens of this country. It is time Mr. President I submit to look in mirror. You might just find the answers you seek.

Consider the past two decades he claims we have become lazy. True our quasi socialistic country has fallen into the trap that has infected our brethren in Europe. It is a natural bi product of the socialist system as it infects the body politic with goodies not earned yet always expected. But this is a small portion of our economy.

Let us see that we have created the most powerful military and weaponry the world has known. Impressive to say the least. How about the internet or your Ipad and Iphone. Hard to even fathom 20 years ago. 3D TV anyone? Do I even need to mention that the US has the most productive and efficient workforce the world has ever known? Perhaps the President has slept through this most innovative time in history. I can not think of any reason for his lapse in observance of such ingenuity.

He also mentioned new airports in China and Singapore. If he bothered to check he might have noticed that these two nations have a total of approximately 500 airports between them. We have 5000.

He stated that our laziness is the reason foreign firms do not come here to open operations. I submit Mr. President it is your policies and attempted takeover of industry as well as crony capitalism as never seen before.

As I stated sir, please look in the mirror and free us up to do what history proves we do best. The caveat being when given the opportunity. Stop blocking progress. Let Boeing open their plant. Let Keystone create the 100,000’s of jobs and help our oil situation. The solutions are visible to anyone willing to remove the ideological blinders. Good day and respects sir.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/americans-have-gotten-a-little-lazy/’>Americans Have Gotten a Little Lazy the Past Two Decades</a> on Technorati.

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