$15 Trillion Down. And Congress Dithers. DC We Have A Problem..

Well once again and just four months after the last ugly battle to raise the debt ceiling, it would appear the children in Congress are having trouble dividing up their marbles. I can’t speak for anyone else but if I were so empowered, I would send them all home and for good. What an utter disgrace and embarrassment to a once proud country. Presumably they are our leaders. And yet again not a one of them has the courage to have done so.

So where do we go from here? First off the mission was to remove an albeit measly $1.2 TRILLION from the next 10 years of budgets. Remember that if spending where to remain static over this time frame,(an impossibility with Congress) the sum total of government spending would be $40 TRILLION. So they are tasked with cutting less than 1% of spending. Are they kidding us? 1%? In my sleep I can do this. No I submit this is pathetic and shameful as well. Who are these weasels, er people. Both sides are now viewed as repugnant by all but the most entrenched lobby and die hard ideologues.

I for one would like a chat with any of these “distinguished members”. Perhaps it would not be viewed as a chat. Excuse my crassness but I consider them all to be nothing more than just plain “members”. Again apologies for that one but I have no choice. The country and world hang in the balance and this is what passes for leadership by the lone Superpower? Again forgive me but I would trust not a one of these 535 distinguished and arrogant fools with shining my shoes. I would fear they would be stolen.

You no doubt sense my disgust yet I hope you all take these words in the spirit our founders might have delivered them. The pols have fractured us in to tiny groups of special interests and promising goodies that we can’t afford, yet charge it to the next generation. Yes George Washington would be displeased to say the least. The bulk of this nation is now the recipient of some goodies issued by our benevolent leaders,yet paid by someone else. Who wins? The insider trading proof congressperson.

Your congress and administration are looting the treasury, meaning us taxpayers and getting stinking rich as a result and at our expense. They then deflect the blame to the other party. I for one have had it with these carnival barkers with tailor made suits and blow dried hair. Don’t buy a word from any of these reptilian types. Stand up to them all and demand what we deserve. True leadership. Not blatant cowardice. Not immoral snake oil sellers. Demand better and don’t buy the hype. From either side. They truly do not care about your plight. Have we not learned this yet. Maybe we do deserve these frauds. After all we keep voting them in.

Stay alert, voice your concerns and please enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday for despite what I have mentioned, this is truly a blessed nation.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/15-trillion-down-and-congress-dithers/’>$15 Trillion Down. And Congress Dithers. DC We Have A Problem..</a> on Technorati.


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