2000 Years Of Stagnation. 200 Years Of Innovation. Why?

Jesus first walked this planet some 2000 years ago in sandals. The next 1900 years saw only modest improvements in life and innovation. What happened or to what can we attribute the amazing innovation across the spectrum in just the most recent 200 year period? Think about it. It is nothing short of amazing.

One has to wonder how we have become so successful. Liberal vs. Conservative. Left vs. right. Socialist vs. Capitalist. Democrat vs. Republican. It seems we are in a constant argument amongst ourselves and yet we still achieve. Which side is right? Who is to say? One can look to history as a guide but yet many do not learn from history. Barney Frank has had enough as he announced his exit. Have we not all had enough yet? Some cry for wealth distribution and others say get out of my way. I side with the latter as it seems self evident that freedom is the major component in man made achievement. This is how we thrive. Let us have a look while we remember the builders of the Parthenon and their greatness as opposed to where their descendants stand today.


True our ancestors built and created some of the most phenomenal structures (ie.Parthenon, Pyramids etc..) and made some truly awesome discoveries in science and medicine. Yet throughout two millenia, advancements where few and far between. Witness the quality of life over these many years and you can see a noticeable change occurred within the last 200 years. Dare I offer a supposition that with the creation of the United States of America and its accompanying freedoms, people free to pursue their respective dreams and no sovereign or dictator controlling the means of production, that this could have led to the door opening? The pursuit of happiness? The ability to create wealth while helping mankind? I believe it to be so.

In fact even today you will find many parts of the world that if you will, still live in the dark ages. Yet in my lifetime alone I see approximately 70% of the products and services available to me did not exist when I was born let alone my ancestors. Please excuse me as I try to take it all in. AMAZING!

We are indeed blessed are we not? Yes we have our issues but I am looking at the macro picture and it is impressive. I see also the many dislocations within the realm of innovation. No need for a buggy whip anymore. Of course he who sold the whips was obviously annoyed and harmed by the advent of the automobile. But countless millions have blossomed from same. It is/was as economic Prof. Schumpeter termed it “creative destruction”. It is good and it is bad depending on your position.

It is not a coincidence that our population has risen some 10-fold in the last century. People vote with their livelihood and their wallets. They team to our shores every year in order to find a better life. Where would you choose to live?

That fact that most of the planet operates within a Socialistic system and fleeing from such countries makes much sense. These nations fall under the weight of this system. The burden on the producers becomes to great. People must be free to choose their own path. Yes there are winners and losers in a capitalist system. But it is not a static model. Today’s loser is tomorrows winner and vice versa. We are inherently a fair nation as I will continue to submit.

We need to stop the divisive behavior amongst our people to capture the gains for all. It is not a zero sum game and a dose of true education as opposed too the constant demagoguery we hear daily is the surest path. An open mind can do no harm. Let the healing begin and decide for yourselves. Intellectual honesty is a must. Please ignore the charlatans as they will continue to imperil us. We don’t need them.

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