Mall Shoppers Or Mob Shoppers?

Not wanting to sound like a Grinch and I don’t believe I will however I can’t shake this feeling as I witness “black friday” shoppers and those out in force upon the release of a “must have” new release item, I am sickened by what I am seeing. I assume many of you are as well and certainly for the offenders you are not setting a very good example for the younger generations. Shame on you. Remember the wise sage said “It takes a village”.

Pepper spraying other shoppers to insure you save that last 5 cents as was widely reported of the young lady at a Walmart. I make sure my kids are watching when I do this. I mean seriously was she fighting for the last liver to insure her transplant? How about the mobs bursting through the front doors at 2 am for the $299 TV which ends up costing $249 the following week?

And most recently the reincarnation of the Air Jordan. Wow has this one caused some problems. Really friends it is a shoe. Aside from the police forces needed in several malls to quell the melee’s which ensued, and the inconvenience to the other shoppers I have to ask why? Mall riots? Pepper spray? Please people grow up. I just phoned a local shoe facility and they say come on by and we will size you up.

Worse still was just reported as a man wearing these same shoes was robbed and beaten for same and his girl had her face sliced with a knife from ear to chin. For shoes. I am not lying. My apologies as they must have deserved this punishment. Why I don’t know but I am sure they did. Must have been the high end version coveted by the robbers. How obscene.

Last I checked Christmas was supposed to be the “Season of giving”. It seems to have descended to the “Season of greed and mob violence” And for what? Some consumer goods which will be out of fashion by the spring? It is all too much for me to swallow and I find the whole sordid holiday season becoming more repugnant from one year to the next. No I view it as just plain stupid truth be told. And you call yourselves adults.

On that note I wish you all A Happy New Year and a healthy dose of civility and perhaps maturity and some common sense. We are really all connected. Let us act as such.

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Imago Dei. “In The Image Of God.”

Merry Christmas to all. First off I am not here to preach to anyone but to offer opinion and perhaps give pause for some reflection. It is a political hot potato these recent years as to God and his place in our society. The ACLU as always is fast at work to protect us from viewing the notorious creche scene you might observe in the town square. God er excuse me ACLU protect me from such a vile scene. I may even choose to be a believer. Can’t have that can we. Next thing you know I might be “Tebowing” whatever that is. Lord knows it is in the news almost 24/7.

But seriously let us look at a few observable facts. Sir Isaac Newton arguably one of the smartest brains to walk the earth held the universe and its entities in such awe, that he declared it could not have been anything but a brilliant creator whose hand was at work here. I will defer to his intelligence for now. Charles Darwin wrote his treatise on evolution and many who knew him stated that Mr. Darwin himself did not believe his writings. That is debatable at this point as it can be deemed as hearsay.

The latin phrase captioned “In The Image Of God” was meant as a teacher for us all and to advise us that each and everyone of us is created in his image. Many believe this and many do not. For my part it is none of my business. But for the sake of argument let us say we treat all children and adults as the image of God in which they are created. You think that might work if applied by all? Imagine.

Yet I can’t but help in looking at some oh so convenient facts in the universe that simply defy logic and without question point me to my creator. I will mention a few that I hope impress you as they do me.

The earth is roughly 98 million miles from the sun. Move us 10,000 miles closer or further and we either freeze or melt. That is not even a rounding error for such a distance but the results yield catastrophe. Coincidence? Or a grand plan. Evolution? Big Bang? Not for me. Let us tilt the moon a fraction of a degree. Well let us not as all the earth would be an ocean and there would be no breathable air. Wow.

In the Christmas spirit I will offer up Pascals wager to you all. Pascal is also known as one of the smartest brains to have lived. His wager in effect and to paraphrase simply stated that living a decent spiritual life is a good thing. When you die you receive your reward assuming there is a God. If not, then what have you lost in leading a good and spiritual life. Nothing.

Of course none of us will know until we are finished. In the interim the choice is left to each of us. So we choose faith or not. No judgement is to be made either way. In either case I wish you all a Merry Christmas and fondest wishes to you and yours forever.

What We Call News? Is It Blurred By Opinion?

A funny thing happened today which confirms my suspicion that we as a nation have hit a brick wall. Ideologically speaking that is. A weekly reader of my column has grown frustrated with me and my musings. And as is the norm of the day, it is anger over a difference of opinion..

I have always attempted to be a self thinker and not the recipient of the kool aid dispensed by either side of the aisle or any pundit of which we likely have far too many. I know most of them mean well and are trying to get book deals and the like but this does not dismiss their thoughts. Many spew their respective party line which I find tedious and a waste of time. Many have great thoughts and insight. I must admit I have learned much and even had my opinions changed as a result. This is a good thing. Learning is a good thing. My views on abortion and capital punishment are opposite what they once were. No need to elaborate on the result.

Today’s occurrence was on balanced news stations. I was scolded and told that Fox News is biased. I was also told that MSNBC is fair and balanced. Now my intelligence has been attacked and I must reply.

First off many who makes these specious claims tend to confuse true reportage vs. opinion TV. But it does not seem to matter as I hear from both the left and the right. The blinders are on and I find most listen only to those with whom they tend to agree. If I only speak with those who tell me I am great and I continue to think I am great, then in the end I learn nothing of my deficiencies. Not a good path. I believe in hearing many sides to an argument and mulling the information as opposed to the more classic action of the day. Knee jerk reaction. Not a good thing.

And true lies abound on the airwaves but it is our responsibility to weed out the demagogues and the charlatans.I find this easy to do. A little study and an open mind go a long way.

It is also good to be skeptical. I am old enough to recall when a newsman made a claim, then most would take it to the bank. Dan Rather among others has certainly altered opinions on this and it cost him his job. Remember the Walter Duranty column on Russia. He was completely deceived by the Potemkin Village and wrote glowingly of it. Not a good thing as it was a fraud.

My point is we should listen to all and learn to discern from the frauds as opposed to those who have something to say. Remember hucksters abound on both sides. No one has a lock on the truth.

I mean come on now Ed Schultz is unbiased. His only guests think as he does. No debate just back slapping. Excuse me but I find his blow hard attempts at opining lame in the extreme and most predictable. I know what he will say before he says it. This is not good. I also know what Sean Hannity says before he says it.

My suggestion to all is the proverbial grain of salt saying. Take it for what it is worth and from all. Think for yourselves and try to avoid group think. Not a good thing.

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Poor Herman Cain And Family. Crushed By Gossip?

Whether or not you agree with Mr. Cain or even accept him as a serious candidate, I believe what was witnessed and played out before our eyes is simply despicable. No one should be treated in this fashion as the expense to us all is just too high. Let alone his poor family. Who wins by trashing a seemingly decent man and his family?

No one knows for certain if the allegations against him are true or have any merit excepting the accused and accusers. I personally have no idea what to believe but find it most unusual that heretofore not a word has been spoken on the accusations lo these many years. Suspicious no?

Is it possible that once the man received a touch of prominence and notoriety people emerged from the woodwork to gain their own version of a reality show? To seek their 15 minutes in the spotlight? After financial reward? As we have only he said she said at this untimely point I find the accusations highly suspicious. Why did they wait so long to come forward?

And on the more likely possibility they where coordinated by political forces wishing the man harm well this is beyond the pale. Is this what we have come to. I find the media handling of this situation equally frightening. They care not how many dead bodies they leave in their wake. They just love salacious accusations more than anything next to blood in the streets. They seem to report with glee mind you and nary a voice of objectivity. They presume the man guilty by accusation. Their investigation ends there and the laugh/joke fest is on. The pundits appear all high and mighty and verbally trash a fellow human. I find it both repugnant and unseemly in the extreme.

If these are legitimate accusations then allow the legal system to play out. That is what it is for. Mr. Cain and his family must deal with the repercussions and the accusers must receive their due. But we don’t know that any of this is true at this point.

I submit that this scene played out time and again is the prime reason we have leaders who for the most part are unworthy of the title. They just tend to have thicker skin and perhaps media members covering for them and not reporting similar pertinent information. These types choose ideology over fairness. Many a solid and potential candidate prefer to avoid this swamp which the ” inside the beltway crowd ” thrives on.

Fairness for one and fairness for all. Or so it should be. It is a shame as now we will never know if Mr. Cain would have been the next President Lincoln or the next President Obama.
Regardless of the outcome he has been found guilty. Being clobbered daily with these accusations right or wrong, will take anyone down. A sad occurrence to say the least. I have seen other pols get away with far worse. Media hypocrisy anyone?

The selection of Mr. Cain speaks volumes to me. Hopefully to you as well.

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