Poor Herman Cain And Family. Crushed By Gossip?

Whether or not you agree with Mr. Cain or even accept him as a serious candidate, I believe what was witnessed and played out before our eyes is simply despicable. No one should be treated in this fashion as the expense to us all is just too high. Let alone his poor family. Who wins by trashing a seemingly decent man and his family?

No one knows for certain if the allegations against him are true or have any merit excepting the accused and accusers. I personally have no idea what to believe but find it most unusual that heretofore not a word has been spoken on the accusations lo these many years. Suspicious no?

Is it possible that once the man received a touch of prominence and notoriety people emerged from the woodwork to gain their own version of a reality show? To seek their 15 minutes in the spotlight? After financial reward? As we have only he said she said at this untimely point I find the accusations highly suspicious. Why did they wait so long to come forward?

And on the more likely possibility they where coordinated by political forces wishing the man harm well this is beyond the pale. Is this what we have come to. I find the media handling of this situation equally frightening. They care not how many dead bodies they leave in their wake. They just love salacious accusations more than anything next to blood in the streets. They seem to report with glee mind you and nary a voice of objectivity. They presume the man guilty by accusation. Their investigation ends there and the laugh/joke fest is on. The pundits appear all high and mighty and verbally trash a fellow human. I find it both repugnant and unseemly in the extreme.

If these are legitimate accusations then allow the legal system to play out. That is what it is for. Mr. Cain and his family must deal with the repercussions and the accusers must receive their due. But we don’t know that any of this is true at this point.

I submit that this scene played out time and again is the prime reason we have leaders who for the most part are unworthy of the title. They just tend to have thicker skin and perhaps media members covering for them and not reporting similar pertinent information. These types choose ideology over fairness. Many a solid and potential candidate prefer to avoid this swamp which the ” inside the beltway crowd ” thrives on.

Fairness for one and fairness for all. Or so it should be. It is a shame as now we will never know if Mr. Cain would have been the next President Lincoln or the next President Obama.
Regardless of the outcome he has been found guilty. Being clobbered daily with these accusations right or wrong, will take anyone down. A sad occurrence to say the least. I have seen other pols get away with far worse. Media hypocrisy anyone?

The selection of Mr. Cain speaks volumes to me. Hopefully to you as well.

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6 responses to “Poor Herman Cain And Family. Crushed By Gossip?

  1. I’m tired of your one-sided, right-wing, tea party commentation. Herman Cain running for President is a joke! It’s not a shame we didn’t find out what type of President he would have been, he would never have become President of the United States. His sexual harrassment case was filed at the time it happened, she did not wait. He was president of the restaurant association, they covered up for him. He’s a big 9-9-9 ridiculous joke as most of these candidates are. One down, few more to go but not a problem as they are all digging their own graves.

  2. I am sorry but you missed the point I was trying to make. I was discussing the treatment he received by the media vs that of others such as Pres. Clinton and many more. Remember the male whorehouse in Congressman Franks apartment. Most likely not as it was covered up. Things like that are not reported fairly.. Just trying to be fair and non partisan as obviously you are not based on your words. I have indicated several times that they all SUCK. Top to bottom, both stupid parties. I support none.

  3. I agree both parties are corrupt, but let’s face it one moreso then the other. Even right-wing Bill O’Reilly said last night Cain was never going to be President, he was basically promoting his book, and now he’s earned a name for himself (unbelievable that people actually wanted him as President) so now he can make more money lecturing, writing books, etc. The right wing media is unfair to President Obama, I can’t believe how stupid FOX news people are and the way they talk about the President. Also unbelievable Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, Hannity, etc. FOX advertises fair and balanced, BALONEY! My mind cannot wrap around the Republican Congress and their pledge to Norquist, what the heck is that? How can they pledge to him never to raise taxes? Should be illegal. The thing is the so-called “one percent” have come out and said they are not against higher taxes. The “job creators” have also come out and said higher taxes does not affect job creation, and no matter what you say it will help the deficit quite a bit. I swear these crazy Tea Party people are taking us back in time to the have’s and have not’s, back to the pre-civil war days of slavery mentality. Most of them don’t have much education or experience in politics, they’re new to there newfound fame and fortune.

  4. And therein lies the problem. Both sides corrupt. Why do we even bother with any of them? All candidates on all sides are merely hucksters. One is not better than the other. Decent honorable people want nothing to do with the swamp. And if you think Fox is one sided, have you ever watched MSNBC? Nary a dissenting voice or opinion. All robotically programmed to spew their venom against the other side. At least Fox has both sides voicing opinions. Always. But it really does not matter as no one will bother to listen to a competing voice. Hard to learn when wearing blinders.I won’t get into the tax issue as it has been mentioned before,. The 1% does not have the kind of money that govvie spends. It is too futile to even discuss. Take all of their money which they have earned and it will last about five months. We need to starve the beast and allow the people to do their will. Not any bureaucrat. we just don’t have the money. Like Greece. And lastly I would never presume to condescend to any one. How do you know TEA people are uneducated? Ever talk to one? We will always have have have nots. We are all created with different gifts. I wish mine was more enriching but I am real enough to know it can’t be legislated thusly. For me to take from the sweat of others is immoral and I would not expect it. This is why the nation is bankrupt. Take from the one and dispense to the other for political gain? It sickens me. Simply put it is extortion with a heavy hand. God knows I need assistance but the responsibility rests on me. Not any President or Congressman. I have seen no one recommend going to pre slavery era mentality. I see people wanting to be left alone. A good thing if you ask me. Best always.

  5. MSNBC is the best..Dylan Ratigan, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Rev. Sharpton….love them all, fair, balanced, want the best for this country! I can’t wrap around my head your way of thinking, I just don’t get it.
    As far as the Tea Party goes, yeah, I hear the idiots speak on FOX everyday.
    I will no longer respond to your opinions, they upset me too much.

  6. You can’t be serious with that list from MSNBC. The term for them all is “kooks” and that is being kind. Their intellectually vapid minds and predisposed opinions are right out of Karl Marx. Not to mention how vicious they are. Truth be told they are phony hacks for a party who cares only for their power. To be less kind they are all nuts. Fair, balanced? Surely you jest. They never have a dissenting voice on air. Only sycophants of the same mindset. That is not fair. That is not balance. As to my way of thinking it is similar to the Spartans. Free people living free and uninterrupted lives. That is what I think. In all honesty I listen but do not accept 99% of what any commentator states. From either side. I make up my own mind. To the TEA people, just because you disagree with them it does not make them idiots. I also think in this country we can chat without getting upset and putting on blinders to any different view. After all that is what makes for a great society. If you turn me off and listen only to like minded talkers, then what is the point? I will listen to all and make my judgement. In closing those you mentioned may want the best for the country but so do the other side. It is how to get there where the dispute comes in. They advocate socialism. History shows that every socialist country has gone defunct and broke. It sounds good but does not work. Anyway you will be missed. Merry Christmas and best always..

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