What We Call News? Is It Blurred By Opinion?

A funny thing happened today which confirms my suspicion that we as a nation have hit a brick wall. Ideologically speaking that is. A weekly reader of my column has grown frustrated with me and my musings. And as is the norm of the day, it is anger over a difference of opinion..

I have always attempted to be a self thinker and not the recipient of the kool aid dispensed by either side of the aisle or any pundit of which we likely have far too many. I know most of them mean well and are trying to get book deals and the like but this does not dismiss their thoughts. Many spew their respective party line which I find tedious and a waste of time. Many have great thoughts and insight. I must admit I have learned much and even had my opinions changed as a result. This is a good thing. Learning is a good thing. My views on abortion and capital punishment are opposite what they once were. No need to elaborate on the result.

Today’s occurrence was on balanced news stations. I was scolded and told that Fox News is biased. I was also told that MSNBC is fair and balanced. Now my intelligence has been attacked and I must reply.

First off many who makes these specious claims tend to confuse true reportage vs. opinion TV. But it does not seem to matter as I hear from both the left and the right. The blinders are on and I find most listen only to those with whom they tend to agree. If I only speak with those who tell me I am great and I continue to think I am great, then in the end I learn nothing of my deficiencies. Not a good path. I believe in hearing many sides to an argument and mulling the information as opposed to the more classic action of the day. Knee jerk reaction. Not a good thing.

And true lies abound on the airwaves but it is our responsibility to weed out the demagogues and the charlatans.I find this easy to do. A little study and an open mind go a long way.

It is also good to be skeptical. I am old enough to recall when a newsman made a claim, then most would take it to the bank. Dan Rather among others has certainly altered opinions on this and it cost him his job. Remember the Walter Duranty column on Russia. He was completely deceived by the Potemkin Village and wrote glowingly of it. Not a good thing as it was a fraud.

My point is we should listen to all and learn to discern from the frauds as opposed to those who have something to say. Remember hucksters abound on both sides. No one has a lock on the truth.

I mean come on now Ed Schultz is unbiased. His only guests think as he does. No debate just back slapping. Excuse me but I find his blow hard attempts at opining lame in the extreme and most predictable. I know what he will say before he says it. This is not good. I also know what Sean Hannity says before he says it.

My suggestion to all is the proverbial grain of salt saying. Take it for what it is worth and from all. Think for yourselves and try to avoid group think. Not a good thing.

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2 responses to “What We Call News? Is It Blurred By Opinion?

  1. First of all, I am not part of the 80 pecent population with sheep herd mentality. I read, listen, and investigate all sides and points of view and form my own opinions and make my own decisions. I resent you saying otherwise. In fact, I think you were describing yourself, certainly not me. Ed Schultz has invited many GOP’ers on his show to debate but they are all too chicken to take him up on his offer knowing he will bury them alive. You can’t honestly believe your comments are unbiased, they are very biased and one sided and so is FOX news. Since you’re so open-minded you should watch Lawrence O’Donnell, he’s very intelligent, fair, and having spent many years in the White House, very experienced. Who knows you might learn something or maybe open your mind a bit more. That’s it for me, I’m done.

  2. Your resentment is unfounded as I have made no implications towards you or anyone personally. ( excepting TV pundits of course ) As to the crowd you mentioned I do watch them. It is just that I find them on a one way street and full of venom, not tolerance as they preach. It is not the civil discourse we need. And the same goes for the other side naturally. But thank you for helping me prove the point in which I set out to make. Two people watch the same show and come away with diametrically opposed views. We are all different and that is what is good about us. This is what I am after. Thanks again.

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