Imago Dei. “In The Image Of God.”

Merry Christmas to all. First off I am not here to preach to anyone but to offer opinion and perhaps give pause for some reflection. It is a political hot potato these recent years as to God and his place in our society. The ACLU as always is fast at work to protect us from viewing the notorious creche scene you might observe in the town square. God er excuse me ACLU protect me from such a vile scene. I may even choose to be a believer. Can’t have that can we. Next thing you know I might be “Tebowing” whatever that is. Lord knows it is in the news almost 24/7.

But seriously let us look at a few observable facts. Sir Isaac Newton arguably one of the smartest brains to walk the earth held the universe and its entities in such awe, that he declared it could not have been anything but a brilliant creator whose hand was at work here. I will defer to his intelligence for now. Charles Darwin wrote his treatise on evolution and many who knew him stated that Mr. Darwin himself did not believe his writings. That is debatable at this point as it can be deemed as hearsay.

The latin phrase captioned “In The Image Of God” was meant as a teacher for us all and to advise us that each and everyone of us is created in his image. Many believe this and many do not. For my part it is none of my business. But for the sake of argument let us say we treat all children and adults as the image of God in which they are created. You think that might work if applied by all? Imagine.

Yet I can’t but help in looking at some oh so convenient facts in the universe that simply defy logic and without question point me to my creator. I will mention a few that I hope impress you as they do me.

The earth is roughly 98 million miles from the sun. Move us 10,000 miles closer or further and we either freeze or melt. That is not even a rounding error for such a distance but the results yield catastrophe. Coincidence? Or a grand plan. Evolution? Big Bang? Not for me. Let us tilt the moon a fraction of a degree. Well let us not as all the earth would be an ocean and there would be no breathable air. Wow.

In the Christmas spirit I will offer up Pascals wager to you all. Pascal is also known as one of the smartest brains to have lived. His wager in effect and to paraphrase simply stated that living a decent spiritual life is a good thing. When you die you receive your reward assuming there is a God. If not, then what have you lost in leading a good and spiritual life. Nothing.

Of course none of us will know until we are finished. In the interim the choice is left to each of us. So we choose faith or not. No judgement is to be made either way. In either case I wish you all a Merry Christmas and fondest wishes to you and yours forever.


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