Mall Shoppers Or Mob Shoppers?

Not wanting to sound like a Grinch and I don’t believe I will however I can’t shake this feeling as I witness “black friday” shoppers and those out in force upon the release of a “must have” new release item, I am sickened by what I am seeing. I assume many of you are as well and certainly for the offenders you are not setting a very good example for the younger generations. Shame on you. Remember the wise sage said “It takes a village”.

Pepper spraying other shoppers to insure you save that last 5 cents as was widely reported of the young lady at a Walmart. I make sure my kids are watching when I do this. I mean seriously was she fighting for the last liver to insure her transplant? How about the mobs bursting through the front doors at 2 am for the $299 TV which ends up costing $249 the following week?

And most recently the reincarnation of the Air Jordan. Wow has this one caused some problems. Really friends it is a shoe. Aside from the police forces needed in several malls to quell the melee’s which ensued, and the inconvenience to the other shoppers I have to ask why? Mall riots? Pepper spray? Please people grow up. I just phoned a local shoe facility and they say come on by and we will size you up.

Worse still was just reported as a man wearing these same shoes was robbed and beaten for same and his girl had her face sliced with a knife from ear to chin. For shoes. I am not lying. My apologies as they must have deserved this punishment. Why I don’t know but I am sure they did. Must have been the high end version coveted by the robbers. How obscene.

Last I checked Christmas was supposed to be the “Season of giving”. It seems to have descended to the “Season of greed and mob violence” And for what? Some consumer goods which will be out of fashion by the spring? It is all too much for me to swallow and I find the whole sordid holiday season becoming more repugnant from one year to the next. No I view it as just plain stupid truth be told. And you call yourselves adults.

On that note I wish you all A Happy New Year and a healthy dose of civility and perhaps maturity and some common sense. We are really all connected. Let us act as such.

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