The United States Of Gambling? How Pathetic.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy gaming as much as the next person. In fact to my ultimate dismay I enjoy it far more after several martini’s. Working with numbers all my life requires me to libate prior to gaming otherwise I would feel stupid wagering against such strong odds. Yet I distinctly hear Pavlov ringing that damned bell after the announcement just released by the Department of Justice at the behest of the Obama administration.

In effect they are giving a green light to the states to institute online gaming from selling lotto tickets to poker and including sports betting. Why would they risk turning us into gaming junkies which is all to easy to do? Tax revenue. But you all knew this no doubt.

As I said it is loads of fun and I enjoy it personally and would make no moral judgement towards any adult choosing how to utilize their disposable income. As the old saying goes the monuments built in Las Vegas did not occur as a result of all of us winning so often. No I believe they rely on juicing us up and letting nature takes its course and off goes the college fund. I have been there many a long night. At least I had much fun albeit expensive fun. Maybe I am just a weak gambler. More realistically maybe the house odds are so favorable that I might be a good gambler and it really does not matter in the end.

My point is that I find this all parasitical in the extreme. Why do our leaders always begin with the premise of raising revenue. Between all levels of government they now suck and spend close to $6 trillion annually. I find it beyond mind boggling and without question immoral as they borrow almost half of this amount each year for our progeny to worry about when we are long gone. Pathetic leadership in the extreme is a compliment to these fools.

But knowing the self serving narcissists we elect and how they are simply there to enrich themselves and yet they may speak a moderate game of “caring, compassion” or whatever emotes you,I do not believe a word from any of them from either party and likely never will. Try it some time. I have to admit it gives you a sense of clarity on political issues.

So like a dealer hooking a potential new junkie, our leaders will attempt the same and all for more money to spend so as to buy more votes so as to keep getting reelected so as to keep enriching themselves and their massive yet undeserved egos. Truly pathetic leadership. Imagine what Ben Franklin would think? I believe I am being kind opposed to what language he might have chosen.

In the end we can only hope that this ill thought out scheme fails. We need not see our fellow citizens fall prey to these hucksters. I would rather see them game at a local casino. They tax you enough already. Starve the beast from this easy source of revenue. Tell them to trim the obscenely massive spending currently in effect. Just as a reminder on a federal level George Bush the elder signed the first trillion dollar budget. That was 20 years ago. We are now at four times that level. Indeed insane and problematic. Maybe the geniuses in Justice can win it at the online crap table. Seven come eleven General Holder.

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