Tim Tebow. Divine intervention? Do You Believe?

As a former college football player I have to admit this game between the Broncos and Steelers was quite the finishing act. As an observer to what this poor young quarterback, Mr. Tim Tebow has suffered at the expense of his beliefs by the media, I can only say I could not have been happier for him. As a true believer and with the final stats forthcoming I can only say WOW! I won’t get into the issue of him almost missing birth today. Again WOW!

First I will take you to the BCS Championship game in 2009 when Tim prominently displayed on his eye black the passage John 3:16. To the uninitiated the passage is as follows, “For God so loved the world he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Now to the stats.

Mr. Tebow finished the game with exactly 316 passing yards.(3:16)
He completed 10 passes for an average of 31.6 cards per pass. (3:16) If that is not eerie enough for a believer let alone a non believer, the TV ratings in the final quarter of Sundays game came in at 31.6. (3:16) WOW does not suffice.

Divine intervention? I know, I know, God has better things to do than worry about a football game but I see this as less than a coincidence. Tebow has been savaged by the media. It is no secret that the mainstream press hold the religious in contempt and with a healthy dose of disdain. Just watch MSNBC sometime. They make no bones about their feelings in these matters. Again I could not be happier for this young man even though I have never been a Bronco fan. In fact I would like to see him lead this admittedly underdog squad to Super Bowl victory. Now that would be a miracle.

Aside from sports aspect and looking through my political lens, I can’t help but feel ecstatic at the thought of what the ACLU must have felt after this victory. And of course I got a thrill up my leg just thinking how devastated Chris Mathews must have felt. Kind of like the one he gets when President Obama pipes up. Excuse me for mixing religion and politics, but I am not establishing a state run religion here. I am actually having loads of fun. You might also say it is not very Christian like but I am not perfect.

Just think how Olbermann must feel. I laugh as I type. Seriously it is something for us all to contemplate. Truly astonishing statistically and perhaps a message to us. As with numerous parts of creation, we are left in wonder. 3:16.

Now if the Broncos can just beat the Patriots 16-3.

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6 responses to “Tim Tebow. Divine intervention? Do You Believe?

  1. Happy New Year, Nithi!! Wow, pretty neat stats. Divine intervention? Very possible. It is surely more than football. Because the gutsy Tebow has the moxie to proclaim the name of Christ on such a grand stage, reaching millions, the Lord is surely fully involved. Knowing Him, in more ways than we could even hope to comprehend. Doesn’t matter, it’s His business.

    From the way Tebow handled the reprehensible Bill Maher comment, with restraint of tongue and pen, Tim Tebow knows where his rewards rest. I believe he is the real deal.

    As far as Olberman, Mathews, Maher and the media in general are concerned, it is quite unfortunate they have been deceived by a powerful enemy. As much as I detest their haughty false pride, I have to remind myself that the battle is waged in the spiritual realm. Those who chastise Tebow are weak, used and merely pawns. They are simply flesh and blood manipulated by a powerful force of which they are not even aware. They are clueless to the spiritual warfare taking place and their blind involvement.

    Most importantly to realize is that no one has or will ever suffer like Jesus did. Scripture states that Jesus was clear on the fact that His followers are to expect ridicule, insult and the like just by the fact that He endured the same and much more. If the Master is subject to such anguish, why would His servants be exempt from even a lesser form of suffering?

    In the end, after He was spat upon, beaten with whips with glass attached to the ends to rip out His flesh, ridiculed and then hung on the cross for six hours to die a horrid death, At any time He could have commanded His angels to descend and annihilate, but He did not. Instead, He asked the Father to forgive those involved.

    Therefore, as difficult as it may be, those in the media are in dire need of prayer. When I view those aforementioned as people who are lost, weak, powerless and used, their insults no longer carry a sting. In fact, quite the opposite. What is God’s will? I must pray for them as Jesus prayed for His oppressors. When I do, I feel their powerlessness and my own peace of mind.

    Tim (Not Tebow)

    • And to you and your family I send the best for the New Year. As usual your pen has inked words of wisdom beyond your years. You are well versed in the good book. Yes it is the eternal battle and as you have always maintained, ” we will have all the answers in 50 years”. Even those who no not or are being deceived. Tim is definitely a strong young man and courageous in the face of the enemies you ably named. That his response to these assaults is so dignified speaks volumes to his faith. Not sure I would handle the situation with equal grace though I should hope I would. Kudos squared old friend to both Tim’s..

      • Thanks, Leo. I appreciate your comments. You are exactly right. Tebow’s restraint in retaliating to the abuse is a testimony to everyone that he is on a much higher plane than his assailants. Now when he bows in prayer on the field, many more will believe he is legitimate and the assaults are unfounded. Once again, Satan’s ploys are squashed. God is in control. I like the 50 years. You remembered. I have a strong feeling it will be much sooner for all.

  2. Just think what you and I would do if someone told us our Mom’s wear army boots. Yes this boy has the proverbial patience of Job. He is getting creamed and I love how he is quietly winning without uttering a peep. Little noticed was after the game he took a little girl to dinner who has had some 70 surgeries for cancer. No strip club parties like you and I would attend as well as the rest of the NFL players. He is a warrior for the good guys indeed and the ACLU types can’t deal with it so as always they lay on the carpet bombing of lies. They can’t help it as we know they are deceived. And I will always remember your most profound words on the 50 years. Let us try and if we make it I will meet you in Vegas.

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