Keystone Pipeline R.I.P.? Not So Fast.

Last week President Obama rejected the authorization to proceed with the Keystone pipeline. Almost 2000 miles of it. With fuel costs at or approaching all time highs it begs the question. Why? The Pres said there is not enough time for consideration although in reality a fortune has been spent and it is years in the planning. Of course politics is at play here as it became part of the payroll tax cut extension, yet the deadline for him to decide is the end of February. Why rush a veto so quickly? Because he was never planning to approve this in the first place is my takeaway but I could be wrong.

Aside from Obama just saying no to jobs, he has backhanded his prime support group as the countless 1,000’s of jobs would be union and his key supporters. They are displeased to say the least. Pundits and economists abound with guesstimates on the job creation number but consider 2000 miles of piping, welders, fitters, truckers and endless ancillary support such as food and housing and I accept the figure in the 200,000 range.

More importantly from my perspective is the estimated 1 million plus barrels of oil per day flowing from a friendly neighbor to the U.S. At current prices we keep $100,000,000.00 per day on the continent and from going overseas to possible enemies and less than savory leaders/dictators. That would be a huge bonus. Of course if we were so inclined and had the political will, the US Geological survey that was most recently performed has demonstrated that our continent has more oil and gas then the rest of the world combined. Just think total energy independence in our hands. Yet Washington could care less. Pet projects, special interests always come first in that bubble. Again the people be damned. Do you like paying 4 bucks a gallon. If we had true leadership we would be paying about a half a buck. As Steven Tyler says “Dream On”.

So Canadian Prime Minister Harper responded with the words “profoundly disappointed in this decision”. No kidding. I am at the point of thinking Mr. Obama must think he is Don Quixote. Still chasing windmill power.

Who wins? Well unless a rerouted and more costly plan is accepted and likely post election time, Canada has indicated the oil will flow to Asia. How about the greens? They are dancing with trees as we speak. Anytime a human suffers they are overjoyed. How perverse, yet how true.

No it appears that most people are angry. This tells me it will be reversed at some point but it is simply a pity knowing how much oil we have and just sitting on it. With the technology utilized today potential damage is negligible. To not allow us to use our own resources is truly a dereliction. And costly and leaves us on our knees to foreign powers. Most undignified. The pipeline is just one symptom of the many that divide us by crafty politicians. Not the way a real leader or leaders would respond. I suggest we recruit some real leaders as opposed to this cadre of carnival barkers.

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2 responses to “Keystone Pipeline R.I.P.? Not So Fast.

  1. Taking the bottle away from a baby and teaching it to drink from a glass is a difficult and somewhat painful process. Somebody has to be the parent. At what point do we wean ourselves of an oil focused economy? I completely understand the jobs point, but isn’t this in some way more government subsidized jobs? We need to focus on solving our dependancy on oil. Period. The answer is multifaceted. Wind, solar, geothermal, efficient machines, lighting and appliances. Updated building codes that mandate energy savings would save the equivalent of what this pipeline would bring in. Eventually iron rusts and wears out. Real design solutions that reduce energy demand is the only viable solution. Very hard to do, but the mature thing to do.

  2. Nice to hear from you Bill. I suppose I view oil from a different perspective. We in fact have hundreds of years of supply available and for better or worse the whole world runs on it. All the alternatives you mention sound fine but I would speculate another century will pass before we are technologically capable of weaning off the oil. Windmills and solar etc just will not power an airplane or truck at this point and the last figure I saw was about 1% of energy use was alternative. We must also remember that to produce these alt fuels is quite fuel exhausting in itself so we really do not gain. As to building codes and such the reality is there is little but some to gain in that realm. That is just not where the power gets used in an abundant way such as with transportation which is the workhorse and biggest consumer by far, but every bit helps. Technology will heal this but we have a long way to go to make any alternative viable I contend. Technology and new composites can also help to extend the shelf life on the pipes as well. As a final point this was to be a non government funded project in its entirety so private investment is at work and normally gains a better return. Wishing you a great year.

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