$16,000,000,000,000 And Growing! Wake Up People!

Excuse my ignorance but I believe I have enough zeroes in the figure. At the rate this debt is growing I am likely wrong as it will change by the minute. All I can say is WAKE UP people! Turn off American Idiot and pay a moment of attention. Do you have any idea what the whores in Washington are doing if not to you then to your progeny?

The U.S. debt now stands at 100% of GDP. Economic historians tell us that when the figure approaches 130% of GDP, the nation in question will fall. Is this what we want? Who is minding the store? The House of Whores, er excuse me our elected representatives. As if they care. They have theirs. That is the root of the problem. The more they dispense to their special interests, the more they receive in contributions and perks and insider stock tips. Yes they are comfortable indeed. Are you? Will your children? 50k and counting per person. Let us look at a trend and you can decide if it is a good one.

The federal budget for the years:
1960- $97 billion
1970- $195 billion
1980- $590 billion
1990- $1.2 Trillion
2000- $1.8 Trillion
2008- $2.9 Trillion
2010- $3.5 Trillion
2012- $3.7 Trillion Notice any trends? It does not matter as it is indeed scary and economically unsustainable. Yet our “leaders” gloss over, nay dance around the topic every two years yet do nothing about it. Can you blame them. Just the mention of a measly 1% cut and the citizens are ready to rebel. Have we become a selfish nation? Sure looks that way to me at least for those at the government trough. Not intended to offend those but what else can I say. These figures are enough to wake one from a coma if not outright death. And this is just the annual spending side. Let us have a look at the total debt.

Total debt for the years:
2000- $5 Trillion
2008- $9.5 Trillion
2012- $16 Trillion
2016- $24 Trillion est.based on current spending levels. Remember Greece has brought the world to its knees and they have total debt of $385 billion. I am not here to alarm you but to offer insight into the path we are on yet I rarely hear word one on the topic in the media.

Yes I know about the calls for tax the rich and such but as mentioned before the “rich” have about $1.6 Trillion all told. Not a drop in this bucket. For the life of me I do not understand let alone comprehend what the President has to say on economics. No surprise as this is his first job as best I can tell. As to the Democrat leaders, I find them clueless on most topics. How about the Republican leaders? They might have a clue but are too stupid as to its implementation. They fear the bad press they might get. So a three legged chair about to fall. Doesn’t inspire confidence does it?

So what to do. Well as this might sound as I suffer from “Schadenfreude” I will put your mind at ease and answer with a severe not! The Euro/China problems unfolding will be a benefit to this nation. But we are not out of the woods. Recall an attempt by Congress last year to cut a paltry $1.4 trillion over ten years. It got nowhere. If we really care for this fine nation and its yet to be born children, we will yell to Washington loud and clear…ENOUGH!

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