“Power Tends To Corrupt, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

The Honorable Lord Acton was right. If only we had the likes of him in this day and age we would not be so depressed as we witness the almost daily debacle known as “Presidential Debates” Talk about a side show circus. As for me I can’t stomach more than a highlight or two. This is degradation at its worst.

Lord Acton also stated “it is much easier to govern one’s self than to govern others”. He obviously has never met 21st century politicians. Their egos run so deep and their condescension so severe that in their eyes we are viewed as mindless lemmings. Judging from the cheers roared over the inanities spouted from the mouths of these blow dried former cell phone salesman, I suppose I understand their narcissism to a small degree. What I hear makes me quiver and not in a good way.

Obama came in as a man of the people or so he claimed. Of course he now leads the life of a Saudi Shiek. No less a liberal than Al Hunt is reporting only today that the level of arrogance in this administration is unsurpassed in its scope. No kidding Al. Where you been the last four years? Oh that’s right you where providing cover with the rest of the media until you could no longer tolerate this level of hubris.

It is not only Obama I criticize here today. Have you seen the moronic debates by the Republicans? All candidates sound equally arrogant, silly, petty bordering on school grade behavior. I expect wise leadership not gutter sniping. I mean after all Iran and Israel are on the verge of nuclear war and we hear pablum about, oh who cares it is not important what any of them has said to date.

For perspective I must steal a quote from one of my famous ancestors. “Those who are too smart too engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber”. Plato. I might add and forced to listen to the endless babbling.

I might sound as if I am concerned for my country, but that would be far from the truth. Indeed I am so confident in the creativity and resourcefulness of us “average citizens” and our ability to overcome all obstacles, that regardless of what these no nothings who win the election lottery of life (sorry Dick Gephardt) impose on us we will thrive as we figure our way around their respective lunacy and prosper as abundantly as the good lord intended. So pay no attention to those people behind the curtain. They mean nothing to you anymore. Send them all back to Oz as that is where they belong.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/power-tends-to-corrupt-and-absolute/’>”Power Tends To Corrupt, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”</a> on Technorati.


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