How Is That Green Energy Savings At the Pump Treating You?

Are those countless billions our President is spending on “Green Energy” saving you any money or power yet? Now forgive me at the start if it seems I mock the so called intelligentsia. After all based on their track record, I find them downright stubborn and silly to be kind. Mostly stubborn as they are trying to wish a policy to fruition. Doesn’t work friends or else I would be a 1 percenter.

I suppose you have noticed by now if you had your weekly refill at the local station. It was surely a shock to me. As ABC News reported today ” We are headed for record gas prices in 2012″. CNN also added that we are back to people stealing gas right out of your tank. An occurrence I had not heard of since the 70’s. And in case you hadn’t noticed on Wall Street today several of the upper end eateries were clocked as recent polls released showed people would opt for less expensive dining to offset higher fuel costs. As always the poor will be hardest hit and I have no idea what the Department of Energy is doing.
I will grant alternative forms of energy are an admirable goal. I just think we are on the wrong track and have been since President Jimmy Carter jumped on the solar bandwagon in the late 70’s. For the life of me I still do not understand how a windmill or solar panel will fill my gas tank. Perhaps 100 years from now the technology will make this a reality. For now we are throwing money away via subsidy to connected firms which are or will ultimately go the way of the dodo.

If we had any brains or wise people in D.C., we would have asked those poor people in Spain. After all they started some 15 years ago and have spent some $50 billion dollars to ” go green”. The results: they are right behind Greece in the handout line having spent this fortune and implemented silly regulations which ultimately drove out some 50,000 businesses to safer confines. Duh I could have told Spain that with one phone call.

Basic economics dictates you can’t force something down our collective throat. If there is a market then the people will flock. It is that simple. As for my opinion I say open the USA to
oil exploration as we know we sit on more oil than anyplace on the planet. At least 100 years worth according to the US Govt. Why not use it? Oh that is right, we do not want to offend a few bugs or bug lovers. That is not a true argument as with the technology we have today the process is cleaner than me pumping gas.

I recall the year 2008 and the media was in a frenzy over gas prices. Day and night we heard that Halliburton owned Bush. Yet Bush left office and the National average for gas was $1.81 per. We will be above $4.00 per by next week and I have heard nary a peep. Well actually Jay Carney who is the paid spinner for the President stated just today that there is “no magic solution” to gas prices. The man can’t be serious. But of course he wrote for Time magazine which tells me he knows little of economics. But he sure is for green subsidies. I guess that is what you learn in journalism school. Not reporting news, but policy agendas to get you a premium job as a paid hack.

But why the howls against Bush and his oil buddies and not mouses whisper over the current price of oil under Obama. I know conclusively they are his big offensive line. They will block for him and screw the poor who are hit hardest by $4 a gallon fuel. As long as the Hollywood set is happy, so is the President.

But finally the voices are being heard as the citizenry is more engaged and yes more angry. It hurts in the pocketbook. The media has no choice but to respond and as is their pattern they are using shall I say excuses such as the exogenous events in Iran as to deflect blame from their preferred leaders. If only they offered the same considerations to Mr. Bush as opposed to outright accusations of collusion. These lame attempts will not stand the light of day and the pain is yet to be felt as we approach the heavy driving season of Memorial Day.

I for one can’t tolerate the hypocrisy and the low level of reportage I am witnessing. Green is a failure and stop wasting our money on it. When the right scientist comes up with the right idea I will support him as we should all. For now stop the charade and stop the cover up for the worst energy policy or lack thereof we have suffered as a nation. A total failure of a policy and one sure to create a massive headwind on an economy that is rising in spite of this lunacy.

We are indeed creative and resilient. We will survive this calamity as we have in the past. This is why we are blessed for living in what is still the most free system on earth. In honor of George Washington. We can use another like him.

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2 responses to “How Is That Green Energy Savings At the Pump Treating You?

  1. A few points that I feel the need to make in response your article:

    -Think about the logistics of drilling for domestic oil from a business point of view. Whatever private corporation will be selling our American oil (Standard Oil?) stands to make a lot of money from this deal. We don’t want to eliminate foreign influence, we’re going to try to complete on a global level. They won’t have to compete with foreign oil: they’ll simply refuse to import it. The savings will NOT be passed on to the customer- it’s bad business. Foreign oil will have to open their own competing brands to compete, and will have one hell of a time competing in a patriotic market with brands that citizens don’t know, with prices inflated from tariffs and shipping costs. Once competition is eliminated, prices will rise to the highest point that people will accept them without complaining: about $3.75-$4.00 a gallon national average. Once we gain a foothold in the oil market, any smart business with a “100 year supply” of oil will go after foreign markets. A very small group of people stands to benefit greatly from this deal, while we (citizens) will benefit very little. Our “100 year supply” will not last long, and in the meantime, our investment in alternative fuels will have stopped.
    -The price of oil will not continue to rise- history will repeat itself: hybrid sales will go up, people will start carpooling, taking few vacations (i.e. spend less recreational money), businesses will stop spending so much on travel, bike sales will rise, and the demand will reduce as it did 4 years ago. The prices will fall again, and everyone will be happy.
    -Did anyone else notice that the price of oil seems to jump whenever there is an election? 2008, now 2012? Mysterious….
    -The investment in green technology is not one that is going to pay off immediately. You asked how a solar panel will fill your tank? It won’t- it will fill the tank of new vehicles that run on a modern fuel source. The Nissan Leaf is an example of a first attempt at this concept.
    -Green is hardly a failure: the rest of the world is more committed to it than the U.S., and when they are able to make renewable energy cheaper than we can for oil, we’re screwed.
    -“A few bugs”? You mean to say the destruction of entire ecosystems. Do some research, it impacts you a lot more than you think.
    -It saddens me to read an article that paints Bush as a champion of the lower class. Trickle Down is supported by neither economists, sociologists nor psychologists. Behavior scientists know that it simply won’t work: people horde money when they have a lot, they don’t share. I’m not the biggest Obama fan, but he is nearly as effective as an agent of the rich as Bush was.

    • Good day Almond and thanks for the thoughts. Of course you know I agree with some of your words and oppose others. For now I will focus on the disagreements if you will be patient with me and hear me out.

      I have no problem with a public U.S Oil company taking the risks and spending their money to bring oil to the surface. For doing so they are entitled to the profit. After all we can’t do it. And remember the U.S. majors comprise approx. 8% market share worldwide. The balance is in the hands of foreign govt’s and assorted despots and oligopolies. Having said that I prefer a private firm. Finally I would hope that when oil falls to $35 per barrel as it did in Q3 & Q4 of 2008 and in to the teens for most of the 80’s, I believe not many shed a tear for the ” Oil companies” By the way this encompassed three different election cycles so it is not a set pattern in election years.

      It is supply and demand priced on a global market with premiums or discounts adjusting for chaos, turmoil or political events that traders envision. In short, prices can be very volatile and usually are. I too see current pricing as a major headwind which will help reverse any progress we are making economically and once this Iranian scenario plays out and depending on how it plays out we will see $70 or $250 per barrel.

      As to the 100+ year supply on the U.S. Continent, that is pegged to current usage and any savings in usage will extend that term. I do believe we will be on a new fuel much sooner than that approximating the year 2050 or so based on technology. So I don’t see it evaporating fast. In fact if we went for our reserves aggressively then you would certainly see price competition from the rest of the world. All consumers would benefit.

      As to Green being a failure. Well as we have been working on it since the 70’s , I certainly can’t term it a success at this point. As to the rest of the world I stated witness the about face by Spain and numerous other countries. They are not “ahead” of us. They have been harmed by pie in the sky efforts and countless billions spent with no benefit and many 1,000’s of lost jobs. And a car or two might be progress but less than a drop in the bucket for what we truly seek.

      As for me I am still trying to grasp the term “renewable energy”. I might be naive but once fuel is spent, how to reuse? Someday perhaps. I wish they could create renewable chocolate but once I consume, it is history. Same theory I believe applies to energy. A more suitable term might be “harnessing of alternative power cheaply” which we can utilize on anything. Again someday.

      As to destruction of the Ecosystem. Sorry my friend I don’t see it happening in fact if we tried we could not put a dent in mother nature. Recall the threats after Gulf War 1 when we were told the burning oil wells in Kuwait/Iraq would lead to nuclear winter. Funny but once the fires were out and it rained one day, clear blue skies and no permanent damage. Man’s hubris is more dangerous I believe.

      Finally I do not recall claiming Bush was a champion for anyone. I do not ever recall saying any politician is a champion for anyone but themselves and feel you misquoted me. I only mentioned Bush to bring context to the way the U.S. media portrayed oil prices when Bush was in office as opposed to under Mr. Obama. Bottom line: Bush was blamed daily for a run up and excuses are made for Obama stating it is out of his control. No more no less. No problem friend and finally to trickle down. The term is a misnomer. But the policy behind it which many attempt to blanket it as a blemish are actually very viable and most economists do in fact accept them. Again I mean the real policy and not the pablum the press try to sell the people and have us believe to be trickle down. Good day to you.

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