Has The Nanny State Gone Too Far? Can We Afford It Congressman Ryan?

Are we now past the point of no return? Ben Franklin arguably the wisest of our founders was quoted to have said and I paraphrase “democracy will only last until people realize they can vote themselves money from the treasury” or words to that effect. I believe the wisest of all Frenchman, Alexis De Tocqueville issued a similar warning as well.

So here we are today spending close to $4 trillion on a federal level and when you add in the states we have an additional $1.2 trillion all told. This approaches half of our GDP. I say cheers to Ben as he was right. This is most unsustainable to say the least. And of course our progeny will be on the hook for the liabilities we pile on daily for this vote buying machine which is all it really is no? How immoral of our leaders to do such a thing to those yet to be born simply to solidify their power base.

I submit our leadership is beyond sorely lacking and go so far as to state it is non existent. Weak kneed hustlers is simply the words of choice that come to mind. Do they have no shame? That I think is self explanatory. But how about the common citizen that allows this sordid mess to continue. Do they not give a damn for their progeny? To watch election commercials and man on the street interviews it appears they do not care so long as they get theirs. Unseemly is too kind a phrase. Selfish is probably better suited. But I am to hard on them as they are probably in the right frame of mind as it was their leaders who convinced them they were “entitled” to the goodies provided by the “Nanny State”. Again nothing more than a vote buying scheme by these cretins.

The tide can be turned as I have seen it over the past 20 years in Canada and Sweden. They became reliant on the welfare state until the money ran out. They had to change and did. Kings of the nanny state they have learned a better way and are prospering like nobodies business. In fact Canada has been fueled by an oil boom which reversed massive deficits and now yields surplus. At the end of the day for what it is worth we still have far more oil than Canada. Perhaps someday. So it is not to late in my estimation. But we mustn’t forget the unfunded liabilities we as a nation face. Those now exceed $100 Trillion. That is one giant hurdle to fly over.

Along comes Congressman Paul Ryan for the second year in a row with a proposal to save, change, pick your word for his agenda for our entitlement problems. Like clockwork the spin doctors are out in force and as per usual he is being hailed as a careless evil man. Personally I welcome a man of courage. It is indeed sorely lacking in politics. He knew what was coming yet recognizing the severity of the problem felt compelled to go against not only the Dems but his party as well.

I salute his bravery and to those who claim he is stealing from the poor to pay the rich, well they are buying into the deception. Unfortunately his bill will get no where and if truth be told it is just a small step that needs to be taken but at least the debate is on.

Once again a salute to a brave man taking fire where the gutless 534 others dare not tread. Our children likely would welcome what he has to say if they new what awaits them those poor toddlers.

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Ed Schultz. Reporter Or Paid Flack?

Some people deem Ed Schultz a genius. Others view him as a blowhard. I see him as a word manipulator with an agenda and disguised as a fair reporter. But you can judge for yourself if you even know of him. My purpose here is to expose a phony “reporter”. I will dismiss his condescension and meaness of spirit laden with “hate speech” for now and focus on the issue recently uncovered and see how it compares to his arch nemesis “Fox News” who he routinely attacks nightly for some reason and of course he makes it personal. Most unbecoming in my view for a “reporter”. And to those who love him forgive me for the hate speech terminology but it is what it is.

The issue came to light was reported information from the Labor Department which indicated the man had received approximately $400,000 from various labor unions the past few years for something known as “representational activities”. Nice work if you can get it. It is no coincidence I presume that upon payment of these sums he became a major cheerleader for unions. It should be noted his reportage has been checked prior to receiving these funds and nary a pro union message was offered. You can decide what that means. I know my conclusion.

Personally I have no issue with this until he commits the cardinal sin of reporting and fails to disclose these sums all the while praising unions and bashing any who might oppose a union. This is obviously plain to an objective observer. Funny his superiors do not seem interested in any of this. That to is a shame as this is a major conflict of interest.

He has stated the money was given to charity but even the “esteemed” Howard Kurtz of CNN stated the numbers do not add up regards to donations. So much for bleeding hearts.

I suppose my main issue with this man is the blatant hypocrisy displayed. Selective outrage against opponents,using out of context material to tarnish an image of one he dislikes or perhaps disagrees with. And all the while proclaiming to be a fair reporter and in fact sitting in the round table panels post debate with six like minded opinion spinners to berate any words from the debaters. This is my problem.

At least if I choose to tune in to Fox News at 5pm they announce they are moving to opinion and analysis. And more to the point they will always have both sides represented. I do not see this on Ed’s network ever. Yet he has the nerve to trash his competitor for bias. Delusional fellow I would say. Then to make matters worse he gets too moderate actual news if you can call it that.

So come clean and forget everyone else. Either be a reporter or a paid hack or spin meister if you will. And tone down the rhetoric sir. For all the talk of hate speech, you are foremost the leader at it.

And if you are a paid advertiser for any group remember as a newsman you must disclose this. Enough hypocrisy. Stop pointing fingers at business. At least they pay for their ads and we know what we are getting. Enough deception sir. Either opinion maker of news reporter. No more cover for you Mr. Man of the people. Forgive my jest.

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Who Is Out Of Touch Mr. Vice President ?

With all due respect Mr. Vice President, who is out of touch? As reported in the Washington Examiner today you were the guest at a fundraiser in your honor at the Georgetown home of Senator John Kerry and joined by 87 wealthy Democratic donors. As reported the minimum was $10,000 per couple for a feast I can only dream of. I suppose that is a bargain as opposed to the Presidents usual $35,000 per plate dinners.

Now mind you I salute the wealthy as I do the rest of us all. I hold no envy towards no man. But in the confines of a tent in Senator Kerry’s backyard with a menu including “grass fed N.Y. strip steak as well as white truffle mashed potatoes”. Forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what that is. Really sir who is out of touch? Were you really thinking of my plight last night over champagne? I tend to think the proposition dubious at best.

I suppose what got to me was the following quote by you referring to the Republican party.. “these guys don’t have a sense of the average folks out there” and you went on to mention.. “they don’t know what it means to be middle class”. As if you and your guests do?

Now I understand both parties enjoy the same perks and I do not accept these platitudes from either side as it is blatant pandering and I have never been one to accept a pander even from the best of them. Well perhaps President Reagan but put that aside as I have not seen his like in over two decades. The fact that your guests bought these words is puzzling to me as they must know better. Perhaps not.

I understand you are a decent man and prone to the occasional gaffe as we are all but really is it your party that is in touch?

I submit neither party is in touch with anyone but themselves but I could be wrong. Then again I don’t think that I am as I have yet to see any major across the board benefits in many a year. At least the type that benefits the many.

So as you say sir that it is your party that is for the “little guy” I say prove it. Your party has statistically wealthier members of Congress than the other side of the aisle. Does this prove anything? I tend to think not but it certainly doesn’t look good when claiming one side is out of touch. At the end of the day and after the countless trillions, the little guy is still the little guy.

According to Roll Call, of the top 20 richest in Congress they are evenly split amongst Dems/Repubs. According to CBS News the top 10 wealthiest in the Senate finds 70% are Democrat. Curious as the wealth figures are mind boggling for us average people to grasp. Even more curious is how wealthy these “for the little guy” D’s are yet they claim to be in touch but someone from the other side of the aisle is lacking this gifted touch they themselves are blessed with.

My point is and will be directed to both parties. Stop the hypocrisy and the pandering. It is tiresome and unworthy of high office. The people demand straight shooters and to be treated with dignity and respect. So save the red meat and pass the truffle mashers please. I am dying to try them.

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Hush Rush? Not In The U.S.A Now Or Ever. You Might Be Next !

To begin with I am not here to defend the silly choice of words utilized by Mr. Limbaugh. Nor am I here to defend the far more vile and vicious words of the many in the wake of the death of Mr. Andrew Breitbart. Or how about the downright mean and vulgar words chosen by Bill Maher when addressing his banal thoughts of, pick any republican women. Now he is a true misogynist. No matter. No I am not here to defend any one in particular. I am here to defend any and all speakers regardless of how stupid they might sound.

As for myself I like to listen to a wide range of views. Needless to say I enjoy much and am repulsed by much and in that event, I do the smart thing. I turn the dial. I do not expect to not be offended. I do not expect an apology. I do not expect the termination of one I disagree with regardless of the respective foul mouth.

I know the liberal groups have been after Mr. Limbaugh for decades. He has a way of rubbing salt in their wounds and with a dose of humor which really riles them. That is ok and I advise that they should either toughen their skin, or turn him off! End of story.

These same leftist should also feel a dose of shame but something tells me this will not happen. For those who can stomach reprehensible banter just go to TheBlaze.com and search the burn in hell Andrew Breitbart comments. I mean really, not 24 hrs in the grave and the celebration is in full swing. Comments such as “happier than when bin Laden was killed”, “Enjoy your tea with Hitler”. These are the types who can dish it out, yet turn tale and run when directed at themselves. Toughen your skin people and stop crying when someone reciprocates. It is after all a free country yet as I have free speech, you are not free to not be offended by my choice of words. But as I love everyone I assume I offend no one.

Back to Mr. Limbaugh for a moment. I concur it is beneath civil to use the tone he selected. But did it really warrant a phone call from the most powerful person on earth? I mean after all nuclear war is on the table and as to me I must beg for gas. This confirms to me there is more to the story and poor old Rush took the bait. His fault.

Now back to the President and Mr. Maher. I can’t even print the words he has used on many fine woman yet these woman did not receive an apology call from the President. And to top things off Mr. Maher has donated $1 million to the Prez. Are you beginning to see a double standard? For it is certainly there.

The women on The View laugh when Maher called Gov. Palin a c..
They cheered when he called Congresswoman Bachmann bo…. See I can’t bring myself to complete the words as they are to repugnant for a gentleman to use. Sorry Bill but you are no gentleman.

At the end of the day I suppose all I seek is a little fairness and nothing more. Why do favored groups become victims and non favored groups become the default villains. The cost of free speech is indeed buried in the ground. Let us never forget and if you feel victimized by words, turn the dial.

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