Hush Rush? Not In The U.S.A Now Or Ever. You Might Be Next !

To begin with I am not here to defend the silly choice of words utilized by Mr. Limbaugh. Nor am I here to defend the far more vile and vicious words of the many in the wake of the death of Mr. Andrew Breitbart. Or how about the downright mean and vulgar words chosen by Bill Maher when addressing his banal thoughts of, pick any republican women. Now he is a true misogynist. No matter. No I am not here to defend any one in particular. I am here to defend any and all speakers regardless of how stupid they might sound.

As for myself I like to listen to a wide range of views. Needless to say I enjoy much and am repulsed by much and in that event, I do the smart thing. I turn the dial. I do not expect to not be offended. I do not expect an apology. I do not expect the termination of one I disagree with regardless of the respective foul mouth.

I know the liberal groups have been after Mr. Limbaugh for decades. He has a way of rubbing salt in their wounds and with a dose of humor which really riles them. That is ok and I advise that they should either toughen their skin, or turn him off! End of story.

These same leftist should also feel a dose of shame but something tells me this will not happen. For those who can stomach reprehensible banter just go to and search the burn in hell Andrew Breitbart comments. I mean really, not 24 hrs in the grave and the celebration is in full swing. Comments such as “happier than when bin Laden was killed”, “Enjoy your tea with Hitler”. These are the types who can dish it out, yet turn tale and run when directed at themselves. Toughen your skin people and stop crying when someone reciprocates. It is after all a free country yet as I have free speech, you are not free to not be offended by my choice of words. But as I love everyone I assume I offend no one.

Back to Mr. Limbaugh for a moment. I concur it is beneath civil to use the tone he selected. But did it really warrant a phone call from the most powerful person on earth? I mean after all nuclear war is on the table and as to me I must beg for gas. This confirms to me there is more to the story and poor old Rush took the bait. His fault.

Now back to the President and Mr. Maher. I can’t even print the words he has used on many fine woman yet these woman did not receive an apology call from the President. And to top things off Mr. Maher has donated $1 million to the Prez. Are you beginning to see a double standard? For it is certainly there.

The women on The View laugh when Maher called Gov. Palin a c..
They cheered when he called Congresswoman Bachmann bo…. See I can’t bring myself to complete the words as they are to repugnant for a gentleman to use. Sorry Bill but you are no gentleman.

At the end of the day I suppose all I seek is a little fairness and nothing more. Why do favored groups become victims and non favored groups become the default villains. The cost of free speech is indeed buried in the ground. Let us never forget and if you feel victimized by words, turn the dial.

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