Who Is Out Of Touch Mr. Vice President ?

With all due respect Mr. Vice President, who is out of touch? As reported in the Washington Examiner today you were the guest at a fundraiser in your honor at the Georgetown home of Senator John Kerry and joined by 87 wealthy Democratic donors. As reported the minimum was $10,000 per couple for a feast I can only dream of. I suppose that is a bargain as opposed to the Presidents usual $35,000 per plate dinners.

Now mind you I salute the wealthy as I do the rest of us all. I hold no envy towards no man. But in the confines of a tent in Senator Kerry’s backyard with a menu including “grass fed N.Y. strip steak as well as white truffle mashed potatoes”. Forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what that is. Really sir who is out of touch? Were you really thinking of my plight last night over champagne? I tend to think the proposition dubious at best.

I suppose what got to me was the following quote by you referring to the Republican party.. “these guys don’t have a sense of the average folks out there” and you went on to mention.. “they don’t know what it means to be middle class”. As if you and your guests do?

Now I understand both parties enjoy the same perks and I do not accept these platitudes from either side as it is blatant pandering and I have never been one to accept a pander even from the best of them. Well perhaps President Reagan but put that aside as I have not seen his like in over two decades. The fact that your guests bought these words is puzzling to me as they must know better. Perhaps not.

I understand you are a decent man and prone to the occasional gaffe as we are all but really is it your party that is in touch?

I submit neither party is in touch with anyone but themselves but I could be wrong. Then again I don’t think that I am as I have yet to see any major across the board benefits in many a year. At least the type that benefits the many.

So as you say sir that it is your party that is for the “little guy” I say prove it. Your party has statistically wealthier members of Congress than the other side of the aisle. Does this prove anything? I tend to think not but it certainly doesn’t look good when claiming one side is out of touch. At the end of the day and after the countless trillions, the little guy is still the little guy.

According to Roll Call, of the top 20 richest in Congress they are evenly split amongst Dems/Repubs. According to CBS News the top 10 wealthiest in the Senate finds 70% are Democrat. Curious as the wealth figures are mind boggling for us average people to grasp. Even more curious is how wealthy these “for the little guy” D’s are yet they claim to be in touch but someone from the other side of the aisle is lacking this gifted touch they themselves are blessed with.

My point is and will be directed to both parties. Stop the hypocrisy and the pandering. It is tiresome and unworthy of high office. The people demand straight shooters and to be treated with dignity and respect. So save the red meat and pass the truffle mashers please. I am dying to try them.

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6 responses to “Who Is Out Of Touch Mr. Vice President ?

    • Come on Smoke you know his game better than most. Actually they are all the same from my perspective. Pretty phony if you ask me. Best my friend.

    • Great to hear Smoke. Yes we Spartans have a proud tradition of freedom and real democracy. We take no shi.. from anyone. Good to hear you are still a warrior.

  1. There may be more rich D’s then R’s , but I for one feel they are much more in touch with the middle and lower class. Some may have been born into wealth, others achieving wealth through education, hard work, and ambition. President Obama being a great example of the latter. Nonetheless, even with their wealth I feel they are much much much much more in touch with us commoners then their counterparts who don’t even have a clue let alone a brain.

  2. Oh where to begin. First it is not how we feel that determines ones authenticity. Witness Sen. Kerry made his money through marriage. Feinstein through shady backdoor dealings. Pelosi the same. ( By the way Pelosi is the tough one. In past legislation she was known to exempt herself/family business from paying min. wage to her staff in the Napa Valley resort and wineries she owns. The so called little guys. Sheer hypocrisy.) Kennedy via bootlegging. Al Gore by conning the planet with lunatic ravings and earning himself $1 billion with no talent whatsoever. President Obama has yet to show me much in the vast realm of economics. Of course Newt and Santorum have created nothing either. But the bottom line as my article stated is I can say the same for all politicians. Both parties. We the people need to take the lead as these people work for us and by no means do I consider us “commoners”. You know how I despise “nobles” We are all equal.

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