Ed Schultz. Reporter Or Paid Flack?

Some people deem Ed Schultz a genius. Others view him as a blowhard. I see him as a word manipulator with an agenda and disguised as a fair reporter. But you can judge for yourself if you even know of him. My purpose here is to expose a phony “reporter”. I will dismiss his condescension and meaness of spirit laden with “hate speech” for now and focus on the issue recently uncovered and see how it compares to his arch nemesis “Fox News” who he routinely attacks nightly for some reason and of course he makes it personal. Most unbecoming in my view for a “reporter”. And to those who love him forgive me for the hate speech terminology but it is what it is.

The issue came to light was reported information from the Labor Department which indicated the man had received approximately $400,000 from various labor unions the past few years for something known as “representational activities”. Nice work if you can get it. It is no coincidence I presume that upon payment of these sums he became a major cheerleader for unions. It should be noted his reportage has been checked prior to receiving these funds and nary a pro union message was offered. You can decide what that means. I know my conclusion.

Personally I have no issue with this until he commits the cardinal sin of reporting and fails to disclose these sums all the while praising unions and bashing any who might oppose a union. This is obviously plain to an objective observer. Funny his superiors do not seem interested in any of this. That to is a shame as this is a major conflict of interest.

He has stated the money was given to charity but even the “esteemed” Howard Kurtz of CNN stated the numbers do not add up regards to donations. So much for bleeding hearts.

I suppose my main issue with this man is the blatant hypocrisy displayed. Selective outrage against opponents,using out of context material to tarnish an image of one he dislikes or perhaps disagrees with. And all the while proclaiming to be a fair reporter and in fact sitting in the round table panels post debate with six like minded opinion spinners to berate any words from the debaters. This is my problem.

At least if I choose to tune in to Fox News at 5pm they announce they are moving to opinion and analysis. And more to the point they will always have both sides represented. I do not see this on Ed’s network ever. Yet he has the nerve to trash his competitor for bias. Delusional fellow I would say. Then to make matters worse he gets too moderate actual news if you can call it that.

So come clean and forget everyone else. Either be a reporter or a paid hack or spin meister if you will. And tone down the rhetoric sir. For all the talk of hate speech, you are foremost the leader at it.

And if you are a paid advertiser for any group remember as a newsman you must disclose this. Enough hypocrisy. Stop pointing fingers at business. At least they pay for their ads and we know what we are getting. Enough deception sir. Either opinion maker of news reporter. No more cover for you Mr. Man of the people. Forgive my jest.

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6 responses to “Ed Schultz. Reporter Or Paid Flack?

  1. I am disappointed that you target Ed Schultz (and always Democrats) when there are so many more important issues taking place as we speak.

    Why not talk about the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin due to the NRA, and Koch brothers backed law that Jeb Bush put into place because the NRA and Koch brothers put George Bush into office? This law is being incorrectly used and abused. This man, Zimmerman, was not protecting himself or his home, he pursued the innocent boy and the GOP is keeping very silent on this issue.

    Why not talk about the “let’s destroy the middle class, get rid of social security and medicare, huge tax breaks for billionaires, and reward the corporations that outsource jobs” destructive budget plan of Paul Ryan, who has received millions from corporations?

    What about the destruction of Wisconsin by the Koch brothers backed, soon to be recalled, and in legal trouble Scott Walker?

    How about the down and out dirty lies coming out of Mitt Romney’s mouth in regards to President Obama?

    Ed Schultz is great, smart, fair, and fighting for the middle class. I don’t care if the unions pay him for representation, the middle class also needs representation, it should not only be for the billionaires. I also don’t care if he is supposed to state this info as a news reporter, the other side is unethical, breaks laws, and don’t follow the rules. As far as Ed not having representation of the other side on his show, he is always inviting them to his show to speak their point of view, but they neve come, gee, I wonder why? The liberal point of view on FOX are folks who are afraid to speak up or are warned not to speak up too much, who knows, but I find FOX much more bias and idiotic then MSNBC.

    • Well as to Mr. Schultz. I see fraud all over him in sheep’s clothing claiming to be a man of the people. I am not buying him for a second. I do not trust him or his network nor what they say let alone try to report and finally I find him a bombastic boorish man. Just my opinion.
      I am not targeting him specifically just once again trying to make a point. If he was a rightie you know darn well the MSM would be shouting from the roof top for full disclosure, not turning a blind eye to backdoor payments and biased reporting.
      As to the other stories you mention well they are widely reported on MSNBC constantly so I am a lone voice in the wilderness voicing opinions as I see them. I think you will agree I have shown no favoritism towards Republicans either as I hit them as well.
      I surely don’t know how you get to the conclusions you get vis a vis NRA or Paul Ryan and their respective role in possible murder or stealing from the middle class. Truth be told he is making an effort to save them as they are all broke and will not last. Unless you prefer to go the way of Greece the reality is these programs are not sustainable at current pace regardless of “billionaires tax” or not. It is just propaganda the left peddles yet not a reality.

        Greece is completely different because, unlike the United States, they do not have the power to print money, and besides that, money is always nothing more then an accounting issue. Of course it may bring inflation, but inflation with high employment is better then deflation with high unemployment.
        Next you are very bias, just look at each and every article you’ve written, self explanatory.

        I think your article on Ed Schultz came from the NRO website, only difference you rounded up the amount by a couple hundred thousand.

        The ones I feel are bombastic boorish men and women in sheep’s clothing are, including but not limited to, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Bolling, Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Leaker of the House Crybaby Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Rove, Cheney, Palin, Cain, Bachman, Ryan, Cantor, Walker, Rubio and many many many more men and women of the Tea Party, Extremist, Radical, so called Christian Conservatives (only problem is they don’t follow Christian ways), and FOX News people.

  2. First I believe the article I used as my source was the Washington Examiner which is a commendable publication.
    Second it is ok if we do not agree on most issues. Most people do not and that is what spins this wheel. The fun part is the debate.
    As to our ability to print money, well do you honestly believe that is a good thing? Inflation is good with high unemployment? Tell it to the unemployed let alone the employed. It is very painful on the poorest of the poor. So I do not agree it is better economically. Neither is a good scenario.
    And do we really want to burden those yet to be borne with $30 trillion in debt or more for our selfish wants? Better stated our politicians bribes to citizens with fake promises. How will our kids handle that debt load in the future?
    I do however agree that deflation spiral is potentially far worse than inflation as Japan is the case in point with 20 lost years and such.
    As to the names listed and my bias, again I believe no one but myself and after much research based on fact. Not what anyone on TV says. Ever. Having said that I don’t view those names as radical, likely more mainstream .
    Now for radical, Ed, Keith, Nancy, Harry ad nauseum.
    PS So as to add some balance you can check the Washington Post Blog by Jennifer Rubin. Not a right wing paper by any means. Her report is the Dems are demagouging The Paul Ryan plan as usual and that it in fact does no harm to the poor and elderly in order to benefit “billionaires” as is widely reported on MSNBC,CBS,CNN,ABC,NY Times and on and on. Typical scare tactics employed by the left mostly and sometimes by the right.
    This is why I always advocate to get rid of them all. A truly unbiased sentiment don’t you agree?

  3. I said inflation with HIGH EMPLOYMENT is better then deflation with HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT, not inflation with high unemployment. What’s going to happen with a high deficit? Nothing, they’re making a big deal out of nothing, it’s a matter of accounting, simple paper, pencil, and numbers.
    I have no problem disagreeing with you, I only wanted to express I don’t agree with you because you stated you’re sure I agree with you that you show no bias.

    • And I stated both are bad and especially for the poor. The main point is we should not even being discussing these evils. We should be discussing 4-5% growth and good times. And my ultimate point is we discuss these sad arguments as a consequence of vapid leadership. Both sides.
      Total debt may be of no concern to some, but it will haunt us at some point. I can’t pick the date but it will.
      Weak leaders need to address it yet won’t.
      We can agree to disagree as the saying goes. That is the fun part. Good day.

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