Has The Nanny State Gone Too Far? Can We Afford It Congressman Ryan?

Are we now past the point of no return? Ben Franklin arguably the wisest of our founders was quoted to have said and I paraphrase “democracy will only last until people realize they can vote themselves money from the treasury” or words to that effect. I believe the wisest of all Frenchman, Alexis De Tocqueville issued a similar warning as well.

So here we are today spending close to $4 trillion on a federal level and when you add in the states we have an additional $1.2 trillion all told. This approaches half of our GDP. I say cheers to Ben as he was right. This is most unsustainable to say the least. And of course our progeny will be on the hook for the liabilities we pile on daily for this vote buying machine which is all it really is no? How immoral of our leaders to do such a thing to those yet to be born simply to solidify their power base.

I submit our leadership is beyond sorely lacking and go so far as to state it is non existent. Weak kneed hustlers is simply the words of choice that come to mind. Do they have no shame? That I think is self explanatory. But how about the common citizen that allows this sordid mess to continue. Do they not give a damn for their progeny? To watch election commercials and man on the street interviews it appears they do not care so long as they get theirs. Unseemly is too kind a phrase. Selfish is probably better suited. But I am to hard on them as they are probably in the right frame of mind as it was their leaders who convinced them they were “entitled” to the goodies provided by the “Nanny State”. Again nothing more than a vote buying scheme by these cretins.

The tide can be turned as I have seen it over the past 20 years in Canada and Sweden. They became reliant on the welfare state until the money ran out. They had to change and did. Kings of the nanny state they have learned a better way and are prospering like nobodies business. In fact Canada has been fueled by an oil boom which reversed massive deficits and now yields surplus. At the end of the day for what it is worth we still have far more oil than Canada. Perhaps someday. So it is not to late in my estimation. But we mustn’t forget the unfunded liabilities we as a nation face. Those now exceed $100 Trillion. That is one giant hurdle to fly over.

Along comes Congressman Paul Ryan for the second year in a row with a proposal to save, change, pick your word for his agenda for our entitlement problems. Like clockwork the spin doctors are out in force and as per usual he is being hailed as a careless evil man. Personally I welcome a man of courage. It is indeed sorely lacking in politics. He knew what was coming yet recognizing the severity of the problem felt compelled to go against not only the Dems but his party as well.

I salute his bravery and to those who claim he is stealing from the poor to pay the rich, well they are buying into the deception. Unfortunately his bill will get no where and if truth be told it is just a small step that needs to be taken but at least the debate is on.

Once again a salute to a brave man taking fire where the gutless 534 others dare not tread. Our children likely would welcome what he has to say if they new what awaits them those poor toddlers.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/has-the-nanny-state-gone-too/’>Has The Nanny State Gone Too Far? Can We Afford It Congressman Ryan?</a> on Technorati.


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