Happy Easter. Christ Is Risen? Some Agree, Others Not.

It is without question the holiest time of the year for the Christian people who total some 2.5 billion worldwide. But I ask do you agree or not? Did he ascend? Or is it a myth? We must all decide for ourselves in the end.

As the story is told 2000 years ago Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected to a heavenly place with his father. Obviously many accept this on faith as only hundreds actually witnessed the events so long ago so faith based it must be. And of course many think it is sheer lunacy and no such event occurred.
I for one believe it as “It Is Written”.

I can analogize when people say the good book is fiction by saying how do you know the history of George Washington is true or for that matter King Henry VIII? Because there where actual witnesses to these events and have historically documented them as was done with the Bible.

In more simple terms if Jesus was a crazed man, I view it as highly doubtful he would have had such a following let alone 2000 years of material impact on peoples lives. Just think next time you see a man on the street claiming to be Jesus. Most pass by and think the man insane. Not a second thought is given. So here we are 2000 years later and his impact is still immense. To my way of thinking this is huge.

And of course his words and teaching are beyond profound and comforting. Wise indeed. So was he here or not and did he rise? Again it depends who you ask. Many tell me how can your Jesus allow this tragedy or that? I say perhaps it is the minions of the competing force I like to call Satan. After all he is a fallen and envious angel and he was given dominion on this earth. As C.S. Lewis so aptly put it “the battle of good and evil goes on for every second and every inch in the universe”. So to those I will reply it is not Jesus causing the harm but his arch enemy. As to Jesus he will be there to comfort you in your time of need.
Again this is my view and you are free to form your own.

And we must recall that even Jesus stated that suffering is part of the deal on this planet. After all look what happened to him.

So good and bad exist and if I ever question my tough days, I can always remember that God himself had to watch while his son was tortured and finally killed. That could not have been an easy thing to do for the creator of all things. The one who placed the Sun in a perfect spot 95,000,000 miles from us to keep us warm knowing full well that 10,000 miles in either direction and there would be no life on earth.

Life has its ups and downs and heavenly paradise most assuredly awaits us all some day. Then we will know who is right or wrong. For now blessings to all and I look forward to seeing you all someday.

Article first published on Technorati.


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