” Hope And Change” This!

I should think by now that all but the most ideologically inclined are no longer buying what our President is hustling to them. Listen as I tell you this, he has no new plan, he never did and it will not work. As stated before he is following the Euro-Soviet model and we all know where they stand.

When will these eggheads ever learn. Emotions must be left at the door and actual real life experience and historical precedence is the path we must follow. Heck even I have policies that I am certain can work if implemented. I will go so far as to say Obama does as well. He just can’t bring himself to promote any.

He is indeed the consummate insider and schooled at the Chicago Academy of Machines. How else to explain the silly economic policies he constantly parades in front of us. I mean if he has now gone three straight years without garnering a single Senator to vote for any of his budget proposals what does this tell you. I mean really zero Senators and his party controls the Senate. Pathetic.

Hope and Change. Tell that to all the young college kids who worshiped him as a God. 53% of them now have degrees yet they have no employment. They do have student loans however. I bet they no longer faint in his presence in fact they are mostly absent when he arrives. Funny how things change.

No he is now the ultimate Crony Capitalist. He dines with Private Equity elites and raises millions while he rewards them with perks we can only dream of. Then he rails against Gov. Romney for working in the same industry he daily trashes. Can you spell HYPOCRITE. All those greedy Wall Streeters do his bidding and he theirs. And they split the booty amongst themselves at our expense and the 1% thrive like never before.
He hits oil and gas firms but the tech firms who earn even more ie. Apple, Google get a pass for some reason. Wonder why? Easy they support him. So they like GE pay almost zero tax on their countless billions. This makes no sense but then it is not about sense its about political advantage.

My apologies to the honest Democrats and the many I know personally who feel they have been betrayed. I knew what we were getting. They held out for the hope. It all seemed to contrived to me and I did smell several rats.

As to the 99%er’s, this guy is definitely not for you. How do I know. He proves it daily by his actions which is my requirement. I will not blindly accept a word from any politician and this man has only helped the rich at the expense of the poor and it is a sad thing to witness.

He is pure political machine born and bred. I have to wonder and would love an honest chat with him off the record.I would love to know what is truly inside this man. If for no other reason then for my insatiable curiosity. For all the hyperbole about bringing this nation together I have never seen us so divided. An unfortunate dynamic we are forced to work through. Yet he parties on as if everything is alright with the world. From lavish Hollywood types to Rock Stars. Nice gig Mr. President. Don’t take your eye off our problems just yet however. People are hurting. As one of your predecessors stated he “felt our pain”. I get the impression you do not. Maybe I am wrong and maybe you are in the middle of a learning curve but who after all knows.

But as always I am optimistic in the integrity and ingenuity of our fellow countrymen. No matter what they do to burden us, we find a way to get around these hurdles and we will be back. Mr. President stop trying to divide us and do your best to leave us alone if you can. I am not sure if you will win and does it really matter? After all you have taken care of the unions and Wall Street Elite. Will Mr. Romney do anything different? I hope someone does.

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