Why Such Weak Job Growth? Ask Your Power Hungry Bureaucrats!

Last Friday the jobs report released as was reported in the L.A.Times has emptied the steam out of our collective bubbles. The trajectory on job growth has been disappointing to say the least. But wait for it now as I have the simple solution…stop choking off our life blood Washington power mad types. Leave us free to do what we do best when left unhindered by all unknowing meddlers. Yes I mean deregulate across the board in a big way and now! Not tomorrow or after some silly election to fulfill a phony promise which neither gentlemen will keep.

Now before you “Occupy types” have a cow let me explain a few things. First off it was not deregulation that caused our most recent economic downturn. Believe me we have more than enough rules and regulations on the books already. I know it is easy to look at Wall St. and Banks and point a bloody finger at them. But it was indeed in Washington and under Washington rules that the easy money began which led to the excesses which we are now absorbing.

You can choose to not believe the facts if you like but you would have learned nothing in a bad bargain. The FREE MARKET did not cause the problem! Absolutely not! We really have only a limited free market in this country today and therein lies the problem.

But how to explain “Hope and Change” becoming the worst post recession era in our history. Again I posit a simple answer. 100,000+ pages of new regulations every year since the Hope vanished. Believe me as I work in the Mortgage Banking industry and it is overwhelming. Don’t believe me? Try this for size as was reported in The New American magazine this month from a survey on hours worked to job completed. The following I submit to you as a wake up call:

1) 6.7 million man hours to finish the Empire State building.

2) 7 million man hours to make 250,000 Toyota Camrys.

3) 220 million man hours to comply with the tax code annually and the worst of this is the same amount of time is required for something productive such as building every moving vehicle in the U.S. each year. Talk about waste.
4)10.9 million man hours to comply with Dodd-Frank rules for starters. Jackpot! The crown jewel of hucksterism.

Now this is insanity in its purest form. I know from experience Dodd-Frank helps no one and hurts/costs everyone. If you really want to feel better wait until Obamacare kicks in. That will put all else to shame. Try to see your MD after that. Good luck friends. That is the Titanic of regulatory insanity. Pray the Supremes have better judgement and save us from this tyranny and free business to do what they must do.

So now you know why we have the most sluggish post recession job growth in a century or so. Any talk to the contrary is really an attempt at deception. And no I do not blame the Republicans for trying to block this lunacy. I praise them but for a meager effort they put forth as the President has gotten everything he has asked for and then some. That is the problem. He did not know what to ask for.

The icing on the cake is that all this regulation costs us an absolute fortune. Figures by economists run as high as $2 Trillion annually. My apologies but I can’t get my head to accept any of this nonsense. Perhaps smaller sodas might be a good one, but who really knows.

So now Duud-Funk is imposing costs and tightening credit on business and all individuals which is synonymous with stepping on your blood vessels and stopping the blood flow. If anyone thinks it a good thing my suspicion is they are making money from it as it is harming far more than it helps.

I have to wonder is this what Mr. President wanted to begin with? All along? No I don’t think so. He is just surrounded by those who have no clue. I say Mr. President fire your staff and unleash the beast. A sure victory for you in November if you do. But time is waning my friend.

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