The Honeymoon Is Over Mr. President, Is It Time to Talk Divorce?

A quick four years have now gone by the wayside. I recall telling my more liberal friends get ready for Carter II. As they were awash in “hope” the blinders were on but the thinking caps evidently were not. I asked what specific policy this candidate advocated? All I heard is “hope and change”. As I suggested again that this is not a policy, I was told he would unite the U.S and the world. Really?

Fast forward four years and even his most vocal sycophants in the worldwide media are turning on the poor chap. I mean for a Democrat to draw the ire of a Maureen Dowd let alone Dana Milbank from the Washington Post well then you know there is trouble in paradise. They are clearly dissatisfied with Mr. President. And who can blame them. He pays back his friends and parties with Hollywood celebs while Rome burns. I personally felt he was not ready for prime time and he has convinced me.

So how does the rest of the world view our leader. Recall his speech in Germany to hundreds of thousands of cheering fans. I heard it but took nothing away from it. Yet they cheered incessantly. Doubtless they did not understand what he was saying. So how do they feel today? Lets check in with Der Spiegel and their recent poll. They are none to pleased and how to blame them. The vacuous promises where not kept.

And of course the coup de grace, President Clinton is working over Obama pretty hard. No doubt this stems from jealousy at not having another four years on Air Force One or a sense of his betterness as opposed to the rookie. Who knows and who cares?

I care about the poor people who think with the heart as opposed to the head. They must listen carefully to these speeches. I have preached this endlessly and although my target today is a Democrat believe me I hold Republican leaders in equal contempt. In fact anyone who will not level with us after all the authority we give them is not worth the ink on this paper in my opinion.

So Bush is gone the world still hates us, unemployment is still high, we have added $15 trillion in government spending, ad nauseum and here we are about to see the dog and pony show again.

Truth be told I am tired of it from both sides. We need a true leader with stones to back him/her up. I tire of the lesser of two evils syndrome. Perhaps we should abolish both parties and start over. Hey that’s not bad. But the true power brokers would not allow that.

So keep the people Xanax’d out watching stupid reality vote shows and we will not see the treachery being done behind our very eyes. Leaks, cover ups, crony payoffs and sheer out and out bribery. As quoted decades past watching sausage made is an ugly thing just as is policy.

Mr. President I feel sad for you today. They are throwing you to the dogs and I don’t blame you, I knew what you brought to the table and I humbly disagree on that front. I blame them for portraying you as the second coming and a role no human could fill. At least you have had a lot of fun. You don’t deserve the media betrayal. But we all know how they love to knock down the mighty even after elevating you to such heights. How about a round of golf some day?

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