Divide And Conquer? How About A Little Unity Dear Leaders?

Is it just me or have we sunk so low politically that every event or news report is now seen as “which party won”. It is like the Jets perennially playing the Giants and the City of New York in constant turmoil over this cross town rivalry, yet it is never to end. A vicious no win circle. I dare go so far as to deem the current climate as a Civil War of words and the muskets are gathering dust thank God.

I also hope it is not only I but I certainly claim here and now I am at wits end with “identity politics”. Take offense if you must but I find the whole issue rather sordid, messy and very condescending. This is what our modern day buffoons…excuse me I mean leaders have brought us to.

I submit it was done intentionally and not for the benefit of the people but to the advantage of the charlatans who now reign over this great nation. Despicable if you ask me. Why so? Because look for yourselves at the results. We have likely never been this divided. We are seen as not one but countless special interest groups and all the politicians pander to each group with false promises of goodies for this group and that at the expense of some unnamed group. Sounds like prostitution to me. Maybe they need a class in leadership skills for they certainly lack same.

I am not sure what group I am in but when I see this daily and blatant pandering I feel bad for those on the receiving end. I know most people at any given speech are there to clap regardless of what is said yet in the back of my mind I am cringing with shame for all at this unbecoming behavior.

Possible GOP VP candidate Marco Rubio has gone so far as to name President Obama as the most divisive leader in our history. That is subject to debate and for another day and he is not far off the mark but he confirms my point.

And that is we are laden with politicians and leaders are in very short supply. Leaders do not engage in class warfare or gender politics. At least not my view of a leader. I view a leader as a unity inspiring soul that crosses all differences.
Hence what has made this nation Gods gift to the world has always been its so called melting pot ability. But the politicians don’t like us to melt together. They thrive like parasites on division and encourage it wholeheartedly.

Poll this group and that and tell them what they want to hear. Most unseemly and truth be told it sickens me to write on this topic. But this has been weighing on me for so long that I felt it needed voice.

Since you ask, yes I am Greek and if Michael Dukakis ever ran for anything I would not vote for him. I like to think I have my own identity. I do not believe in group think and do not vote in a group block either.

At the end of the day my friends, I wish us all the avoidance of the next Tower of Babel. Our non problem solving leaders would love that and are many floors ahead of me. Always remember friends “out of many, one”. United we stand. Do not let them win in their divisive strategy.

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