Let Freedom Ring Now And Forever More! Happy 4th!

My fondest wishes to all for a blessed Independence Day to you and your families. I also wish the same for this great nation and that the youth of today truly learns and absorbs the majesty of what freedom and this country truly stand for historically as well as today.

Our founders engaged in a classic struggle of David vs. Goliath and what an amazing touch of Divine Providence we must all admit for such a glorious victory. But the struggle was just beginning friends. To build such a diverse nation with varied interests is a task I can consider almost insurmountable. Yet the brilliance of our Founders can not be denied. No doubt the Declaration of Independence is likely the greatest document for freedom ever written by the human hand. One might add the Constitution for good measure as equally brilliant.

But as the old saying goes “find the cost of freedom buried in the ground”. A high price was indeed paid for this war of independence and treasure has been spent as well. In fact I am utterly amazed that our Founders pledged not only their lives but that of their families and fortunes as well. Try getting a cup of coffee from your Congressman today. Not likely to happen unless you pay. So as the great Bob Dylan is wont to say “the times they are a changing”. Indeed Bob.

Those great documents have a nasty habit of being obfuscated, abused, misread, misinterpreted and mangled even by the great legal minds of our times. As to Congress they gave up on being concerned for our freedoms as guaranteed by same long ago. In fact if I may be so bold I would say they behave more in a fashion as the King we conquered in the late 18th century.

Perhaps it is because they (Congress) learned more from Alexis De Toqueville, the brilliant French observer and Ben Franklin who both stated and I will paraphrase “when this nation learns it can take booty from the general treasury in exchange for votes, it will lose its greatness”. Another sentiment they shared was “those who give up a little liberty for some security will find they end up with neither”. I agree with both great men and their view. I assume Congress does as well and have learned how to game the system to their respective advantage. What a travesty to be hostage to a group of charlatans as these.

So what has changed? Simple in my opinion. We no longer have true selfless statesmen. We have egotistical and self obsessed leaders after their own enrichment and the people be damned. And we the people have found our freedoms diminish little by little, year after year. It is sad but it can change and I submit the people are awakening. As Admiral Tojo once said his fear was in “awakening a sleeping giant”. Of course he was referring to the U.S.A.

We my friends are that sleeping giant. We are still the only beacon of hope for the world. “Yes we can”. No they can’t. Stand with me today in celebration of our Founders and warriors who paid such a price that makes me feel small by comparison. They made us a great nation. Let us keep their posterity in tact. Happy 4th.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/let-freedom-ring-now-and-forever/’>Let Freedom Ring Now And Forever More! Happy 4th!</a> on Technorati.


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