High Speed Rail For California…Are We Nuts?

Perhaps we the people are sane and it is more likely the prostitutes in Sacramento are insane. Personally I have not heard a single sole advocate for this latest and greatest boondoggle in a once Golden State. We are now more tarnished than my wedding silver and please do not let my spouse see this. No that is ok she keeps it polished unlike those we have given the authority to to polish us. Which is exactly what they do and are about to do again. Last Friday the California Senate passed the bill to fund this “project”.

Don’t get me wrong I think trains are cool and the faster the better. But that is not my point. It is the financing of the project and governments history with such projects that have me in a tizzy. As always a few connected sources and companies will benefit. But again as always it is all of us who will pay for some grand yet irresponsible vision.

Let us first not forget that we Californians love our cars. Call it a home away from home. An escape if you will from the days tedium. And of course being California our vehicles tell the world about us as individuals as well as our taste and style. After all what is cooler than driving a cool ride.

No friends my point is about the money or rather lack thereof. My birth state has a current account of unfunded liabilities of over $500 billion. Where will this come from? The weasels care not as they will be gone by the time the piper comes for payment and the poor little ones of today will be forced to stop watching Spongebob Squarepants and be at work by 7 am. Talk about child labor practices. Who else will be left? As our illustrious leaders have spent us in to oblivion and scared off business by the thousands for friendlier climates, we are actually losing population for perhaps the first time in the history of this beautiful state.

And to top it off our “Esteemed Governor” with hat in hand just shared the news that our deficit for the year has doubled his expectations. Doh! What do you expect Gov. Keep hiking taxes and fees and regulations and the golden goose will flee. It is really so simple I should think you might grasp it but perhaps it is I who am mistaken. No it is not I who is mistaken as on that same day the Governor called for more taxes. So you see, he is clueless. I knew I was right. I always thought it was just blind ideology. So more people will now flee and the deficit will continue growing. Simple economics. Moonbeam indeed.

So for my non Californian brethren unfamiliar with this story it has been in the works for some time now. And to keep it short it was estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $15-20 billion. The most recent figure places it at $100 billion. Should we really trust leaders like this with anything more than a lemonade stand? No we can’t and if memory serves, no you can’t have a lemonade stand anymore without the purchase of a permit. Those poor kids. Missing out on a nice childhood. I do not envy them. No Spongebob or the joy of their first business venture. So the bottom line is we don’t have the money and the important question is do we really need to spend it on a luxury item very few will likely use?

Just look to Amtrak for the answer. After all they operate nation wide and have done so for more than four decades. Have they ever made a nickel? This should surprise you yet keep your optimism for California at bay. NO NOT ONE NICKEL! In fact they have lived off of approximately $40 billion in taxpayer subsidies during that time. And to this day their infrastructure is eroding, the service is poor and they are highly inefficient. So for the Senate of California this is a perfect model for our very own bullet train. This is the one sure pattern I have discerned from these elites. Reward failure with other peoples money. At least the Pols are getting votes in exchange for such waste.

Isn’t it great to be one of the elite that knows everything. How do we survive without them? At least that is what they ask themselves. As with any Socialist model, it is always “we know better than the Socialist model in the trash heap”. We are so smart we will get it right. Europe and Stalin where wrong. We are smarter. We are blessed to have them all are we not?

God help us from these delusional morons. For they all cost us dearly. They are costing your children even more.

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