Facebook Fame Or Manson Posterity? A Colorado Tragedy.

Of course it goes without saying the events in Colorado make the term horrifying seem tame. I pray for peace to all family members of the lost and injured and offer my profound condolences. I also ponder and ask myself as most of you do, why? Is it as simple as a sick individual starving for attention? Was it a delusional genius along the lines of a Hannibal Lechter who could not stop the voices? Was he after the famed Andy Warhol “15 minutes of fame” syndrome. As one who is always fascinated by the power of the brain both good and ill, I need answers. There may be none.

We must as a nation who is becoming more accustomed to seeing these events question the cause. Too much technology? Too much Reality TV? Too many destructive games? Does anyone live in reality anymore? I mean after all this crazed so called genius thought he was the Joker. Well I for one do not need a PHD to draw my diagnosis. I just wonder why no one had noticed this behavior or if they had, why would they enable it? His own mother is quoted as confirming “yes my son did it” as if she was not in the least surprised. But how could such a sick individual advance to PHD status in neuroscience. I for one have tried to read on the subject and can not begin to pronounce the words let alone understand what it all means.

Perhaps he was just starved for attention. After all just look at Facebook some time. I believe it will confirm how starved people become for attention once they begin. I am sure you have heard it said or have said yourself “I don’t give a damn what Mary had for lunch today”. Well believe us people we don’t. Please stop. But is it an underlying symptom? Perhaps it is. We are in a celebrity obsessed culture. We need attention. Some crave attention as I crave a good smoke.

But I don’t think this Joker wanted to go to the Jersey Shore and be part of the trash that washes up on that putrid beach. Our entire culture is now an apparent appeal to the lowest common denominator. What is happening to us and our children? Fame or infamy at any  price it would seem. Be as repugnant as you can and you are famous. No talent or special skills required anymore.

We should not be surprised.  We have allowed the decent to occur before our own eyes. It is indeed sad to behold and I pray our leaders do not take advantage of the situation for a photo op. Oh wait they were first on the scene. Silly me.

I arrive at the conclusion that this was one sick boy. The previous paragraphs may apply to some, but not this one. At least I hope not. It would render the tragedy far worse if he just wanted attention. A deranged mind might at minimum offer a touch of solace to the grieving families. If done for infamy, than fry the bastard.

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