Bet You Have Not Heard This Scandal From The Media!

Before I begin to wax rhapsodic on the subject at hand, a quick scolding is in order for our so called “mainstream media”. As per usual they are incompetent, dishonest and bordering on criminal in their reportage. More on these feeble minded lapdogs later. As to the titled scandal, I bet most of you are not familiar with Rep. Kerry Gauthier (D) of Minnesota. This fellow has been involved in a scandal which is all to typical of our leaders of years past.

Regardless of your political leanings, I should think that most decent people should loudly shout “ENOUGH” with these dirt bags who actually are the leaders of this great nation. The constant scandals both big and small and in most cases beneath the pale are sickening. Worse still they have left Washington D.C. in an absolute state of disrepute in my opinion.

Rep. Gauthier technically did not commit a crime as the state of Minnesota has an age of consent of 16 so criminally the man is ok for now. That of course precludes any charges for sex in public which is yet to be determined. Well friends the Honorable Gentlemen from Minnesota was simply engaged in oral sex with a 17 year old boy at a rest stop. How charming. I am sure you want your kids to emulate such a leader, no? He is not the first nor in this era will he be the last. That my friends is what is most troublesome.

Of course I hear the voices screaming well republicans do it also. Why not pick on them? I will. Yes Rep. Mark Foley sent text messages to a few young pages in 2006. How could I forget? It was headline news for months and is greatly attributed to the Republicans losing control of Congress that year. And that is my point. The media would not shut up about these texts, yet nary a peep over poor Kerry.

Of course I recall Senator Larry Craig and the toe tapping incident in a men’s restroom stall. One would have thought he committed genocide by the media coverage he received. Every day and night for months until he vanished in to oblivion. Again toe tapping vs. oral sex with a minor? I am having a hard time finding any news on poor Kerry exclusive of some local reports in Minnesota. I think you get my point. One sided media. Is this The Pravda News Service?

Of course my concern go to the countless victims of all these lecherous vermin we honorably call Congressman and on occasion even Mr. President. For it is they who most likely suffer. But this great nation suffers as well as we descend in to the pits of slime with these “leaders”. What would Lincoln or Washington think of such behavior? Probably the same as most of us.

The sad thing is many turn a blind eye to these topics out of blind ideology or simply choose to point at an offender if he sits on the wrong side of the aisle. I find it all offensive and have stated countless times to throw all the bums out. From top to bottom. Believe me we have hit bottom. I mean if Senator Boxer claims “Republicans hate their first wives” because of some inane comment by a vapid candidate, Rep. Todd Akin, then by her leap of logic I must assume Democrats think 17 year old boys are play things. Silly isn’t it? But the proper conclusion nonetheless.

At the end of the day I seek real leadership. With the swamp which is D.C. I am afraid decent people are afraid to go and serve. No doubt afraid of possible infection and the result is more bottom of the barrel leadership. I do not trust a one of them and neither should you. As the saying goes “we get the leadership we deserve”. I disagree. We deserve a hell of a lot better. As to the press. Let us just say the vast majority are worthless ideologues with an agenda. I do not trust them either. Be cautious in your news gathering friends. They will attempt to deceive you constantly. Remember they all live in a cocoon and play to each other. They are the “Elite” at least in their own eyes. In my eyes, they should be doing cereal slogans.

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Media Offensive Line. Ready, Aim, Distort, Attack Paul Ryan!

As was to be expected and right on cue as per usual, the mainstream media began it’s attack on Congressman Ryan the moment his name had been released as the VP selection by Governor Romney.

With due respect to the Olympics and Olympians, NBC reported the selection with less than great fanfare and only a minor interruption. They did however provide some useless insight from Andrea Mitchell as to how “horrible” and I paraphrase here, this would be for women. Hmm. As if Obama has been a godsend for women. For what Mitchell dreams of is just simply not a reality. You see, truth be told women have suffered more than man under this administration during this so called “recovery”.

But why worry about facts that do not prop up your candidate of choice. Just attack your opponent. I always thought the press was designed to report news. Not offer their opinions and call it news. Be that as it may, the warships started friday night and have not stopped firing since. The viciousness and venom being spewed is worthy of a satanic serpent if you ask me. Candy Crowley echoed the remarks of Mitchell for CNN as well as to “Ryan is bad for women”. I suppose he keeps his wife and daughter in bondage and only kook reporters seem to be aware of this. It got so bad and more importantly it was just the same tired and boring cliches that the left throws at any opponent that scares them. All the networks participated.

The problem as I see it is as usual the commentary bordered on demented and the distortion factor was off the charts. If only they gave similar critique to Democrats, I would be more accepting. But it seems most in the media now work for the DNC and have long ago gave up on news reportage as is their job.

Words like “dangerous”,”radical” and “evil” where tossed along all weekend. Come on really. This guy is a consummate boy scout. And from my perspective he was mentored by the best of the best. A long time favorite of mine and may he rest in peace, Mr. Jack Kemp. Nobody did it better. And it was not that long ago that President Obama hailed Ryan as a “good and decent family man”. Sounds good to me.

So why the mass distortion of his policy and why do the media not report his true policy positions? Again blind ideology or shear laziness and stupidity is all I can conclude. He knows the numbers and he will skewer their sacred cows in order to save them. Medicare is the most prominent on the list.

Believe me his plan will not cause Grandma to eat cat food. I have heard that old canard for over 40 years now and Granny is fine thank you. His aim is not to destroy medicare and heaven knows it needs a massive overhaul, but this is precisely what his plan called for. Simply stated it stays the same for all 55 and over and gives an opt out for the younger generations with different options to select. By design it will save us from complete ruin. I think it is an excellent idea financially.

But this is what scares the kooks. It would give too much control to the people and less to the elite. And we can’t have that now can we. Personally I trust the people. But I find in debating left vs. right, that those on the left seem predisposed to believe anything they hear from a reliable source such as CNN or MSNBC. Forgive me if you detect the sarcasm dripping regards reliable sources. These organizations know no truth. But they are awesome spin doctors and I offer credit where it is do.

In all honesty it is getting more difficult to find the truth. Of this I can assure you. I can also assure you that it is there to be found. But it requires a dose of effort and the ability too think for ones self. I hear these robots spouting verbatim all weekend long the same tirade on a VP candidate and the word “group think” comes to mind. So does “1984”.

I know Paul Ryan. I can’t wait until he debates VP Biden. It will be a fun night as he is fact based and knows his topic and when he speaks, the passion flows and you can tell it is real. He is not poll driven and he gets my vote for that alone. Don’t allow the distorters to cloud your judgement. This is a great pick and the venom from the media is confirmation. Let the games begin.

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Say It Ain’t So Spicoli! Sadly It Is.

Joseph Stalin had it right. He coined the phrase “useful idiot” when describing Marxist sympathizers in the west of which there has always been an abundance. Why should one choose to coddle up to a Marxist dictator is anyone’s guess I suppose, but it is beyond my comprehension and grasp as these types are normally our sworn enemies. So what must go through the mind of a Sean Penn to campaign for his dear friend Hugo?

Before you start tossing out the cliche of McCarthyism towards your humble columnist, I want to be clear that I hold dictators in complete contempt. So fire away. I can take it. It is those who live under these dictators who can not. Think of them please. And given the authority to do so, I would trounce as many dictators as I could. They are just mini Hitler wannabes. Only harming the many to benefit the few. Not really worth my time or yours in all honesty, but they are a menace and a pretext to Mr. Quisling er.. I mean Spicoli.

What the hell is he thinking? Campaigning for a sworn enemy who gets in bed with the likes of A-Mad and other world crazies. That is just for starters. How about the iron fist he slams on his own people. Free press? Shut it down. Free market? Forget it. Food? Screw you. And Mr. Penn worships at his altar as do many at the feet of a relic like Castro or a monster like Che. But why? Ask yourselves.

Is it just me or people blindly deluded by some grand vision of nirvana in which only a Marxist can implement such a place from their perspective. Wow! It reminds me of the direction of this countries leadership, but I am getting off topic. Why do so many put faith in these types of leaders. I confess to being clueless as to this answer. Yet most of Hollywood and perhaps 1/2 of Congress are all to eager to do so.

Does Penn simply hate the USA? One has too wonder as it has allowed him a vast fortune and a good life which is hardly imaginable in Venezuela. Or Cuba for that matter as this old stoner bows to old Fidel as well. Please someone answer me if you can. I have a somewhat analytical mind but can’t even begin to grasp this form of delusion.

Is it a love affair with a dream? If so, and history being our best guide it would be a nightmare for all who have suffered at the hands of these vermin.

My answer is peace through strength and massive support of our allies. Apply financial pressure to these tin pots until they break. The world is better without them. So will the people as they become free once more. Depend only on yourself and turn away from the slick oil salesman campaigning anywhere and everywhere. As for Mr Penn, how about “Fast Times the Sequel” and stay the hell out of politics. For it seems to me you only support crazies. Hmm I might have just answered my own question.

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What Would You Do If You Were Israel?

So the sabre rattling continues. Iranian President Ahmadinejad restated his intention and his prime objective which is to eliminate the Jewish peoples. He seems to believe this will engender a world peace. The man is without question deluded and likely psychotic if I am allowed a diagnosis. The word evil also comes to my mind. I mean really sir, whats your beef? Your country is in dire straits and you are hell bent on genocide?

A thousand miles away in Israel, warning shots are being verbally fired back to the Iranian people to be very wary of what might come in the ensuing weeks. Are we on the verge of nuclear holocaust. I doubt it yet would not at all be surprised by preemptive strikes by Israel. You can bet if this were to occur condemnation from the UN would not cease. After all we know the UN is no friend to either Israel or the USA let alone any of our allies. So I put myself in Israeli shoes and ask again “what would I do”? Answer, whatever it takes.

I am sure by now we are all aware of the bad blood between the Jewish and Arab people. This is a centuries old issue and nary a solution in sight if ever.

For a dose of perspective, Israel had existed for some 3000 years until the Roman Emperor Titus decided to destroy and displace the Jewish people around the year 70 AD. Up until that point there were constant battles and struggles and rebuilding as was the way of the world as you achieved your aim through conquest. It is estimated approximately 4 million Jews were killed and displaced at this time. Titus allowed a rag tag bunch known as Philistines to take possession of what was then Israel. These people came primarily from Mediterranean areas such as Greece, Turkey and Crete. Titus felt this would bring dishonor and insult to the Jewish heritage. As the years went on many people from far away places arrived creating a smorgasbord if you will of cultures. For the most part not a one was of the Arab persuasion as modern day Palestinians are.

That officially occurred in the 7th century as the Arab culture began to bloom and spread and in effect took Palestine by conquest as was the method of the era. This remained so for centuries until the 19th century when a movement set foot by Jewish groups to reclaim the original homeland. This is where it gets sticky. Although the land is their rightful birthright, in those days conquest was the means to create empires. See British Empire and its world dominance for centuries by claiming land through force. It is most difficult trying to square matters by today’s more enlightened sensibilities vs. that of yesteryear. A tough choice to make indeed.

Owing to the horrors of WWII, the UN felt it was time and awarded half the country back to Israel.For context let it be known that Israel makes up about 1/2% of all middle east territory. So it was finished in 1947 by the World governing body.

Of course it did not end there. Countless wars have occurred and Israel has defended herself against hostile neighbors. And both sides share guilt for the back an forth struggle that has existed until this day. But you can all judge that for yourselves. I want to know what would you do if a serious threat came against our/your country by a nuclear armed messiah wannabe as well as suicide bomber sympathizer.

What should Israel do? Long the scapegoat for world problems and believe me I do not understand why. Anti-semitism has always boggled my mind. Is it envy? Pure hate? I have no answer.

I do know my best friend as a child was Jewish and as I attended his Bar Mitzvah, it made me so proud of him. I was deeply touched before I realized I had such capability of feeling touched. Memorable to say the least. As I said I do not get and likely never will, the animosity many have for the State of Israel and its fine people. A proud people and I support whatever they chose to do 100%. Do whatever you must to defend your people Mr. Netanyahu. The US is on your side and always will be. At least you have me in your corner. God Bless for a peaceful outcome.

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