What Would You Do If You Were Israel?

So the sabre rattling continues. Iranian President Ahmadinejad restated his intention and his prime objective which is to eliminate the Jewish peoples. He seems to believe this will engender a world peace. The man is without question deluded and likely psychotic if I am allowed a diagnosis. The word evil also comes to my mind. I mean really sir, whats your beef? Your country is in dire straits and you are hell bent on genocide?

A thousand miles away in Israel, warning shots are being verbally fired back to the Iranian people to be very wary of what might come in the ensuing weeks. Are we on the verge of nuclear holocaust. I doubt it yet would not at all be surprised by preemptive strikes by Israel. You can bet if this were to occur condemnation from the UN would not cease. After all we know the UN is no friend to either Israel or the USA let alone any of our allies. So I put myself in Israeli shoes and ask again “what would I do”? Answer, whatever it takes.

I am sure by now we are all aware of the bad blood between the Jewish and Arab people. This is a centuries old issue and nary a solution in sight if ever.

For a dose of perspective, Israel had existed for some 3000 years until the Roman Emperor Titus decided to destroy and displace the Jewish people around the year 70 AD. Up until that point there were constant battles and struggles and rebuilding as was the way of the world as you achieved your aim through conquest. It is estimated approximately 4 million Jews were killed and displaced at this time. Titus allowed a rag tag bunch known as Philistines to take possession of what was then Israel. These people came primarily from Mediterranean areas such as Greece, Turkey and Crete. Titus felt this would bring dishonor and insult to the Jewish heritage. As the years went on many people from far away places arrived creating a smorgasbord if you will of cultures. For the most part not a one was of the Arab persuasion as modern day Palestinians are.

That officially occurred in the 7th century as the Arab culture began to bloom and spread and in effect took Palestine by conquest as was the method of the era. This remained so for centuries until the 19th century when a movement set foot by Jewish groups to reclaim the original homeland. This is where it gets sticky. Although the land is their rightful birthright, in those days conquest was the means to create empires. See British Empire and its world dominance for centuries by claiming land through force. It is most difficult trying to square matters by today’s more enlightened sensibilities vs. that of yesteryear. A tough choice to make indeed.

Owing to the horrors of WWII, the UN felt it was time and awarded half the country back to Israel.For context let it be known that Israel makes up about 1/2% of all middle east territory. So it was finished in 1947 by the World governing body.

Of course it did not end there. Countless wars have occurred and Israel has defended herself against hostile neighbors. And both sides share guilt for the back an forth struggle that has existed until this day. But you can all judge that for yourselves. I want to know what would you do if a serious threat came against our/your country by a nuclear armed messiah wannabe as well as suicide bomber sympathizer.

What should Israel do? Long the scapegoat for world problems and believe me I do not understand why. Anti-semitism has always boggled my mind. Is it envy? Pure hate? I have no answer.

I do know my best friend as a child was Jewish and as I attended his Bar Mitzvah, it made me so proud of him. I was deeply touched before I realized I had such capability of feeling touched. Memorable to say the least. As I said I do not get and likely never will, the animosity many have for the State of Israel and its fine people. A proud people and I support whatever they chose to do 100%. Do whatever you must to defend your people Mr. Netanyahu. The US is on your side and always will be. At least you have me in your corner. God Bless for a peaceful outcome.

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