Say It Ain’t So Spicoli! Sadly It Is.

Joseph Stalin had it right. He coined the phrase “useful idiot” when describing Marxist sympathizers in the west of which there has always been an abundance. Why should one choose to coddle up to a Marxist dictator is anyone’s guess I suppose, but it is beyond my comprehension and grasp as these types are normally our sworn enemies. So what must go through the mind of a Sean Penn to campaign for his dear friend Hugo?

Before you start tossing out the cliche of McCarthyism towards your humble columnist, I want to be clear that I hold dictators in complete contempt. So fire away. I can take it. It is those who live under these dictators who can not. Think of them please. And given the authority to do so, I would trounce as many dictators as I could. They are just mini Hitler wannabes. Only harming the many to benefit the few. Not really worth my time or yours in all honesty, but they are a menace and a pretext to Mr. Quisling er.. I mean Spicoli.

What the hell is he thinking? Campaigning for a sworn enemy who gets in bed with the likes of A-Mad and other world crazies. That is just for starters. How about the iron fist he slams on his own people. Free press? Shut it down. Free market? Forget it. Food? Screw you. And Mr. Penn worships at his altar as do many at the feet of a relic like Castro or a monster like Che. But why? Ask yourselves.

Is it just me or people blindly deluded by some grand vision of nirvana in which only a Marxist can implement such a place from their perspective. Wow! It reminds me of the direction of this countries leadership, but I am getting off topic. Why do so many put faith in these types of leaders. I confess to being clueless as to this answer. Yet most of Hollywood and perhaps 1/2 of Congress are all to eager to do so.

Does Penn simply hate the USA? One has too wonder as it has allowed him a vast fortune and a good life which is hardly imaginable in Venezuela. Or Cuba for that matter as this old stoner bows to old Fidel as well. Please someone answer me if you can. I have a somewhat analytical mind but can’t even begin to grasp this form of delusion.

Is it a love affair with a dream? If so, and history being our best guide it would be a nightmare for all who have suffered at the hands of these vermin.

My answer is peace through strength and massive support of our allies. Apply financial pressure to these tin pots until they break. The world is better without them. So will the people as they become free once more. Depend only on yourself and turn away from the slick oil salesman campaigning anywhere and everywhere. As for Mr Penn, how about “Fast Times the Sequel” and stay the hell out of politics. For it seems to me you only support crazies. Hmm I might have just answered my own question.

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