Media Offensive Line. Ready, Aim, Distort, Attack Paul Ryan!

As was to be expected and right on cue as per usual, the mainstream media began it’s attack on Congressman Ryan the moment his name had been released as the VP selection by Governor Romney.

With due respect to the Olympics and Olympians, NBC reported the selection with less than great fanfare and only a minor interruption. They did however provide some useless insight from Andrea Mitchell as to how “horrible” and I paraphrase here, this would be for women. Hmm. As if Obama has been a godsend for women. For what Mitchell dreams of is just simply not a reality. You see, truth be told women have suffered more than man under this administration during this so called “recovery”.

But why worry about facts that do not prop up your candidate of choice. Just attack your opponent. I always thought the press was designed to report news. Not offer their opinions and call it news. Be that as it may, the warships started friday night and have not stopped firing since. The viciousness and venom being spewed is worthy of a satanic serpent if you ask me. Candy Crowley echoed the remarks of Mitchell for CNN as well as to “Ryan is bad for women”. I suppose he keeps his wife and daughter in bondage and only kook reporters seem to be aware of this. It got so bad and more importantly it was just the same tired and boring cliches that the left throws at any opponent that scares them. All the networks participated.

The problem as I see it is as usual the commentary bordered on demented and the distortion factor was off the charts. If only they gave similar critique to Democrats, I would be more accepting. But it seems most in the media now work for the DNC and have long ago gave up on news reportage as is their job.

Words like “dangerous”,”radical” and “evil” where tossed along all weekend. Come on really. This guy is a consummate boy scout. And from my perspective he was mentored by the best of the best. A long time favorite of mine and may he rest in peace, Mr. Jack Kemp. Nobody did it better. And it was not that long ago that President Obama hailed Ryan as a “good and decent family man”. Sounds good to me.

So why the mass distortion of his policy and why do the media not report his true policy positions? Again blind ideology or shear laziness and stupidity is all I can conclude. He knows the numbers and he will skewer their sacred cows in order to save them. Medicare is the most prominent on the list.

Believe me his plan will not cause Grandma to eat cat food. I have heard that old canard for over 40 years now and Granny is fine thank you. His aim is not to destroy medicare and heaven knows it needs a massive overhaul, but this is precisely what his plan called for. Simply stated it stays the same for all 55 and over and gives an opt out for the younger generations with different options to select. By design it will save us from complete ruin. I think it is an excellent idea financially.

But this is what scares the kooks. It would give too much control to the people and less to the elite. And we can’t have that now can we. Personally I trust the people. But I find in debating left vs. right, that those on the left seem predisposed to believe anything they hear from a reliable source such as CNN or MSNBC. Forgive me if you detect the sarcasm dripping regards reliable sources. These organizations know no truth. But they are awesome spin doctors and I offer credit where it is do.

In all honesty it is getting more difficult to find the truth. Of this I can assure you. I can also assure you that it is there to be found. But it requires a dose of effort and the ability too think for ones self. I hear these robots spouting verbatim all weekend long the same tirade on a VP candidate and the word “group think” comes to mind. So does “1984”.

I know Paul Ryan. I can’t wait until he debates VP Biden. It will be a fun night as he is fact based and knows his topic and when he speaks, the passion flows and you can tell it is real. He is not poll driven and he gets my vote for that alone. Don’t allow the distorters to cloud your judgement. This is a great pick and the venom from the media is confirmation. Let the games begin.

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